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Recommended update for heartbeat,drbd ,ocfs2-tools and ocfs2console


(Last modified: 14MAR2007)

solutions Recommended update for heartbeat, drbd , ocfs2-tools and ocfs2console SuSE Linux Maintenance Web (b3037d2ca788129b6fa88ada9f90c986)

Applies to

Package: heartbeat
Product(s): SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP1 Upgrade for x86
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP1 Upgrade for IPF
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP1 Upgrade for IBM POWER
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP1 Upgrade for IBM zSeries 64bit
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP1 Upgrade for AMD64 and Intel EM64T
Zypp-Patch-Number: 2764
Release: 20070314
Obsoletes: none


These packages are the updates for Service Pack 1 of SUSE Linux Enterprise
10. Install them to have your system at SP1 level.



Problem description

Below you find a list of changes sorted alphabetically by package name.
  • Update to dev:9cc3282279a0
  • Fix the include headers properly.
  • CRM: Don't update the restart list with unset attributes and prevent spurious restarts,
  • PE: Add node score to clone stability function (OSDL 1494).
  • PE: Compare uname without case sensitivity (OSDL 1499).
  • PE: Fix anti-colocation when one half of the constraint cannot be run.
  • PE: Set common resource attributes before calling unpack function for complex resources (OSDL 1492).
  • PE: Make clones semi-sticky by default to prevent resource outages.
  • TE: Detect changes to selected attributes of CIB element.
  • TE: Unpack meta attributes in the graph correctly.
  • CRM/LRM: Don't create a resource prior to deletion.
  • RA: Filesystem: Move ocfs2_init out of the generic stop path (250603).
  • RA: Filesystem: Filter duplicates from OCFS2 node activation list to avoid spurious error messages.
  • RA: Xen: Update to match output of newer xm list command (250625).
  • RA: EvmsSCC cleanups (199730).
  • RA: pgsql: Fixes for shutdown escalation.
  • crm_failcount: Map absence of attribute to value 0.
  • crm_resource: Fix -f option.
  • ocf-tester: Continue if validate-all succeeds.
  • STONITH: external/riloe: Bugfixes.
  • attrd: Repeated calls to attrd_update with dampen absorbs attribute changes (OSDL 1500).
  • Logging adjustments and fixes.
  • heartbeat-revert-62a77874bdf4-2.diff: Back out changeset which modified our external include structure.
  • Update to dev:7dbd2d974acc
  • Fix several resource leaks in error legs uncovered by Coverity.
  • More memory fixes thanks to valgrind.
  • STONITH: HMC(ppc): Fix password passing and hostlist parsing (OSDL 1488, OSDL 1489).
  • PE: Provide useful logging when a cloned resource is found active somewhere it shouldn't be.
  • PE: Fix rsc_colocation with master role (246681).
  • RA: drbd: sanitize drbdadm output so the status querying works better.
  • attrd: Exit if heartbeat dies.
  • crm_standby/crm_attribute/crm_master: Always default to the local node if uname not specified.
  • Update to dev:acb6c89935d6
  • Fix several severe memory leaks thanks to valgrind.
  • Use libc memory allocation functions.
  • LRM/CRM interaction: Fix one crash during BSC (#244444).
  • PE: Fix for potential NULL dereference (OSDL 1486).
  • RA: pgsql: Allow port number of instance to be specified.
  • Fix some compiler warnings.
  • Update to dev:ef5945fc1fbe
  • CIB: Create synchronous r/w connections correctly (OSDL 1480).
  • PE: Order promotions after _all_ demotions have completed (239082).
  • PE: Master placement was not persistent (239086).
  • PE: Set priority for actions correctly so that notifications are never lost (239079).
  • PE: Fix on_fail=stop setting on actions (OSDL 1484).
  • crm_master: crm_master uses the same IDs for permanent and transient attributes (239075).
  • default the provider to "heartbeat" for OCF resources if not set.
  • crm_standby: Use current node name as default.
  • RA: drbd: Fix some issues and work-arounds for drbdadm bugs.
  • Update to dev:bc43ec0a0ff9
  • PE: Fix rsc_order constraints from group to group.
  • PE: Cleanup transition graphs and dot file generation.
  • CIB: Fix crash in replace operation.
  • RA: pgsql: Handle unset PGHOST option correctly.
  • Update to dev:0855cf458913
  • Integrate build dependency reduction into upstream.
  • crm_resource: place lifetime rule in correct section.
  • CRM: Fix one crash triggered by async error notifications.
  • PE: Optimize out nodes which cannot run resources.
  • CTS: Improvements to test async error notifications.
  • Update to dev:5d3bd17fcc23
  • RA: Xen: Fix typo in migration functionality.
  • RA: drbd: Allow floating peers (FATE 300300).
  • CRM: deadlock if shutdown while starting up (OSDL 1465).
  • CIB: Fix crash in find_attr_details (OSDL 1472)
  • crm_resource: Check for sane host names when migrating (OSDL 1374).
  • crm_resource: Allow resource meta attributes to be set with crm_admin (OSDL 1451).
  • crm_resource: Migrate should allow creating temporary rules (OSDL 1462).
  • crm_resource: Add clone support to crm_resource (OSDL 1073).
  • CIB: Allow automatic assignment of object IDs (OSDL 1430).
  • Update to 2.0.8 - dev:92de87ae3f26
  • CRM: Support migration operations (FATE 300722).
  • CRM: Reorder CCM inputs to avoid potential deadlock on startup.
  • PE: Allow rsc_colocation constraints to be symmetrical.
  • CTS improvements.
  • RA: Xen: Support migrate operation.
  • RA: mysql, apache, pgsql, oracle, ServeRAID: minor fixes.
  • stonith: New plugin for IBM RSA/RSA II (OSDL 1292).
  • Update to 2.0.8-pre - dev:c38fb26a9497
  • Core/CRM: Improvements to the memory allocation, message, and string handling libraries result in an overall speed-up of 65%.
  • CRM: Fix ISO date handling for Jan 01 of any year.
  • CRM: Only update the voted hashtable with no-votes for the current election.
  • RA: IPaddr: Support netmask both in CIDR and in dotted-quad notation.
  • logd: Fix trailing random byte in log messages (OSDL 1268).
  • Reduced logging.
  • Update to 2.0.8 series - dev:1b5f016641ee (FATE 301631).
  • heartbeat: Work around a glibc/times() bug to prevent failures every 497 days on 32-bit Linux (OSDL 1407).
  • heartbeat: Retransmits were requested more often than they'd be honored (OSDL 1455).
  • CTS/PE: Introduce CRM option "startup_fencing" to disable fencing of unseen nodes, because CTS can't handle this.
  • PE: Split-off "network-delay" option from global_timeout to separate network delays from action timeouts.
  • PE/CRM: Binaries now support being called with "metadata" command to document the complete list of options in the CIB.
  • PE: DTD: Include start_delay as a property of operation objects.
  • PE: Fix implementation of date_spec when no range is specified.
  • PE: Enforce clone_node_max for already running resources.
  • PE: Clones were not being stopped on node shutdown.
  • PE: Allow resource colocation based on node attributes other than #id (node_attribute option added to rsc_colocation constraint).
  • PE: Improved handling when timeout < start_delay (OSDL 1421).
  • PE: Pre-notifications for promote occured before start was completed (OSDL 1447).
  • PE: Allow any two pairs of actions to be specified for rsc_order (OSDL 1452).
  • PE: Handle asymmetric clusters where RAs are not installed on all nodes.
  • PE: Allow resource stickiness and failure stickiness to change based on node attributes.
  • CIB: Fix update_attr() causes attrd to hang at shutdown when there is no DC (OSDL 1432).
  • CIB: Corrupted config file prevents heartbeat restart (OSDL 1385).
  • CIB: Startup processing improvements; DTD validation will be automatically activated if the CIB on-disk validates.
  • TE: Fix memory leak.
  • TE: Failcount wasn't being updated in all cases.
  • TE: never update the CIB with unconfirmed stop actions (OSDL 1435).
  • CTS/RA: Replace OCFMSDummy with Stateful RA.
  • CCM: Centralize quorum calculation on the transition leader.
  • CCM: Support split-site and external quorum servers.
  • CRM: Ignore status update for non-members (ie, ping nodes).
  • LRM: Don't postpone postponed resources.
  • LRM: Fix restart in case an lrmd is already running (OSDL 1333).
  • LRM: Fix overflow in RA output handling (OSDL 1433).
  • mgmtd: Robustness and memory leak fixes.
  • mgmtd: make the port used configurable (OSDL 1390).
  • Improve v1 to v2 conversion tool (OSDL 1415).
  • GUI: ping nodes appear as failed in gui (OSDL 1394).
  • GUI: Reduce duplicates in RA list by only showing the OCF one if both ocf and hb RA exist) (OSDL 1338).
  • GUI: Add new resource to currently selected group (OSDL 1414).
  • GUI: support all attributes of operations (OSDL 1372).
  • GUI: Create first resource along with a new group; delete group when last resource is removed (OSDL 1287).
  • GUI: Set defaults for clones and m/s RAs (OSDL 1352).
  • GUI: Use meta-data defaults when creating actions (OSDL 1351).
  • GUI: GUI: start all sub resources when we start a group or a clone (OSDL 1449).
  • GUI: support ordered==false or non-collocated==false groups (OSDL 1257).
  • stonithd: Fix memory leak.
  • stonithd: Remove reliance on farside_pid (OSDL 1412).
  • stonith external/riloe: Make the login name and iLo device address configurable.
  • crm_resource: Add manpage.
  • RA: PureFTPd, mysql, ManageVE (to manage an OpenVZ container), ManageRAID, WAS6 (Websphere 6) added.
  • RA: Include SAPInstance and SAPDatabase (FATE 2172).
  • RA: IPaddr cleanup to avoid race conditions in the script. Report status failure when an IPaddr is active on a different interface but allow it to be stopped.
  • RA: IPaddr2 fixes for loopback bound addresses.
  • RA: Filesystem reported wrong status/monitor results for OCFS2 in some circumstances (Novell 187080).
  • RA: Improve heartbeat v1 wrappers.
  • RA: Fix db2 monitor operation.
  • RA: ldirectord: Make the emailalert and emailalertfreq options global as well as non-global, make checkcount global as well as per-virtual, add radius check, improvements to documentation.
  • RA: pgsql: Make server logfile configurable and implement validate-all. New parameter ctl_opt added to pgsql to support additional options for pg_ctl.
  • CRM: First beginnings of a cluster-wide shell (FATE ...)
  • BEAM / Coverity induced fixes.
  • Minor compatibility fixes (OSDL 1405).
  • Logging improvements all over the place.
  • Update to 2.0.7-devel from (dev:94243820b011).
  • Extended support for master-slave resources (FATE 300723).
  • OCF RA API compliance checker (FATE 300737).
  • Support weak and uni-directional collocation constraints (FATE 300792).
  • Mark drbd as supported by Novell.
  • Update to 0.7.22:
    • In protocol A and B, on connection loss, drbd could "forget" to set certain areas out of sync (#210539).
    • fix races between failure in drbd_send_dblock and concurrently running tl_clear.
    • fix potential access-after-free in drbd_dio_end.
    • fix possible list corruption respective resulting deadlock in receive_DataRequest.
    • improved the drbd_thread_stop / start code.
  • Fix pointer to documentation in /etc/drbd.conf (#180054).
  • Greyed out buttons in ocfs2console still allowed you to carry out actions (157462).
  • Teach o2cb to persist the new timeout options exposed by configfs


Please install the updates provided at the location noted below.

Installation notes

This update is provided as an RPM package that can easily be installed onto a running system by using this command:
rpm -Fvh heartbeat.rpm heartbeat-ldirectord.rpm heartbeat-stonith.rpm heartbeat-pils.rpm heartbeat-cmpi.rpm drbd.rpm ocfs2-tools.rpm ocfs2console.rpm

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