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Recommended update for Linux kernel


(Last modified: 16NOV2007)

solutions Recommended update for Linux kernel SuSE Linux Maintenance Web (dec79722dfa55ec2ef35df4f43958206)

Applies to

Package: kernel-default
Product(s): SUSE CORE 9 for IBM POWER
Patch: patch-11980
Release: 20071116
Obsoletes: none


Everyone using the Linux Kernel on POWER architecture should update.



Problem description

The following bugs have been fixed:
  • patches.arch/ia64-mca.bus.check: [ia64] MCA recovery return value when no bus check.
  • patches.arch/ia64-mca.os.init.slave: [ia64] Remove obsolete SN SAL error handling feature bit.
  • patches.arch/ia64-mca_message: [ia64] Increase severity of MCA recovery messages.
  • patches.arch/ia64-add.minstate.validation: [ia64] Add MCA minstate validation.
  • patches.arch/ia64-message.details: [ia64] Adjust severity of MCA recovery messages. (296235, FATE 300736).
  • patches.fixes/cciss-cpq-disk-stats: Update disk statistics for cciss and cpqarray devices (276501).
  • patches.suse/sles9_myri10ge.diff: Myricom network driver. update to final 1.3.1 version from Myricom
  • patches.fixes/xfs-27894a-make_growfs_work_for_amounts_greater_than_2tb: Make growfs work for amounts greater than 2TB (SGI:PV959978, 296116, FATE 302325).
  • patches.fixes/get_apic_id-fix: incorrect mask in get_apic_id() (260743).
  • patches.arch/x86_64-fam10-mtrr-fix.diff: Disable on non-x86_64 architectures.
  • patches.xen/xen-arch-i386.diff: xen patches for sles9 (sp4).
  • patches.xen/xen-arch-public.diff: xen-public headers from the xen package.
  • patches.xen/xen-arch-x86_64.diff: xen patches for sles9 (sp4).
  • patches.xen/xen-arch.diff: Addition of the Xen architecture.
  • patches.xen/xen-common.diff: Changes of Xen to common code.
  • patches.xen/xen-erratic-mouse.diff: This patch removes the erratic mouse behavior of SLES10, SLES9 hvm guests. (167187).
  • patches.xen/xen-fdiv-test-stts: FPU screwed up after fdiv test.
  • patches.xen/xen-fix-nettle: Replace asm wbinvd with wbinvd() call for Xen compat.
  • patches.xen/xen-rcu-nohz: Fix race in generic RCU code..
  • patches.xen/xen-rpmify: Also allow the kernel to carry a unique name for Xen.
  • patches.xen/xen-udp-frag: use _bh locks in UDP code.
  • patches.arch/x86_64-fam10-mtrr-fix.diff: mtrr: fix size_or_mask and size_and_mask (
  • update preinstall diskspace check handle missing /etc/mtab, handle failed df call
  • patches.xen: Added the following two patches as part xen support in SLES9SP4: [PATCH] xen-arch-x86_64.diff [PATCH] xen-arch-i386.diff
  • Added xen config files for i386 pae and x86_64 architectures.
  • patches.drivers/libata-ata_piix-update-map-10b-for-ich8m: [PATCH] ata_piix: update map 10b for ich8m.
  • patches.arch/x86_64-fam10_powernow.patch: PowerNow! support for fam10 cpus (
  • patches.drivers/aic7xxx-sp4-update: aic7xxx driver update (FATE #302288).
  • enable CONFIG_FUSION_SAS in pseries64 config
  • patches.drivers/tg3-3.77d_3.79b: Update tg3 to version 3.79b. FATE 300580, 301263, 302277, 302328
  • patches.drivers/bnx2-1.6.3c: Update bnx2 to version 1.6.3c. FATE 302006 302278 302327
  • Update config files.
  • patches.arch/s390-01-iucv-sles9.diff: AF_IUCV protocol support for Linux on System z. (FATE #302091).
  • patches.arch/s390-02-hypfs-vm.diff: Hypervisor filesystem "s390_hypfs" for z/VM (FATE #302096).
  • patches.arch/s390-03-crypto-tape.diff: Add encryption support for 3592 tape devices..
  • patches.arch/s390-04-adapter-statistics.diff: zfcp: Add adapter statistics..
  • patches.arch/s390-05-monwriter-sles9.diff: Character device driver for writing z/VM monitor records. (FATE #302089).
  • patches.suse/lkcd-arch-kerntypes.patch:
  • patches.drivers/netxen: include netxen driver version 3.4.2. (FATE 300839)
  • add patches.drivers/ipr-sas.patch Update ipr and iprutil for SCSI adapter support on i5/p5 systems (296504 - LTC36432)
  • remove initrd-flavor before rpm -U on a small /boot partition (259303)
  • patches.drivers/mptfusion- Update MPT Fusion drivers to (FATE #302331).
  • patches.drivers/add-PCI-IDs-for-ICH8-9: [PATCH] add PCI IDs for ICH8 and 9 (249216, FATE 302270, FATE 302273, FATE 302274).
  • update patches.arch/ibm-ppc64-eeh-e1000.patch more changes (115942 - LTC16227)
  • patches.fixes/scsi-devinfo-update: Update blacklist entry for older HP XP arrays (FATE #301255).
  • patches.drivers/cciss-sp4-update: cciss update for SLES9 SP4 (FATE #300686).
  • patches.arch/x86_64-pfn-valid: Harden pfn_valid() on x86_64 against big memory holes (224744).
  • update patches.arch/ibm-ppc64-eeh-e1000.patch adapt patch for new e1000 version (115942 - LTC16227)
  • patches.drivers/s2io-update-build- Fixed driver (302320).
  • perfmon-{montecito,tables}: perfmon support for Montecito [#243094].
  • patches.drivers/igb-1.0.1: Include kcompat.c to have _kc_kzalloc and _kc_netdev_alloc_skb available in igb.ko.
  • patches.drivers/dell_rbu_0.9: [PATCH] Update the dell_rbu kernel module to 3.2 or later (293823 302281).
  • add patches.arch/ppc-of_get_property.patch map of_get_property to get_propery to avoid unresolved symbols
  • patches.vfe/vfe-set-NO_IOMEM: [PATCH] vfe: set NO_IOMEM in arch Kconfig (249216, FATE 300695, FATE 300670).
  • patches.drivers/libata-um-set-NO_IOMEM: [PATCH] um: set NO_IOMEM in arch Kconfig (249216, FATE 300695, FATE 300670).
  • patches.drivers/libata-ppc64-iomap-fix: [PATCH] ppc64: fix iomap on pseries (249216, FATE 300695, FATE 300670).
  • patches.drivers/e1000-update-7.6.5: update e1000 driver to version 7.6.5. (#271167, FATE 302349, 300478)
  • patches.drivers/e1000-poll-performance.patch: Delete.
  • patches.drivers/e1000-watchdog-timer.patch: Delete.
  • patches.drivers/e1000-update: Delete.
  • patches.fixes/e1000-6.2.15-skb_trim.patch: Delete.
  • patches.fixes/e1000-allocate_rx_buffer_fix.patch: Delete.
  • patches.fixes/e1000-jumboframes-fix: Delete.
  • patches.fixes/from-2.6.6-rcx-E1000-e1000.h-needs-dma-mapping.h: Delete.
  • patches.suse/e1000-D3-cold-wake.patch: Delete.
  • patches.suse/sles9_myri10ge.diff: Myricom network driver. (292647, FATE 302321)
  • patches.drivers/libata-ia64-dma_noncoherent-build-fix: [PATCH] ia64: dma_alloc/free_noncoherent() build fix (249216, FATE 300695, FATE 300670).
  • patches.drivers/qla2xxx-v8.01.07.15: [PATCH] Update qla2xxx to v8.01.07.15 (279750 300932).
  • patches.drivers/s2io-update- [PATCH] Update s2io driver to latest upstream release (302320).
  • patches.drivers/s2io-update-build- [PATCH] Backport s2io driver for SLES kernel (302320).
  • patches.drivers/tg3-3.71b: Delete.
  • patches.drivers/tg3-3.77d: [PATCH] Update tg3 to 3.77d (292312 302203 200577).
  • patches.drivers/igb-1.0.1: [PATCH] Add IGB driver 1.0.1 (302317).
  • patches.suse/enable-unknown_nmi_panic: Add support of unknown_nmi_panic (291093).
  • patches.fixes/correct_l2_l3_cacheinfo_cpuinfo: [PATCH] Correct L2/L3 cacheinfo in /proc/cpuinfo (291661 302244).
  • patches.fixes/don-t-sync-in-panic.patch: Don't sync in panic (182348).
  • patches.fixes/ipv6-disallow-rh0-by-default.patch: fix wrong array size which prevented some systems from booting correctly (291483)
  • Trim PCI device ID table of libata drivers which have intersecting support with IDE drivers and enable the ones which support controllers which IDE ones don't. patches.drivers/libata-trim-supported-devices: [PATCH] libata: trim supported devices to avoid collision with IDE drivers (249216, FATE 300695, FATE 300670).
  • lkcd-lkdump-sata_vsc was temporarily disabled for libata backport. Revive and adapt it to new libata. patches.fixes/lkcd-lkdump-sata_vsc: Add polling I/O support for Vitesse VSC7174.
  • patches.arch/s390-fixup-z90crypt: Compilation failure in drivers/s390/crypto/z90main.c.
  • Remove all existing libata updates and backport libata from 2.6.22. Patches for backport are put near the end of the series to avoid disturbing other patches. However, removal of earlier libata patches did make updating several patches. i386/x86-64 configs are updated accordingly. Other archs are untested yet and need fixing and config file update. References: bug 249216, FATE 300695, FATE 300670
    • patches.drivers/forcedeth-update: update forcedeth driver to 0.44 (117677).
    • patches.drivers/ibm-ipr-2.0.0.patch: IPR update.
    • patches.drivers/ibm-ppc64-vscsi: IBM VSCSI support.
    • patches.drivers/nvidia-ide: amd74xx ide update.
    • patches.drivers/libata-add-pci-ids-for-backport: [PATCH] PCI: add PCI IDs in preparation of libata backport (249216, FATE 300695, FATE 300670).
    • patches.drivers/libata-add-pci-features-for-backport: [PATCH] PCI: backport miscellaneous features for libata backport (249216, FATE 300695, FATE 300670).
    • patches.drivers/libata-add-misc-features-for-backport: [PATCH] backport misc features for libata backport (249216, FATE 300695, FATE 300670).
    • patches.drivers/libata-backport-HAS_IOMEM-and-friends: [PATCH] backport HAS_{IOMEM|IOPORT|DMA} config options (249216, FATE 300695, FATE 300670).
    • patches.drivers/libata-backport-iomap: [PATCH] iomap: backport iomap from 2.6.22. (249216, FATE 300695, FATE 300670).
    • patches.drivers/libata-backport-devres: [PATCH] devres: backport devres from 2.6.22. (249216, FATE 300695, FATE 300670).
    • patches.drivers/libata-update-SCSI-core-for-backport: [PATCH] SCSI: update SCSI core for libata backport (249216, FATE 300695, FATE 300670).
    • patches.drivers/libata-kill-old-libata: [PATCH] libata: kill libata (249216, FATE 300695, FATE 300670).
    • patches.drivers/libata-import-libata-from-2.6.22: [PATCH] libata: import libata from 2.6.22 (249216, FATE 300695, FATE 300670).
    • patches.drivers/libata-adapt-sht: [PATCH] libata: adjust sht's according to the current SCSI (249216, FATE 300695, FATE 300670).
    • patches.drivers/libata-kill-PM-support: [PATCH] libata: kill PM (249216, FATE 300695, FATE 300670).
    • patches.drivers/libata-kill-ACPI-suppport: [PATCH] libata: kill ACPI support (249216, FATE 300695, FATE 300670).
    • patches.drivers/libata-make-backported-code-work: [PATCH] libata: make the backported code work (249216, FATE 300695, FATE 300670).
  • patches.drivers/dell-dcdbas-update-5.6.0-3.2: [PATCH] dcdbas: Update to 5.6.0-3.2 (302286).
  • patches.fixes/LAuS-scalar-ioctl-args.patch: don't terminate app on inaccessible ioctl argument (245164).
  • patches.suse/increase-MCE-bank-counts: [PATCH] x86_64: increase MCE bank counts (302243).
  • patches.drivers/aic79xx-IBM-Havana: [PATCH] Update aic79xx driver to support IBM Havana (AHA29320 LPe) SCSI Adapter (290337).
  • patches.fixes/taskdelays-license-patch: [PATCH] taskdelays: Add LGPL license to include/linux/taskdelays.h.
  • patches.drivers/tg3-3.71b: [PATCH] Update tg3 to 3.71b (300580).
  • patches.drivers/aacraid- [PATCH] Update aacraid to (290155 302292).
  • patches.drivers/aacraid- [PATCH] Fix build for driver update (290155 302292).
  • patches.drivers/netxen: Add 10Gb Ethernet Expansion Card for IBM BladeCenter (301846).
  • patches.drivers/ips-update-7.12.05: Update to ips V7.12.05 (300829).
  • patches.drivers/ips-update-7.12.05-buildfix: Fix build of ips driver (300829).
  • add patches.arch/ibm-ppc64-oprofile-power5.patch oprofile support for Power 5++ (288671 - LTC 35794)
  • patches.drivers/adp94xx-v1.0.8-11: adp94xx v1.0.8-11 (Bugzilla 190441 265628, FATE 265628).
  • add patches.arch/ibm-ppc64-iseries-hvcall-ack.patch Replace custom locking code with a spinlock (237261 - LTC30800)
  • patches.drivers/qla3xxx_2.03.00: Adding qla3xxx driver for SLES9 SP4 inclusion (255180, 300937).
  • patches.drivers/megaraid_sas_2.00: megaraid_sas Driver update to 3.13 from 2.00 (283599, 302332).
  • add patches.arch/ibm-ppc64-oprofile-no-power4p.patch fix crash with OProfile on Power4 iSeries (257061 - LTC 30226)
  • patches.drivers/emulex-lpfc-801634: [PATCH] Update driver to (302324, 279653).
  • patches.fixes/increase-vmcore-length-128: [PATCH] Increase core pattern length to 128 (300382).
  • update patches.arch/ppc64.patch add + to "POWER5 (gs)" /proc/cpuinfo entry (280815 - LTC34294)
  • patches.suse/amd-fam10-11-pci-ids: [PATCH] pci.ids: update PCI IDs for new AMD processors (281298).
  • patches.fixes/xfs-kern-25683a-chash-doublelink: Fix inode reclaim scalability regression (255313).
  • patches.drivers/qla4xxx- Update the qla4xxx driver to 5.00.07 (Bug 192598, FATE 300933).
  • add patches.arch/ppc-os-term-panic_timeout.patch reboot when panic_timout is set (274474)
  • patches.drivers/qla2xxx-8.01.06: Update qla2xxx to 8.01.06 (209542).
  • patches.suse/ckrm-rbce-path-args: Fixup patch to compile again.
  • patches.drivers/cciss-2.6.14-update: Add HP cciss 2.6.14 for review.
  • patches.drivers/e1000-poll-performance.patch: Disable for now, it causes lockups on some systems, most notably Thinkpad laptops (see #254713).
  • patches.suse/objrmap-truncate-race-compat: bug for bug compatibility for objrmap-truncate-race (255909 252797).
  • add patches.drivers/ibm-ppc64-vscsi-slave_configure.patch add slave_configure to allow device restart (258104 - LTC20253)
  • patches.fixes/rusage-posix-fix.patch: fix a race condition in procfs
  • patches.fixes/8250_further_locking.patch: [SERIAL] 8250: sysrq deadlock fix.
  • patches.fixes/8250_add_locking.patch: [SERIAL] 8250: add locking to console write function. 250051
  • patches.fixes/nfsd-filldir-64bit: Allow nfsd readdir to return 64bit cookies (86039).
  • patches.arch/ia64-perfmon-fix: Fix ia64 perfmon file/memory lifetime (200055).
  • patches.drivers/mptspi-sequential-scan-hang: Boot time hang during sequential scan of SCSI-2 target LUNs (243401). LVM2 hangs when creating snapshots with load on LV (#190263)
  • patches.fixes/dm-__lock_fs-error.diff
  • patches.fixes/dm-dm_swap_table-fix.diff
  • patches.fixes/dm-fix-deadlock-prep.diff
  • patches.fixes/dm-fix-deadlock.diff
  • patches.fixes/dm-free_dev-fix.diff
  • patches.fixes/dm-freeze_bdev-return.diff
  • patches.fixes/dm-snapshot-fix-kcopyd-destructor.diff
  • patches.fixes/dm-snapshot-fix-origin_write-pe-submission.patch
  • patches.fixes/dm-store-frozen_bdev.diff
  • patches.fixes/dm-suspend-error-path.diff
  • patches.fixes/dm-suspend_lock.diff
  • patches.fixes/dm-tidy-dm_suspend.diff
  • patches.fixes/buffer-memorder-fix.patch: Fix buffer lock critical section.
  • patches.fixes/scsi-devinfo-hitachi-update: LVM UUID fails after LVM update (223287).
  • add patches.arch/ibm-ppc64-lparcfg-quiet.patch Quieten lparcfg (233668 - LTC30293)
  • add patches.drivers/e1000-poll-performance.patch reduce polling overhead with multiple interfaces (234509 - LTC16105)
  • patches.arch/x86-mpparse: Need to pass virtual address to smp_read_mpc for x86_64/i386 (#196917).
  • patches.arch/ia64-fp-rate-limit: [ia64] Reduce overhead of FP exception logging messages. (#228433)
  • patches.fixes/nfsd-llseek: Use llseek instead of f_pos= for directory seeking in nfsd (86039).
  • add patches.fixes/ibm-ppc64-veth-ibmveth_replenish_buffer_pool.patch fix assertion failure in ibmveth_replenish_buffer_pool (206419 - LTC25576)
  • patches.xen/xen-erratic-mouse.diff: Fixes erratic mouse behavior in HVM SLES9 guest. (167187)
  • patches.fixes/ipx_rcv-ipx-header-check: Actually added the patch.
  • patches.suse/rcu-signal-handling: Improve signal handling scalability on SMP (209630).
  • add patches.suse/kdb-ppc64-dabr.patch fix dabr support in kdb (208224 - LTC19783)
  • patches.fixes/no_write_inode_recursive_201.patch: Prevent recursive call of filesystem from balance_dirty_pages (166012).
  • patches.fixes/aio-dio-error-passing: Propagate errors for AIO/O_DIRECT (202289).
  • within-logging-rate-limit: Scaling fix for simultaneous unaligned accesses [#145599].
  • patches.drivers/libata-atapi-dont-log-pio-error: Don't log atapi stat == 0x51 errors for atapi commands (141385).
  • patches.drivers/sles9-sp3-libata-noshare.diff: Fix EH deadlock (188351).
  • patches.fixes/scsi-scan-sequential-luns-leak: SCSI HBA drivers cannot rmmod w/o oops due to SCSI scan logic.
  • patches.suse/lkcd-lvm-dump-partition.patch: lkcd: deal with dumping to lvm and md (146711 LTC21294).
  • patches.suse/ckrm-buffer-size: ckrm - make relay_open params an module parameter. (149762 LTC21406).
  • Remove obsolete kabi reference symbols: SLES9 SP4 will not have binary compatible modules to SLES9 SP3.
  • patches.suse/ocfs2-configfs-20060809: Update to OCFS2 1.2.3 (138287).
  • patches.fixes/rusage-posix-fix.patch: [PATCH] fix rusage semantics (195113).
  • add patches.fixes/ibm-ppc64-iseries_veth-offline-lpar-errors.patch Lower transmit error counts (192484 - LTC19058)
  • add patches.arch/ibm-ppc64-signal-keep-fpscr.patch Save fpscr correctly in signals (192315 - LTC24525)
  • patches.fixes/sysfs-dont-hash-invisible-nodes: Fix kernel panic when rmmod mptspi (175919)
  • patches.arch/ia64-sn2-hwperf-topology-nearest-node: SN topology fix for large systems. (#180448)
  • patches.suse/write-throttle-limits: the whole RAM can't become dirty cache (pagetables, slab etc...) (164387).
  • patches.fixes/nfsd-domainname-size-problem: Remove limit on domain name length in export cache (183226).
  • patches.fixes/xfs-kern-952214-log-recovery-compat: log recovery 32/64-bit system compatibility fix (184265, SGI:PV952214).
  • patches.drivers/alsa-hda-intel-free-irq-race-fix: hda-intel - Fix race in remove (167869).


Please install the updates provided at the location noted below.

Installation notes

This update is provided as an RPM package that can easily be installed onto a running system.
First, find out which kernel package to use, for example with
rpm -qf /boot/vmlinuz
Download the kernel image fitting your setup and install it with either:
  • rpm -Fvh kernel-syms*.rpm kernel-default*.rpm for the default kernel image, or
  • rpm -Fvh kernel-syms*.rpm kernel-iseries64*.rpm for the 64 b it iSeries kernel image, or
  • rpm -Fvh kernel-syms*.rpm kernel-pseries64*.rpm for the 64 b it pSeries kernel image, or
  • rpm -Fvh kernel-syms*.rpm kernel-smp*.rpm for the SMP kernel image, or
  • rpm -Fvh kernel-syms*.rpm kernel-pmac64*.rpm for the 64 bit PPC kernel image
Please do only install one of these kernels, not all of them.
After performing the RPM package update of your kernel package, you must execute the following commands as root to make sure that your system will start up again:
mk_initrd lilo
Finally, reboot the system with
shutdown -r now
to load the new kernel (replace "now" with the appropriate amount of time to allow local users to cleanly log out, for example "+5" for five minutes.)

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Download the source code of the patches for maintained products.


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