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Steve Rife
Novell Services Division

01 Jul 1997

Finding time to catch up on new or changing technologies can be almost as time consuming as attending the courses you know you should take. But there are ways to keep up on Novell technologies other than attending classes on the subjects. One method is Novell's Advanced Technical Training program.

The Advanced Technical Training program is designed to offer information beyond that which you receive through the CNE/Master CNE/CNA programs. This information can prove essential in keeping up on the technical knowledge needed for efficient network performance.

The Web Site

The program offers information through conferences, videos, computer-based training (CBT) modules, and lab projects. To find out more about these sources of information, go to From here, choose the area of the world that best fits where you live: America, Europe, or Asia. This example selected America for its explanations, which brings up a web page listing Training Videos, Technical Conferences, and Lab Projects.


Clicking on the Training Videos link brings you to the Novell Technical Support Training Videos page, which lists a number of categories that you can purchase videos on. The categories, as well as the available videos, are listed below:

NetWare Operating Systems

  • Resolving Critical Server Issues: Volume 1

  • Novell Directory Services Basics

  • Novell Directory Services Tree Design

  • Partitioning Operations and Replicas

  • Strategies for Troubleshooting Novell Directory Services

  • Networking Issues in a Small Office Environment

  • Backup and Restore

  • How to verify Novell Directory Services Operations

  • Managing Multiple Drives & Volumes

  • NetWare v4.10 SFT3 Configuration, Troubleshooting and Top Issues

  • Technical Differences between NT and NetWare

  • NDS Troubleshooting and Top Issues

  • NetWare 4.11 Administration Tools

  • NetWare v3.x to v4.11 Migration/NDS Disaster Recovery Update

  • NetWare Web Server / DHCP

  • NetWare 4.11 Server Updates

NetWare Clients

  • VLM Top Issues and NTSWD

  • Overview of NetWare Client 32 for DOS/Windows 3.1x;

  • Overview of NetWare Client 32 for Windows 95

  • Integrating Client 32 with Windows 95

  • NetWare v4.11 Client Update

NetWare Printing and Utilities

  • NetWare 4.x Printing

NetWare Management Services

  • LAN - RIP/SAP and IPX Routing


  • LAN WorkPlace (LWP) 5.0 and the Internet

  • Network ManagementTools

  • Troubleshooting ManageWise

Novell Internet, NFS, and TCP/IP Products

  • TCP/IP

  • NetWare IP

  • NetWare NFS Services 2.1

  • Implementing NetWare IP

  • Troubleshooting TCPIP Problems in an IntranetWare Environment

Novell GroupWare/Messaging

  • Modem Technology in GroupWise

  • Troubleshooting Database Issues in GroupWise

  • GroupWise 5 Administration: Novell Directory Services, Windows NT

  • and GroupWise Clients

  • GroupWise 5 TCP/IP Issues

  • GroupWise 5 Document Management

  • GroupWise 5 Client/Server Configuration

  • GroupWise 4 to 5 Migration/Co-Existence

  • GroupWise 5/NDS Enterprise Design

Novell Network Access Products

  • NetWare Connect Tips and Tricks

  • Supporting NetWare Mobile

New videos will be added to this list as they become available, so be certain to visit the list page often. The price per video is $59.99 US, plus shipping and handling (there is a 40% discount if you qualify).


Advanced Technical Training conferences allow Novell customers and partners to attend lectures and receive hands-on lab experience that give advanced training information on IntranetWare, GroupWise 5.0 (GW), ManageWise (MW), Novell Directory Services (NDS), and other topics. Any course-related videos are also thrown in a part of the conference fees.

Novell recently finished up a series of conferences at Novell Canada in Toronto and Ottawa. The presenters were from Novell technical specialists selected from NTS technical support engineers, Consulting Services engineers and product engineers. Each presenter has extensive experience planning enterprise solutions. For example, the lectures, discussions, and lab exercises for NetWare 4.11 Directory Services focused on Partition Operation, such as Add/delete, Split, Join, Change replica type, and Move Sub Tree. Other topics included NDS Maintenance, NDS Manager, NDS Trace, NDS Troubleshooting, and Error Code Procedure.

Attending participants needed to have some background in NDS and its operations in order to take full advantage of the three day conference. For instance, participants needed to have worked with DSREPAIR.NLM, seen DSTRACE and completed some partition operations. The conference also included this same type on in-depth information for GroupWise and ManageWise, and focuses on MLA and Premium Partners as participants.

To find out what programs and conferences are available, click on the Training Conferences for Service Partners link.

Computer-Based Training

If you have access to a multimedia workstation, you can also take a Computer-based Training (CBT) course. These courses allow you to receive technical training on your own schedule without having to attend courses. CBTs are self-paced and come with bookmark and pause features that allow you to pause at any time, put in a bookmark, and go do your real job for a while, then return and continue with the CBT course right where you left off.

Lab Projects

Novell Technical Services has created self-paced Advanced Technical training modules that provide an effective way for support professionals to get training at their convenience. The student will need the availability of all software and hardware described in each Lab Project. Lab Projects cost nothing and are available on this web page and on Compuserve.

Take some time to peruse the Advanced Technical Training web site and learn more about the what's available for the technically designated. The training will assist in enhancing the skill set of professionals who need to maintain and troubleshoot Novell products so they can perform their jobs more efficiently.

For more information, visit If you are on Compuserve, type GO NOVELL. Or call Novell's FaxBack service at 1-800-209-3500 and request one of the following documents:

Conferences -- 1342
Video order form -- 1334
Video abstracts -- 1337
CBTs -- 1351

You can also order over the phone at 800-228-7613 or 512-434-1529, or by fax at 512-218-6418.

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