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Directory-Enabled Software and Hardware for NDS 8

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01 Sep 1999

Before you invest in software or hardware for your network, it is a good idea to verify that they will work with your current network design. To do otherwise would be a poor show of perspicacity. While this is simple advice to remember, it's not always easy to follow. With an ever-increasing number of products and services available for NetWare and Novell Directory Services (NDS) environments, it is imperative to know which products function seamlessly with critical network components such as NDS.

Following the "Yes, Tested and Approved" lead, Novell has launched a similar program called "Directory-enabled" that identifies software and hardware products from outside developers that have passed rigorous compatibility tests to assure they will operate specifically with NDS 8. Novell's "Directory-enabled" logo helps the company's millions of customers around the world easily identify and purchase third-party hardware and software products that are proven to be compatible with NDS 8. Be sure to look for the "Directory-enabled" logo when considering whether potential product purchases have passed NDS 8 compatibility testing.

Companies can also benefit by participating in Novell's wide range of co-marketing opportunities available to "Directory-enabled" partners. Once you have completed the "Directory-enabled" compatibility criteria, you are entitled to participate in various Novell co-marketing opportunities such as the use of the "Directory-enabled" logo on marketing collateral, a bulletin in the Novell Partner Products and Services search, and a listing in the next Novell Partner Solution Guide.

To test products to the "Directory-enabled" standard, developers can take them to a Novell Authorized Testing Center (NATC), or they can register on the Web at:

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