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Using or Testing Unicode Converter on NetWare 4.x

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Charlie Chung

01 Aug 2000

When using the newer unicode converter APIs that are defined in the nunicode.h file, there are some issues that you need to keep in mind for NetWare 4.x servers. Charlie Chung points out how to find the necessary files and where to place them once you do.

Novell suggests that it would be better if we start using the newer unicode converter APIs that are defined in the nunicode.h file than unicode table APIs that are defined in the unicode.h file.

I migrated some of the localization tasks to use some of the APIs found in the nunicode.h file. While they run perfectly on NetWare 5.x, when I tested them on NetWare 4.x, they failed to load the converters.

Since the newer APIs in NetWare 5.x are stored in the LOCNLM32.NLM and UNI_*.NLM files that are stored on the DOS partition in the C:\NWSERVER directory, they will be automatically loaded. But for a normal NetWare 4.x and patch installation, these files are not available on either the DOS partition or on the server volume. However, these files are available in the latest Support Pack for NetWare 4.x. You can find the files located in the \nw4sp8a\TOOLS\COREDUMP directory after you extract the compressed file.

Once this is done, copy the UNI_*.NLM and LOCNLM32.NLM files to the SYS:\SYSTEM directory. You can then run the newer unicode converter APIs without any problems.

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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