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Two Client 32 for Windows 95 Error Messages and Solutions

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01 Jan 1997

Two of the main error messages that users get when running Client 32 for Windows 95 include"Error: NWDRV-3.00-20" and "Error: NWDRV-3.00-30". This NetNote explains what might be causing these error messages and what you can do about them.

Error: NWDRV-3.00-20

After installing Client 32 for Windows 95 and rebooting the workstation, the workstation may receive following error:

"NWDRV-3.00-20: There was a problem loading or executing the NetWare Directory
Services support libraries. All NetWare Directory Services functions are

You will usually see this error if you have an invalid NDS context. The context should be in the following format:

Do not use quotation marks in the context name. Also, do not use preceding periods before the context name or ending periods after the context name.

You can also get this error when the NETWARE.DRV file cannot find the correct support libraries or finds an incorrect version of the support libraries. To correct this, make sure the support library DLLs listed below are in the WINDOWS\SYSTEM or WIN95\SYSTEM subdirectories (these are the DLLs that shipped with the first release of NetWare Client 32 for Windows 95):

NWCALLS.DLL       147,824  07-26-95
NWNET.DLL         225,280  07-12-95
NWLOCALE.DLL       43,344  01-22-96
NETWARE.DRV       157,872  01-26-96

Also, delete or rename all other copies of these DLLs that exist on your hard drive.

Error: NWDRV-3.00-30

You can see the following error upon startup or when you attempt to run the NetWare utilities (such as NWADMIN):

"NWDRV-3.00.30: Initialization of the Unicode tables failed.
Country id = <cc> and code page = <cp>
All NetWare Directory Services functions are disabled."

You usually see this error when the correct Unicode files for the specified language are not found in the proper directories on the client. To fix this problem, go into the C:\WINDOWS\NLS and C:\NOVELL\NLS subdirectories and copy the supported country ID files to the desired country ID files. For example, if the country ID you are using is 043 and the Unicode tables are all labeled 041, go to the C:\WINDOWS\NLS and C:\NOVELL\NLS subdirectories and type the following command:

XCOPY *.041 *.043

Be sure the Unicode tables you choose are the correct ones for your selected language. A list of the Unicode table codes follows:

001 = US English and Canadian English
002 = Canadian French
031 = Netherlands
032 = Belgium
033 = France
034 = Spain
039 = Italy
041 = Switzerland
044 = United Kingdom
045 = Denmark
046 = Sweden
047 = Norway
049 = Germany
061 = Australia
081 = Japan
351 = Portugal
358 = Finland

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