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How to Install the CodeWarrior PDK Version 5

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Michael Spong
Novell Inc.

01 Sep 2000

Metrowerks' CodeWarrior Professional Development Kit (PDK) for NetWare is an integrated development environment (IDE) for creating NetWare Loadable Modules (NLMs), drivers for NetWare, and NDS-enabled applications. Here are the steps to install the latest 5.x version of the CodeWarrior PDK:

  1. Remove all previous versions and files for CodeWarrior or PDK installations (this includes clearing out the directories except for your project files that you have saved).

  2. Install CodeWarrior Pro5, then select the package that you would like from the menus. (The custom option allows you to not install the Macintosh OS generators, which can save you some disk space.)

  3. Install the Java version that you would like to program to from the CD's extras folder; it is recommended that you install v1.2.x or later, rather than v1.1.8 or similar.

  4. Copy the visible contents of the Bin folder to a new folder that you create with a name such as Bin50org. Do not worry about copying the invisible or read-only files.

  5. Copy the IDE executable from the PDK 2.0 installation CD into the Bin directory of your 5.0 installation. (This allows the PDK to install on the newer Pro version.)

  6. Copy all of the contents of your Bin50org folder (or whatever you named it) back into the Bin folder in the CodeWarrior folder, replacing all files that are duplicates.

  7. Install the PDKd 2.1 update from the CD or from a downloaded file.

  8. (Optional) Install any Pro 5.x updates (5.3 or 5.4 are available at

  9. (Optional) Install the reference material from the reference CD.

A complete install with all options can require as much as 800 MB of disk space. However, a typical or nominal installation will generally only require 500-600 MB of space.

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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