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Security update for Linux kernel


(Last modified: 25JAN2008)

solutions Security update for Linux kernel SuSE Linux Maintenance Web (e8fcad0e5b1e2b84bd1cdf22e4eaf477)

Applies to

Package: kernel-debug
Product(s): SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 SP1 DEBUGINFO for IPF
SLE SDK 10 SP1 for IPF
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP1 for IPF
Zypp-Patch-Number: 4936
Release: 20080125
Obsoletes: none


Everyone using the Linux Kernel on ia64 architecture should update.



Problem description

This kernel update fixes the following security problems:
  • CVE-2008-0007: Insufficient range checks in certain fault handlers could be used by local attackers to potentially read or write kernel memory.
  • CVE-2008-0001: Incorrect access mode checks could be used by local attackers to corrupt directory contents and so cause denial of service attacks or potentially execute code.
  • CVE-2007-5966: Integer overflow in the hrtimer_start function in kernel/hrtimer.c in the Linux kernel before allows local users to execute arbitrary code or cause a denial of service (panic) via a large relative timeout value. NOTE: some of these details are obtained from third party information.
  • CVE-2007-6417: The shmem_getpage function (mm/shmem.c) in Linux kernel 2.6.11 through 2.6.23 does not properly clear allocated memory in some rare circumstances, which might allow local users to read sensitive kernel data or cause a denial of service (crash).
Additionally the following bugfixes have been included for all platforms:
  • patches.suse/bootsplash: Bootsplash for current kernel (none). patch the patch for Bug 345980.
  • patches.fixes/megaraid-fixup-driver-version: Megaraid driver version out of sync (299740).
  • OCFS2: Updated to version 1.2.8
  • patches.fixes/ocfs2-1.2-svn-r3070.diff: [PATCH] ocfs2: Remove overzealous BUG_ON().
  • patches.fixes/ocfs2-1.2-svn-r3072.diff: [PATCH] ocfs2: fix rename vs unlink race.
  • patches.fixes/ocfs2-1.2-svn-r3074.diff: [PATCH] ocfs2: Remove expensive local alloc bitmap scan code.
  • patches.fixes/ocfs2-1.2-svn-r3057.diff: [PATCH] ocfs2: Check for cluster locking in ocfs2_readpage.
  • patches.fixes/ocfs2-1.2-svn-r2975.diff: ocfs2_dlm: make functions static.
  • patches.fixes/ocfs2-1.2-svn-r2976.diff: [PATCH] ocfs2_dlm: make tot_backoff more descriptive.
  • patches.fixes/ocfs2-1.2-svn-r3002.diff: [PATCH] ocfs2: Remove the printing of harmless ERRORS like ECONNRESET, EPIPE..
  • patches.fixes/ocfs2-1.2-svn-r3004.diff: [PATCH] ocfs2_dlm: Call cond_resched_lock() once per hash bucket scan.
  • patches.fixes/ocfs2-1.2-svn-r3006.diff: [PATCH] ocfs2_dlm: Silence compiler warnings.
  • patches.fixes/ocfs2-1.2-svn-r3062.diff: [PATCH] ocfs2_dlm: Fix double increment of migrated lockres' owner count.
  • patches.fixes/hugetlb-get_user_pages-corruption.patch: hugetlb: follow_hugetlb_page() for write access (345239).
  • enable patches.fixes/reiserfs-fault-in-pages.patch (333412)
  • patches.drivers/usb-update-evdo-driver-ids.patch: USB: update evdo driver ids. Get the module to build...
  • patches.drivers/usb-add-usb_device_and_interface_info.patch: USB: add USB_DEVICE_AND_INTERFACE_INFO(). This is needed to get the HUAWEI devices to work properly, and to get patches.drivers/usb-update-evdo-driver-ids.patch to build without errors.
  • patches.drivers/usb-update-evdo-driver-ids.patch: USB: update evdo driver ids on request from our IT department (345438).
  • patches.suse/kdump-dump_after_notifier.patch: Add dump_after_notifier sysctl (265764).
  • patches.drivers/libata-sata_nv-disable-ADMA: sata_nv: disable ADMA by default (346508).
  • patches.fixes/cpufreq-fix-ondemand-deadlock.patch: Cpufreq fix ondemand deadlock (337439).
  • patches.fixes/eliminate-cpufreq_userspace-scaling_setspeed-deadlock.patch: Eliminate cpufreq_userspace scaling_setspeed deadlock (337439).
  • patches.xen/15181-dma-tracking.patch: Fix issue preventing Xen KMPs from building.
  • patches.drivers/r8169-perform-a-PHY-reset-before.patch: r8169: perform a PHY reset before any other operation at boot time (345658).
  • patches.drivers/r8169-more-alignment-for-the-0x8168: refresh.
  • patches.fixes/lockd-grant-shutdown: Stop GRANT callback from crashing if NFS server has been stopped. (292478). There was a problem with this patch which would cause apparently random crashes when lockd was in use. The offending change has been removed.
  • patches.fixes/usb_336850.diff: fix missing quirk leading to a device disconnecting under load (336850).
  • patches.fixes/cifs-incomplete-recv.patch: fix incorrect session reconnects (279783).
  • patches.fixes/megaraid_mbox-dell-cerc-support: Fix so that it applies properly. I extended the context to 6 lines to help patch find where to apply the patch (267134).
  • patches.fixes/md-idle-test: md: improve the is_mddev_idle test fix (326591).
Fixes for the Itanium (IA64) platform:
  • patches.arch/ia64-kernel-unaligned-fix: [ia64] Fix unaligned handler for floating point instructions with base update. (354069)
  • patches.arch/sn-tlb-flush-ipi: [IA64] Optional method to purge the TLB on SN systems (263336).
  • patches.arch/ia64-kernel-hangup-in-kdump-on-INIT: [IA64] Fix kernel hangup in kdump on INIT (265764).
  • patches.arch/ia64-allow-ipi-in-timer-loop: [IA64] allow IPIs in timer loop (262159).


Please install the updates provided at the location noted below.

Installation notes

This update is provided as an RPM package that can easily be installed onto a running system.
First, find out which kernel package to download and use, for example with
rpm -qf /boot/vmlinuz
Download the kernel image fitting your setup and the kernel symbols (kernel-syms*.rpm) and install it with: rpm -Fvh kernel-*.rpm
Please do only install one of these kernels, not all of them.
In case you are using LILO as bootmanager, please make sure that you also execute the command
after installing the update for the system to remain bootable.
Finally, reboot the system with
shutdown -r now
to load the new kernel (replace "now" with the appropriate amount of time to allow local users to cleanly log out, for example "+5" for five minutes.)

links to download packages

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Download the source code of the patches for maintained products.


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