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Uninstalling eDirectory from a Solaris Box

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Arun Singh
Novell, Inc.

15 Nov 2000

If the NDS uninstall program didn't remove the NDS eDirectory from a Solaris machine, use the following steps to remove it:

  1. Login as "root" and use the command "pkginfo -l |grep "NDS" " to see what NDS packages are installed.

  2. Remove all the NDS eDirectory packages by using the "pkgrm xyz" utility. (Substitute the actual package name obtained from step 1 for xyz.)

  3. After removing all the NDS related packages, remove any left over NDS directories or files (where you installed the DIB or other schema files. Use the "rm -r directory_name" command to clean the system.

  4. Use the "find / -name "NDS*" -print" command to see any NDS related files.

  5. Reboot the system.

  6. You can now reinstall NDS eDirectory for Solaris.

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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