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Novell's New CNE Net Program

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Virginia Baker
Novell Education

01 Dec 1996

Over the past several years, Novell's CNEs have provided the support infrastructure needed to catalyze the growth and global acceptance of Novell products in mainstream corporations and organizations. Today, CNEs (and Master CNEs) continue to support the 60 million end-user connection lead that Novell consistently maintains in the marketplace, providing front-line technical service to Novell's various channels and diverse customers. CNEs in decision-making roles have evangelized the continued use of Novell products, increasing Novell's strength in the networking arena and helping to make our products the number-one choice for networking.

Benefits of Novell Certification

In turn, CNEs have received a return on their certification investment. This return has primarily been reflected in the perceived value of the certification. CNE certification has provided a competitive advantage for many, raising the respect and demand for qualified networking professionals in the industry. CNEs have repeatedly reported better wage and job opportunities, a greater knowledge of networking, and greater respect and credibility after receiving their certification.

A survey conducted by IDC Consulting in October 1995, titled "The Financial Benefits of Certification," concluded that:

  • Companies that support certified professionals operate more sophisticated client/server environments than those companies that do not support certification.

  • The productivity of IS staffs in companies that support certified professionals is greater than in companies that do not.

  • Successful client/server implementation cannot be achieved without organizational readiness, of which training and certification are key components.

  • Companies that support certification tend to be much more decentralized than those that do not.

  • Companies that support certification are supporting more advanced desktop operating systems.

  • Close to one-third of companies that do not support certification themselves prefer that their outside vendors are certified.

The CNE Net Program

CNE Net is a new initiative by Novell that provides CNEs with post-certification information and support. CNE Net is designed to provide a focal-point through which Novell can give CNEs benefits and generate an on-going dialogue to enhance the initiative as it matures.

Most importantly, CNE Net provides CNEs with the tools they need to continue to serve and support the networking industry. Those tools include information, access to new products, direct access to Novell, and a way to "network" with one another--to share knowledge and experience among a brain-trust of nearly 100,000 CNEs.

Membership in the association is limited to Master CNEs and CNEs that are current with recertification requirements. The key objectives to be achieved by developing CNE Net as a post-certification program are the following.

  1. To empower CNEs to make better product-purchase decisions and more efficiently implement those products.

    CNEs are relied upon within their organizations to advise decision-makers regarding the use of best-available products and to implement those products once purchased. Many CNEs are themselves the decision-makers for their companies. With continued, in-depth understanding of Novell product capabilities and performance, new features, and competitive positioning, CNEs are in the best position to advise those organizations on the continued and expanded use of Novell products.

  2. To enable CNEs to provide high-quality, front-line support to the organizations and clients they serve.

    CNEs are responsible for the installation, upgrade and administration of Novell products within the organizations they serve. CNEs' technical competency accomplishes these installations and upgrades with minimal disruption to their organizations. This kind of product knowledge assures the full and effective utilization of Novell products, allowing CNEs to provide high-quality front-line support to the organizations and clients they serve. This support clearly impacts the return-on-investment (ROI) those Novell customers and partners realize through their Novell product purchases.

  3. To enhance each CNE's investment in Novell technology, thereby increasing their short-term satisfaction with, and long-term commitment to, Novell.

    With focused CNE post-certification training and support, CNEs can keep their skills current. This increases their proficiency with Novell's products and enhances the level of service they can provide. Novell products continue to serve as an effective and essential part of the CNEs' professional skill set.

What Does CNE Net Have to Offer?

At its inception, the new program already provides many of those benefits that CNEs identified as the most highly valued. Most of these benefits will be available to CNE Net members as of November 1, 1996. As members of CNE Net, CNEs receive:

  • Access to an exclusive CNE Net Web site. CNEs will get the inside line on the latest product plans and technical information or send feedback to product groups at Novell. They will be able to tap into the experiences of many other CNEs, through the CNE Web Site Chat Room. The Web site,, is exclusive to CNEs and is password protected.

  • Beta product and early releases. CNEs will be able to keep in touch with the latest product developments at Novell and be among the first to test drive select new software.

  • Automatic distribution of patches, fixes, and technical information. CNEs will be able to select the products they want to know more about, through the CNE Web site. From there, Novell will send those CNEs the latest on-going information on their selected products--automatically and instantly, through their own e-mail.

  • Fifty percent off all technical support calls and on-line incidents. CNEs will have access to high-quality discounted support directly from Novell.

  • Access to free and discounted technical seminars and programs. CNEs will get the facts from Novell's technical experts.

  • Partner Vendor Products. CNE Net is opening up the avenue to CNEs for Novell partners who wish to sponsor benefits that Novell considers valuable to CNEs.

  • Free subscription to NetWare Connection magazine. CNEs can subscribe free to this publication in the United States and globally on the World Wide Web. Those in international locations may subscribe to the magazine for the cost of mailing. NetWare Connection is redirecting its editorial content to specifically target the information needs of CNEs.

    In addition, CNE Net allows CNEs to choose other benefits on a pay-per-use basis, providing only the offerings which are most useful to them. CNEs will be able to select from a variety of these discounted offerings, which include the following items:

  • CNE Product Link. CNEs may opt to receive limited-user versions of the latest products from Novell every quarter.

  • Novell Support Connection Advanced Technical Training. CNEs may order post-certification technical training videos at a substantial discount.

  • Fifteen percent discount to NUI/CNE Conferences. CNEs may attend local technical seminars and tutorials, as well as vendor exhibits, at a 15% discount.

  • Novell Power Partner . CNEs may sign up for the Novell Power Partner, the premier source for technical sales information and demonstration software.

  • Novell publications and tools. CNEs will receive substantial discounts on various publications and Novell tools, including Novell Application Notes, Novell Support Connection CD (formerly NSEPro), Novell Press books, and more.

CNE Net Administration

CNE Net is a major initiative for Novell, and is fully supported and backed by every product, program, and service group throughout the company. CNE Net administration is governed by a board of directors. A representative from each of Novell's main product and program groups sits on that board: Novell Education, Novell Technical Services, Novell Products, and Novell Sales and Marketing. The CNE Net board drives all operational and directional aspects of CNE Net, working in tandem to open doors and opportunities from within Novell's own infrastructure to better support CNEs. The CNE Net board meets on a monthly basis.

CNE Net's day-to-day administrative support is housed and overseen from the Sales and Marketing group, through End User Services (which also developed and supports NetWare Users International, or NUI).

Ask and You'll Receive

CNEs have asked Novell to provide them with an on-going, post-certification program that provides the information and support they need to serve their organizations and the growing needs of the networking industry. Recommendations from CNEs clearly outlined what CNEs needed to help their organizations maximize their Novell investments and keep their own competitive edge. CNE Net, the program Novell developed to support the needs of CNEs, features those benefits that CNEs identified as the most highly valued: (1) information, (2) access to the latest products, and (3) interaction with peers.

With CNE Net, Novell has developed and deployed a world-wide program for Novell CNEs to continually refresh and sustain their technical and working knowledge of Novell products, decreasing the costs for both Novell and its customers while they continue to support mission-critical networking technologies.

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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