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Recommended update for ndiswrapper


(Last modified: 15MAR2007)

solutions Recommended update for ndiswrapper SuSE Linux Maintenance Web (efa0c8812d938d58c299ca754f86c80c)

Applies to

Package: ndiswrapper
Product(s): SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 SP1 Upgrade for x86
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 SP1 Upgrade for AMD64 and Intel EM64T
Zypp-Patch-Number: 2767
Release: 20070315
Obsoletes: none


This package is the update for Service Pack 1 of SUSE Linux Enterprise 10.
Install it to have your system at SP1 level.



Problem description

  • update to version 1.34 (bug 172914), changes:
    • Allow large memory allocations in older kernels
    • Fixed crash when changing MAC address (with 'ifconfig hw ether')
    • Fixed crash when names of other network device are changed
    • Fixed crashes with shutting down computer without unloading ndiswrapper module.
    • Added support for Davicom 9601 USB ethernet device.
    • Fixed ndiswrapper script to show correct device IDs.
    • Yet another fix to ndiswrapper script (to handle file names with upper case extensions).
    • Fixed ndiswrapper script to handle INF files properly.
    • Added support for Atheros 5416 (802.11n) chipset.
    • Firmware loading issue with Airfo networks driver fixed.
    • When HIGHMEM is enabled, allocate and copy URB buffers only if necessary. This prevents memory allocation failures.
    • Support for WE-21
    • Added support for Broadcom 802.11n (draft) driver
    • Added support for 64-bit Marvell driver
    • Optimizations for 64-bit drivers
    • If network interface name changes (through udev, ifrename etc), ndiswrapper notices it and changes entry in procfs
    • Fix to a bug (in 1.20) that locked up when used with RT2500 with SMP.
    • RT2500 is supported with 64-bit.
    • Fixes to 64-bit drivers; TI 1450 (used in AVM Fritz) is supported with 64-bit.
    • Fix to SMP kernel crash when USB device is unplugged.
    • Calls to Miniport functions with serialized drivers (such as RT2500) are serialized, so they should work with SMP.
    • Enable interrupts in IRQ handler; otherwise, some drivers (e.g., Marvell 8335) don't work.
    • Kernel crash with RT2500 (and possibly other serialized drivers) under heavy traffic load fixed.
    • Support for RNDIS driver with Vista drivers for 64-bit added.
    • netpoll support added; with this netconsole can be used with ndiswrapper.
    • Proper fix for drivers (Atheros PCI and USB drivers) allocating large chunk of memory in atomic context.
    • Fix for crash when module is removed with new Atheros USB driver, which supports WPA2 and has no firmware driver (athfmwdl).
    • Memory leaks plugged.
    • Suspend/resume issues fixed
    • Added support for Xpeed X400 ADSL adapter.
    • Issues with multicasting fixed.
    • Issues with ZyDas ZD1211 fixed (broken since 1.9 or so).
    • Fixed memory corruption issues, discovered with CONFIG_DEBUG_SLAB.
    • SMP issues fixed; Netgear WG111 USB (Prism54 chipset) works with SMP.
    • Association to open networks (without encryption) is supported with 'wext' driver interface with wpa_supplicant.
    • TI 1450 USB driver failed to initialize card if module is reloaded. This is fixed.
    • WPA with TKIP with TI ACX100 driver now works with 'ap_scan=2' in wpa_supplicant's configuration file.
    • Added support for non-encrypted networks with wpa_supplicant.
    • Am1772 with WPA and TKIP authenticates reliably now.
    • Added support for WEP with wpa_supplicant through 'wext' driver interface. There is no need for 'ndiswrapper' interface with wpa_supplicant anymore.
    • Added support for newer RNDIS (USB) cards (e.g., USR5421, F5D7051uk, WUSB54GSv2, all based on Broadcom chip).
    • Kernel crash when removing USB cards fixed.
    • Fixed performance issues with SMP.
    • Added support for AMD Am1772.
  • dropped obsolete patch ndiswrapper-wep_fix.diff


Please install the updates provided at the location noted below.

Installation notes

This update is provided as an RPM package that can easily be installed onto a running system by using this command:
rpm -Fvh ndiswrapper.rpm

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