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Security update for PHP4


(Last modified: 21FEB2005)

solutions Security update for PHP4 SuSE Linux Maintenance Web (cc14ff30cea8ef2a4bca1724427c70e5)

Applies to

Package: php4
Product(s): SUSE CORE 9 for x86
SUSE CORE 9 for IBM S/390 31bit
SUSE CORE 9 for IBM zSeries 64bit
SUSE CORE 9 for AMD64 and Intel EM64T
Patch: patch-9880
Release: 20050221
Obsoletes: eeaf995d80f550961f0fa0dd0465e21f


Everyone using PHP4 should install this update.


After this update php4-recode can no longer be used at the same time as php4-mysql, php4-imap or apache2-mod_auth_mysql due to the RTLD_GLOBAL fixes. Please refer to /usr/share/doc/packages/php4/README.SuSE for details.


This update fixes the following security issues:
  • A bug that can be exploited by remote attackers to bypass HTML tag filtering (cross site scripting prevention) by supplying special tags. These kind of tags should be ignored because they are not valid but they get accepted by some commercial web-browsers.
  • A bug that can be exploited by remote attackers by triggering the memory_limit in unsafe states of a PHP execution path to execute arbitrary code.
  • Bugs caused by bad array parsing of the user input via GET, POST and COOKIE. One could lead to overwriting variable $_FILES, while the other could expose some pieces of the php memory to the attacker.
  • A bug that could disclose php sourcecode in some circumstances.
  • Various bugs in the unserializer (CAN-2004-1019).
  • A buffer overflow in the exif parser (CAN-2004-1065).
  • A bug in readfile() that could lead to denial of service.
This update also fixes the following non-security issues:
  • The dlopen() flag for opening php4 modules has been reverted back to RTLD_GLOBAL, as RTDL_LOCAL had some side effects when extensions like php4-unixODBC load their own libraries (unixODBC uses RTLD_GLOBAL).
  • Pre-Requires tags of some sub-packages have been tweaked to aid computing the uninstall order.


Please install the updates provided at the location noted below.

Installation notes

This update is provided as RPM packages that can easily be installed onto a running system by using this command:
rpm -Fvh php4.rpm apache-mod_php4.rpm apache2-mod_php4.rpm mod_php4-core.rpm mod_php4-servlet.rpm php4-imap.rpm php4-mysql.rpm php4-servlet.rpm php4-session.rpm
Please restart running applications using PHP4 (such as the web server) after the update.

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