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GroupWise Third-Party Integration

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01 Oct 1999

Many third-party products have been developed to be used with GroupWise. This NetNote identifies some of these products and provides a brief description of the products and their features. For an updated list of products integrated with GroupWise, see the following URL:

Type "GroupWise" in the Keyword Search box and click Begin Search. This list is maintained by Novell and is updated as more vendors develop products to integrate with GroupWise.

The following brief list of products is divided into several categories:

  • Monitoring GroupWise

  • Fax solutions for GroupWise

  • Security for GroupWise messaging

  • Hand-held devices

  • Client

Monitoring GroupWise

Many products are available for monitoring and reporting on the GroupWise system. These products are useful for tracking areas of failure and delivery problems. Below are listed some of the available products with a brief description and URL for more information.

MailCentral for GroupWise. MailCentral monitors all components of the GroupWise system including administrative servers, post offices, message transfer agents, and a wide range of gateways. It looks deep into the system's operation to detect, diagnose, and resolve trouble before it's visible to end users. Its built-in intelligence puts proactive information at your fingertips through a number of notification options including alpha pager, Novell send, SNMP, and, of course, E-mail.

To find out more about this product, go to:

Periscope for GroupWise. Periscope for GroupWise is a real-time reporting and graphing system for GroupWise systems which use NLM or NT process servers. Periscope provides "virtual" remote consoles to all GroupWise process servers, as well as real-time graphing of system activity.

To find more information on this product, go to:

MailCheck. MailCheck, a probe-based bounce polling technology, emulates an end user to determine if messages are being processed optimally. When MailCheck detects a slowdown or actual failure, it notifies the administrator instantly, who can usually correct the problem before users are even aware it exists. MailCheck constantly monitors your messaging system's end-to-end connectivity, and can automatically launch recovery procedures when needed. It allows the monitoring of the entire E-mail network from one console, and also enables access from multiple sites and users. Secure administration capabilities, including user passwords, protect your network views and configuration files.

To learn more about this product, go to:

KeyWise. KeyWise provides a comprehensive early warning system for Novell GroupWise systems to ensure consistent and reliable operation. By using KeyWise, an administrator can detect, diagnose, and resolve E-mail problems early, before they seriously disrupt business.

For more information on this product, go to:

Fax Solutions for GroupWise

Several products provide fax and other gateway solutions for GroupWise. Listed in this section are two of the more popular solutions.

FAXserve. FAXserve is a high-performance, NLM-based facsimile solution designed to enable network users to send and receive faxes directly from their workstations. FAXserve offers built-in support for leading Windows applications such as Microsoft Word, Corel WordPerfect, Microsoft Excel, Lotus AmiPro, VIM, MAPI-compatible e-mail programs, and others.

To learn more about this product, go to:

FAXmaker. FAXmaker for SMTP is a fax gateway for SMTP/POP3 mail servers. This seamless integration allows users to send and receive faxes directly from any SMTP/POP3 client, making it easy to use and learn. FAXmaker for SMTP is easier to manage too because the client and server communicate using POP3/ SMTP you will not need to troubleshoot a proprietary communication method for the FAX server.

For more information about this product, see:

Security for GroupWise

Messaging GroupWise 5.5 gives users the confidence to send business-critical information across the Internet securely, while still maintaining the full encryption security already provided within GroupWise systems. GroupWise 5.5 users are now enabled to sign, encrypt, decrypt, authenticate and access non-repudiation capabilities across the Internet using the S/MIME functions of an Entrust/PKI available from Entrust Technologies, or by using PGP. The respective products are enabled for GroupWise 5.5. users. Users may also set defaults to sign and/or encrypt all messages.

S/MIME. Novell has partnered with Entrust to provide the S/MIME and other security capabilities. Entrust offers an add-on to GroupWise that provides for Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to ensure security of GroupWise messages once they leave the GroupWise system.

To learn more about Entrust, go to:

PGP. PGP for GroupWise provides seamless integration between GroupWise 5.x and the Windows versions of PGP. With this software you can create public encryption keys, mail your keys to others, encrypt digitally sign, decrypt, and verify digital signatures in order to maintain privacy in your Internet or Intranet communications. Attached documents can by encrypted as well.

The PGP Snapin for GroupWise can be obtained from Network Associates. Information can be found at:

Hand-held Devices

Novell has partnered with a number of companies to offer GroupWise users the ability to integrate with the best mobile technologies, helping them to use any communication device at hand to access the GroupWise Universal Mailbox. Listed below are a few of the ways in which users can stay connected to their offices with GroupWise through their hand-held devices.

Intellisync. Intellisync offers integration for GroupWise for the PalmPilots and the Windows CE handheld PCs.

  • Intellisync for PalmPilot from Puma Technology enhances the power and convenience of Palm connected organizers, including the new Palm V and Palm IIIx devices and the IBM WorkPad. Intellisync for PalmPilot enables the synchronization of the PalmPilot organizer directly with many PC-based personal information management, contact management and group scheduling applications all in one easy step.

  • Intellisync for Windows CE software from Puma Technology enhances the power and convenience of the Windows CE-based Palm-size PC, Handheld PC, or Handheld PC Professional. With Intellisync, ever-changing information such as E-mail messages, contacts, calendars, and tasks are automatically synchronized with the PC-based personal information managers, contact managers, and groupware.

To find out more about Intellisync products, go to:

LyncWise. Advansys offers LinkWise, a plug-in for Psion's Series 5 connectivity software, PsiWin 2.1. This synchronization tool enables users to reconcile GroupWise appointments, contacts, notes and tasks with the Series 5 hand-held computer. Additionally, by using Psion's POP3 E-mail client, users gain remote access to GroupWise E-mail accounts, allowing them to check messages and reply at their convenience. LinkWise is transparent to the GroupWise user, allowing them to initiate a Series 5 backup or synchronization without leaving GroupWise.

To get more information on this product, go to:

Mail on the Run. Mail on the Run provides remote access to Novell GroupWise. With user-friendly features, simple resource requirements, and a sound architecture, it provides access to E-mail through wireline, wireless and packet-data networks. Mail on the Run is available to users of most hand-held devices popular in the market, and all major platforms.

To find out more about this product, see:


Many client solutions are provided by third-party vendors. Most of them deal with specific features that do not currently exist but that are in demand. Two of these in-demand features are listed here: a printing solution and a personal contact solution.

Nexic Printing Press. The Nexic Printing Press integrates seamlessly with the GroupWise 32-bit client. It can be accessed from within the GroupWise 32-bit client, adding a menu item called "Printing Press" under the File menu. A button is also added to the client toolbar to easily access the program. In an effort to decrease the training needed for the program, the user interface was designed to be similar to the GroupWise Print Calendar interface.

For more information about this product, visit:

ContactWise. GroupLink's ContactWise is a 32-bit contact information management solution for Novell GroupWise 5.x users. GroupLink designed ContactWise to integrate seamlessly with GroupWise to combine functional contact management with the features of GroupWise. ContactWise allows a network of users to manage vital information about the business and personal contacts in one centralized database and provides a framework whereby all communications with contacts can be organized and accessed from the user's GroupWise system, without the need to manually "cut and paste" the information from a separate contact manager.

For information on this and other GroupLink products, go to:

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