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Contributed by Michael Spong, Everett Young, and Theresa Husarik of Novell.

15 May 2000

Maximum Physical Receive Packet Size

Some people lower the value for the "Maximum Physical Receive Packet Size" parameter to a value lower than the default value. For cards based on Intel's Ethernet PCI chips, a minimum value of 2048 is required. Otherwise, network performance may suffer or the driver may not work at all. These recommendations are true for the following drivers:

  • E100B.LAN and CE100B.LAN (Intel)



  • N100.LAN (Compaq)

This information is included in TIDs 2953560 or 2953561.

Novell Language Codes

To find the language codes used by NetWare 5 servers, type "Language List" at the server console screen. Here is a list of the codes for your convenience:

  • 1 _ Chinese _ Simplified

  • 16 _ Chinese _ Traditional

  • 21 _ Czech

  • 2 _ Danish

  • 3 _ Dutch

  • 4 _ English

  • 5 _ Finnish

  • 0 _ French _ Canadian

  • 6 _ French _ France

  • 7 _ German

  • 20 _ Hungarian

  • 8 _ Italian

  • 9 _ Japanese

  • 10 _ Korean

  • 11 _ Norwegian

  • 17 _ Polish

  • 12 _ Portuguese _ Brazil

  • 18 _ Portuguese _ Portugal

  • 13 _ Russian

  • 14 _ Spanish _ Latin America

  • 19 _ Spanish _ Spain

  • 15 _ Swedish

Software Virtual Servers on Netscape Enterprise Servers

If you want to have multiple unique domain names supported by your Web server but only want to have one IP address associated with that server, you will need to set up a software virtual server. Here's how to set this up.

  1. Set up the directories for the various Web sites under the document root (the document root on the Netscape Enterprise Servers is sys:/novonyx/suitespot/docs). Make a directory here for each of the new domains you want to host (for example, sys:/novonyx/suitespot/docs/ domain1 and sys:/novonyx/suitespot/docs/domain2).

  2. Go into the Web Server Administration screen and get to the place where you set up the virtual servers. (Select the Content Management tab from the menu across the top of the window, then click Software Virtual Servers.)

  3. In the URL Host field, type the URL for your hosted domains (for example,

  4. In the Home Page field, type the path to the home page for the domain (for example, INDEX.HTML).

  5. Click OK, then Save and Apply.

One glitch here is that only the INDEX.HTML file in the sys:/novonyx/suitespot/docs/ domain1directory can be accessed with All the other files under the directory must be accessed with /domain1/ added to the URL. So, if the sys:/novonyx/suitespot/docs/domain1 directory contains Index.html, Bio.html, Order.html, and the Images directory, a link reference in the Index.html page to open the bio page would look like this:

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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