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Don't Uncheck that Box! NetWare 5 Administrator Tips

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01 Jun 1999

After the first running of an installed Windows program, you often see a little message window with some neat little tip on how to run the program better. If you're like me, you probably click on that little box down in the corner (you know the one I'm talking about--it says: 'Show this screen the next time you run WhatEver program.') so that the window doesn't ever show again.

But that little tip box can also be helpful. This NetNote is my attempt to encourage you NetWare Administrator users not to arbitrarily click off the tip box. That window can give you some good advice.

The 'Welcome to NetWare Administrator' Window

Let's take a look at just some of the things the Tip window talks about. Wait right here while I Ctrl-Tab over to my NetWare Administrator window, which I have already opened, and which has the 'Welcome to NetWare Administrator' Window open.

I'm back, with this cool little tip: 'Did you know'... If you already have an internet browser working, you can go directly to NetWare Support from NetWare Administrator by clicking NetWare Support from the Help menu.' (Even if you don't have an Internet browser loaded and you click on Help | Novell Support, NetWare Administrator will load your browser and connect you directly to

Let's try it again. I went back to the window, clicked on the button 'Next Tip' and discovered that: 'You can include or exclude specific object classes from the browser to organize your administrative responsibilities; click Sort and Include from the View menu.'

One more time, and then I'll talk about another cool part of the 'Welcome to NetWare Administrator' window. On my third try, I came up with this little tidbit: 'A template can be used to set up the user work environment by using scripts to create directories and copy files to the home directory of the newly created user.'

The 'What's New' Button

When you load NetWare Administrator for the first time, you'll see the tip box I mentioned above. There is a button called 'What's New' which, if pressed, gives you the following information:

'This release of NetWare Administrator provides the following new features:

An option to copy/move trustee assignments when copying/moving a file or directory.

An inheritable option to allow or not allow inheritance of rights to a container object, including both object and property rights. This feature makes it possible to create an administrator over specific properties, such as passwords.

When administering specific property rights to a container object, all specific property rights are now listed, even if those rights do not apply to the selected container object class. The rights that apply to that class are shown with an arrow, while the rights that might apply to subordinate objects (but not the selected container) have no arrow.

The File Migration and DS Migrate tools have been removed from the tools menu. Instead, you can use the Novell Upgrade Wizard to upgrade to the newest release of NetWare. You can download the new upgrade wizard from On the NetWare 5 Operating System CD-ROM, you can find the self-extracting upgrade wizard file (upgrdwzd.exe) at \products\ upgrdwzd\.

One executable file (NWAdmn32.exe) for Windows32-bit environments.'

What you don't see on the printed page are the various links in the above verbiage which send you to other parts of the online help system for more information.

The above is just a sampling of the handy tips available when you first launch NetWare Administrator. Even if you're an expert in the program, it won't hurt you every now and then to be reminded of this or that feature. So don't do as I do, do as I say: Leave the 'Welcome to NetWare Administrator' Window enabled.

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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