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Service Pack 2 for SLES8 for IBM zSeries


(Last modified: 16JUN2003)

solutions Service Pack 2 for SLES8 for IBM zSeries SuSE Linux Maintenance Web (a95dc44150e091329826949f7a7f10dd)

Applies to

Product(s): SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 8 for IBM zSeries

Package: SLES-8-SP2-s390x.iso
Release: 20030616
Obsoletes: none


Everyone should install this update.




This is the Service Pack 2 for SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 8 for IBM zSeries. The service pack is provided as a downloadable ISO 9660 (CD ROM) image.
After you have downloaded the CD image there are two possibilities to make it available to the system that needs to be updated:
  • write it to a CD-R, mount the CD on a work station (for example running Linux, Windows or a variation of UNIX) and make it available to the zSeries Linux system to be updated, preferably by NFS.
  • copy the image to the system to be updated and mount it with the loopback driver mount -o ro,loop SLES-8-SP2-s390x.iso /mnt2 for the content of the CD to become available at /mnt2.
Unfortunately, the FTP and HTTP update methods currently do not work properly.
Note: In case the Linux system to be updated does not have any HTTP access to please edit the file /etc/sysconfig/onlineupdate and set
as the update mechanism uses the YaST Online Update module which tries to retrieve the current online update server list from on start.
Next, start YaST and select the module Patch CD Update from the Software section.
Click the "Expert"-Button (marked as "[Expert]" in the text mode version of YaST) and select either "NFS" or "Directory" as the type of URL, depending on whether you provide the disk content via NFS or the loopback mounted disk image.
Finally, enter the location of the data (host name and path for NFS or directory for loopback mounted disk image) and press the "Ok" and then the "Next"-Button. You will see the selection of patches to be applied on the next screen, when you are satisfied with that selection press "Next" again. YaST will subsequently start to install the updates.
Note: The top level directory of the CD contains the files README and RELEASE.NOTE. Please refer to these files for further instructions on how to apply the updates.

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