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Enabling and Disabling DSTrace Flags

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Paul Thompson
Novell UK Ltd.

18 Oct 2000

You can enable or disable DSTrace Flags by using one of the following characters:

  • The plus (+) character enables a DSTrace flag.

  • The pipe (|) character enables a DSTrace flag.

  • The minus, or dash (-) character disables a DSTrace flag.

  • The ampersand (&)character disables a DSTrace flag.

  • The left parenthesis (( ) character exclusively enables one DSTrace flag while simultaneously disabling all currently-enabled DSTrace flags. When it's used, this character requires that the right parenthesis be specified after the single DSTrace flag.

In NDS eDirectory 8.5, the iMonitor utility provides a Web-based interface that helps you enable and disable the DSTrace options.

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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