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New From Novell Press: Possess Pure IP With Novell's Guide to NetWare 5 and TCP/IP

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01 Jun 1999

NetWare 5 now incorporates TCP/IP in the form of Pure IP enabling NetWare administrators to build leaner networks that are based on a single protocol stack. This feature also allows users to access NetWare services and the Internet using only TCP/IP. Network administrators who want to learn more about this revolution in networking can turn to Novell's Guide to NetWare 5 and TCP/IP, which became available for the first time at Novell's BrainShare conference in Salt Lake City March 22-26, 1999. Written by veteran author Drew Heywood, it covers the essentials that all administrators need to know to run TCP/IP on NetWare5.

With the incorporation of Pure IP, network administrators will find that with increased compatibility comes an increased need for configuration. Administrators used to the plug-and-play system of IPX will need a solid foundation of TCP/IP in order to maximize the effectiveness of the network. Heywood's book educates readers on the theoretical and practical applications of TCP/IP in NetWare and empowers them to understand any of Novell's TCP/IP-related products. Readers will find out about:

  • Configuring a Pure IP network and NetWare 5 IP clients

  • Managing Domain Name Services (DNS)

  • Locating services on Pure IP networks using Service Location Protocol (SLP)

  • Migrating to Pure IP

  • Adding and managing an FTP server

  • Building a Web server

Novell's Guide to NetWare 5 and TCP/IP By Drew Heywood ISBN: 0-7645-4564-7 Price: $49.99US/ $69.99 Canada

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