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Recommended update for Outlook Replicator


(Last modified: 26MAR2003)

solutions Recommended update for Outlook Replicator SuSE Linux Maintenance Web (99f12587e5cfd622bafef8646722775b)

Applies to

Product(s): SuSE Linux Openexchange Server 4

Release: 20030326
Obsoletes: none


This update should be installed if you need to sync data to your MS Outlook clients.



Problem description

This update fixes some bugs for the Outlook Replicator. Amongst others this are:
  1. Multi-user: This replication client is able to handle multi users. The configuration files for each user are stored in his own workspace. Moreover the password is encrypted now.
  2. Log-file on Client side: In the client's menu you have a new option to enable a logging at the client side. For each replication a new log file is created in the user's workspace.
  3. Time zone: The computation of the time zone was corrected. The creation and modification date on server considers the time zone of the client. This is important if you use the option "overwrite the older item".


Please install the updates provided at the location noted below.

Installation notes

The file provided at the location below is an ASCII armored PGP signed file. To extract the ZIP archive from this file, please perfom the following actions:
  • install GnuPG if you haven't already. On SuSE Linux, it is contained in the package gpg. Other recent Linux distributions come with a ready to use GnuPG package as well. GnuPG is also available for many other operating systems, including Microsoft Windows. Please refer to for information on how to get GnuPG for your operating system.
  • rename the downloaded file to OutlookReplicator.asc
  • run the command gpg -o --decrypt OutlookReplicator.asc to extract the ZIP file.
After you have decrypted the file, you can uncompress it using your favorite decompression tool (eg. WinZIP) and install the software onto your workstation.

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Download the source code of the patches for maintained products.


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