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Recommended update for yast2-devtools


(Last modified: 15MAR2007)

solutions Recommended update for yast2-devtools SuSE Linux Maintenance Web (d98f288e20640664dcd0bf8db841e6a9)

Applies to

Package: yast2-devtools
Product(s): SLE SDK 10 SP1 Upgrade for x86
SLE SDK 10 SP1 Upgrade for IPF
SLE SDK 10 SP1 Upgrade for IBM iSeries and IBM pSeries
SLE SDK 10 SP1 Upgrade for IBM zSeries
SLE SDK 10 SP1 Upgrade for X86-64
Zypp-Patch-Number: 2775
Release: 20070315
Obsoletes: none


This package is the update for Service Pack 1 of SUSE Linux Enterprise 10.
Install it to have your system at SP1 level.



Problem description

  • Made the yast2-testsuite check only a warning, otherwise too many packages would break.
  • prefixbuild/pfx: Let also Perl search in the prefix (via PERL5LIB).
  • 2.13.29
  • Run pkg-config at configure time, not at make time (#208998).
  • For YCP packages, check for yast2-testsuite at configure time (#208999).
  • 2.13.28
  • "make dist" will honor CHECK_SYNTAX=false
  • 2.13.27
  • Docbook configure check: fixed when no catalog found, and don't overwrite config.log.
  • prefixbuild/recreate -t: run configure instead of config.status
  • prefixbuild/yp: honor PREFIX
  • 2.13.26
  • With xgettext 0.15, "--keyword=_:1,2" alone did not trigger for single-form messages. Added "--keyword=_" to fix that.
  • Added yast2-trans-et to all-packages.
  • 2.13.25
  • Fixed the autodocs if there were no *.pm files.
  • 2.13.24
  • Check for docbook-xml-stylesheets if using docbook (#157629).
  • autodocs-ycp.ami: Generate docs also from *.pm sources, by pod2html (F#415).
  • ycpdoc: Ignore *.pm but write them to files.html (F#415).
  • 2.13.23
  • po makefiles: cope with both old and new suse-i18n directory layout (ke).
  • yast2-devtools.pc: removed libdir because this is a noarch package.
  • prefixbuild: Another fix to honor PREFIX in the environment.
  • 2.13.22
  • Added yast2-sudo to all-packages.
  • Added yast2-trans-ca to all-packages (#190072).
  • Better parsing of "listmap" and the like not to mistake it for a function declaration (#133662).
  • Prevent false positives for check-textdomain in core and perl-bindings.
  • 2.13.21
  • Fixed makefiles for make 3.81
  • 2.13.20
  • all-packages: added yast2-trans-{el,sl,vi}; kept yast2-trans-{el_GR,sl_SI} for SLE 10 compatibility.
  • New tag alias 'Author' -> 'Authors' in ycpdoc (bug #188881).
  • Teaching scrdoc one-line tags, general description, tag-aliases, fixing mount-point identification, etc.
  • tagversion: do not break the tag if run again.
  • Sort YCP builtins in generated doc alphabetically, ASC.
  • Added check_buildrequires and checkall_buildrequires utilities as substitutes for check_neededforbuild and checkall_neededforbuild
  • Fixed filtering for files that contain translated messages while making pot files (#173826, etoulas).
  • 2.13.19


Please install the updates provided at the location noted below.

Installation notes

This update is provided as an RPM package that can easily be installed onto a running system by using this command:
rpm -Fvh yast2-devtools.rpm

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