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Notice to Certified Novell Engineers: Deadline for NetWare 5 Continuing Certification

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01 Aug 2000

By August 31, 2000, all Certified Novell Engineers (CNEs) must demonstrate proficiency on NetWare 5 to remain current and retain their CNE certification status. To complete the Continuing Certification Requirement (CCR), CNEs will be required to pass the exam for one of the following Novell courses:

  • 529 - NetWare 4.11 to NetWare 5 Update (Exam 50-638)

  • 529 - NetWare 4.11 to NetWare 5.1 Update (Exam 50-652)

  • 570 - NetWare 5 Advanced Administration (Exam 50-640)

  • 570 - NetWare 5.1 Advanced Administration (Exam 50-654)

Note that exam 50-638 is being discontinued. If you want to take this exam, it is recommended that you register as soon as possible, since the last day to take it is August 31, 2000. In fact, as this CCR deadline approaches, testing centers may fill up quickly for all of these exams. Be sure to register for the CCR exam of your choice soon to ensure that you get your preferred date, time, and location.

Two CNE NetWare 5 self-study kits are currently available: one for NetWare 4.11 to NetWare 5.0 and one for NetWare 4.11 to NetWare 5.1. The latter is more current because it covers the latest version of the product. However, until the end of this CCR period, individuals can take the exam for either of these kits to upgrade their status to NetWare 5. Be sure to specify the correct exam number when you register for your test.

If you have already passed either 50-638 or 50-640 (which cover NetWare 5.0), you will not be required to retest on NetWare 5.1. For further information, visit

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