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Setting Up GroupWise to Scan Internet Messages for Viruses

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01 Oct 1999

Although the GroupWise Internet Agent (GWIA) does not scan Internet messages for viruses, it offers the option to have a third-party application scan Internet messages. Here's how to set it up:

  • From NWAdmin's GroupWise Gateway/Internet Agent information screen, select the Advanced Settings tab.

  • Select "SMTP services directory (for third party use)."

  • Enter a valid path such as \\server\volume\GW5\DOMAIN\WPGATE\GWIA\THIRDand click OK.

  • Create this directory (THIRD) manually.

  • Exit and then restart GWIA. The restart message sent to GWIA from NWADMIN will not cause it to read the GWIA.CFG file with the newly added /SMTPHOME switch.

  • Confirm that GWIA created the SEND, RECEIVE, and RESULT directories under the GWIA\THIRD directory.

The /SMTPHOME option allows a process to work between the gateway process and the daemon process. Use of this option requires that the third-party product can be configured to look in specific directories and move files to other specified directories.

Some virus scanning products are actual SMTP services. In this case the virus scanner will run on its own server and receive the file, scan it, and then hand it over to the GWIA server. For outbound messages, the GWIA can hand the file over to the virus scanner with the /mh-<IPaddress< switch.

Several third-party Internet e-mail antivirus gateways include:

These antivirus gateways run on Windows NT, with the exception of WebShield which runs on Linux. Please check with the vendor to find out about configuration and operation options for the chosen product.

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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