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Downing a Server Without Console Access

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Paul Thompson
Novell UK Ltd.

18 Oct 2000

If you need to down a server and you don't have console access, you can use the DOS Debugger at a network workstation to create a DOWN.COM file that will force the server down. To do this, perform the following steps:

  1. Log in as either SUPERVISOR (in bindery context) or Admin.

  2. Start the debugger by typing DEBUG DOWN.COM at the F:\SYSTEM> prompt. The statement "File not Found" will appear on the monitor.

  3. Type "-A" to start the Assemble mode

  4. Enter the following code:

    xxxx:0100 PUSH CS //Copy CS into
    xxxx:0101 POP DS //.... DS
    xxxx:0102 PUSH CS //Also CS into
    xxxx:0103 POP ES //... ES
    xxxx:0104 MOV SI,0114 //Point to Request Packet
    xxxx:0107 MOV DI,0118 //Point to Reply Packet
    xxxx:010A MOV AX,E300 //General NCP Function Call
    xxxx:010D INT 21 //Send NCP
    xxxx:010F MOV AX,4C00 //Function 0x4C, Terminate
    xxxx:0112 INT 21 //Jump to DOS, never returns
    xxxx:0114 DW 0002 //Request buffer, 2 bytes follow
    xxxx:0116 DB D3 //Function D3H, Down Fileserver
    xxxx:0117 DB FF //FF=Force DOWN NOW!
    xxxx:0118 DW 0000 //Reply buffer is 0 bytes in size
    xxxx:011A //<----- EMPTY LINE!
    -RCX //Fill in the Size register
    :1A //1A = 26 bytes to write
    -W //write to disk
    -Q //Exit to DOS

    This creates a file named DOWN.COM of 26 bytes in size. When executed, this file forces the server down, even when users are logged in and have open files.

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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