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Issuing SET Commands During a NetWare 5.x Installation

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Michael Spong
Novell, Inc.

15 Nov 2000

Sometimes you must issue SET commands during the early stages of a NetWare 5.x installation. For example, a LAN driver might require a SET MINIMUM PACKET RECEIVE BUFFERS command in order to initialize properly. You must set this command before you load the LAN driver during the installation process.

You can issue the SET command in one of two ways:

  • To manually issue the SET command, toggle (Alt+Esc) over to the console and issue the command. For non-automated installations, this is perfectly acceptable.

  • To use an automated method, use an NCF file that you place in the C:\NWUPDATE directory prior to starting the installation. To do this, create a C:\NWUPDATE directory, then copy the C:\NWInst.TMP\LangLoad.NCF file into the C:\NWUPDATE directory. Place the SET commands that you need in the LangLoad.NCF file. The NetWare installation detects the C:\NWUPDATE\LANGLOAD.NCF file and executes it while initializing NetWare. This is the preferred method for multiple installations.

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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