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Using Hot Keys in the NetWare System Debugger

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John Mauzy
Novell, Inc.

15 Nov 2000

NetWare 5 contains several predefined hot keys for some of the most commonly-used debug commands. These hot keys are:

  • F1 - Displays all of the help screens. This is equivalent to the h, hb, he, he, .h, and /h commands.

  • F3 - Break at the address at the top of the stack. This is equivalent to the command g [d esp].

The advantage of the following hot keys is you don't have to press <Enter>. The disadvantage is you can't enter a count:

  • F5 - Go. This hot key is equivalent to the g command.

  • F8 - Single step. This is equivalent to the sort command.

  • F10 - Proceed over the next instruction. This is equivalent to the p command.

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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