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Security update for Xen


(Last modified: 09OCT2006)

solutions Security update for Xen SuSE Linux Maintenance Web (9a9e8e766313d45b22844e3a300078c7)

Applies to

Package: xen
Product(s): SUSE SLES 10 for x86
SUSE SLES 10 for AMD64 and Intel EM64T

Release: 20061009
Obsoletes: none


Everyone running Xen should update.



Problem description

This update includes both bug fixes and security fixes for Xen.
A summary of the fixes appears below:
  • 151105 - Fix various "leaks" of loopback devices w/ domUloader
  • 162865 - Re-send all page tables when migrating to avoid oops
  • 167145 - Add status messages during file backed disk creation
  • 176369 - YaST2-VM incorrectly reports "Not enough free memory" if not on xen
  • 176449 - Backport credit scheduler, for better performance
  • 176717 - [XEN-HVM]Failed to install win2k hvm guest
  • 184175 - System rebooted during Virtual Machine (guest OS) installation
  • 184727 - Error starting VM from YaST with maximum memory size (partial fix)
  • 184727 - fix calculation of largest memory size of VM
  • 185557 - update xendomains to wait for shutdown to complete
  • 185557 - "xm shutdown -w" must wait for loopback devices to be destroyed
  • 186930 - Logical volumes (LVM) are not displayed when adding block device
  • 189765 - using an LV as VM block device gives bogus warning
  • 189815 - Increase balloon timeout value, for large memory machines
  • 190170 - Do not open migration port by default
  • 190869 - Default to non-sync loopback; give choice to user per-disk
  • 191627 - Fix startup errors in disk created by mk-xen-rescue-img
  • 191853 - Fix overflows in lomount, for virtual disks > 2 GB
  • 192150 - Xen issue with privileged instruction
  • 192308 - disable alignment checks in kernel mode (fixes eDir/NICI)
  • 193854 - Add arch-invarient qemu-dm link, so config file is portable
  • 193854 - lib vs lib64 is hard-coded into VM definition file
  • 194389 - YaST2 xen Module Bug in X Detection
  • 196169 - Make domUloader honor the dry-run flag
  • 197777 - do not default to 'bridge=xenbr0' in the VM config file
  • 201349 - xendomains did not actually save domains
  • 203731 - Allow VM's RAM to be enlarged after starting VM (fix maxmem setting)
  • 204153 - default to using vif0/xenbr0 if vifnum is not set or no default route
  • 206312 - Fix TEST_UNIT_READY to work with ISO images; fixes Windows BSOD.
  • 209743 - Do not delay interrupt injection if the guest IF_FLAG disallows intr
  • changeset 9763: grant table fix
  • do not expose MCE/MCA bits in CPUID on SVM
  • quiet debug messages in SVM
  • update block-nbd so that it works again


Please install the updates provided at the location noted below.

Installation notes

This update is provided as an RPM package that can easily be installed onto a running system by using this command:
rpm -Fvh xen.rpm xen-devel.rpm xen-doc-html.rpm xen-doc-pdf.rpm xen-doc-ps.rpm xen-libs.rpm xen-tools.rpm xen-tools-ioemu.rpm yast2-vm.rpm

links to download packages

Download Source Packages

Download the source code of the patches for maintained products.


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