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Recommended update for IBM Java2 JRE and SDK


(Last modified: 19NOV2007)

solutions Recommended update for IBM Java2 JRE and SDK SuSE Linux Maintenance Web (9595f1d6242e1e82a0d24f55426d28fa)

Applies to

Package: IBMJava2-JRE
Product(s): SUSE CORE 9 for x86
SUSE CORE 9 for Itanium Processor Family
SUSE CORE 9 for IBM S/390 31bit
SUSE CORE 9 for IBM zSeries 64bit
Open Enterprise Server
Patch: patch-11761
Release: 20071119
Obsoletes: none


Everyone should update.



Problem description

This updates IBMJava2 1.4.2 to SR9 which fixes following bugs:
  • Revert defects 121002 and 120352 on 142
  • [PMR] AIG application crashes on WAS 6.1
  • Backing out changes for directing FFDC Output to standard outpu
  • SSL Session resuming does not work using old JSSE NIO
  • Runtime.maxMemory() does not return the expected value
  • Xshareclasses: Thousands of zero-length classpaths == problems
  • Xshareclasses: Thousands of zero-length classpaths == problems
  • Text Relocations in Linux J9 Libraries (no -fPIC)
  • PMR: VM Crash in isManyIterationsLoop()
  • Child process sends corrupted object streams back to parent
  • getLocalSocketAddress, getLocalPort returns invalid argument.
  • [PMR] fix boundcheck tree simplifier
  • Wrong Process.exitValue() value for crashed child processes
  • Disable caching of cb in Shared Classes mode
  • jextract fails with an exception
  • Shared class field initialization is not multi-JVM safe
  • JRE 1.4.2 verbose GC logging does not supply format
  • *OPT*Increased memory stamp on 142 compared to 131
  • hang in lkMonitorEnter
  • Deadlock b/w javacore generator & JIT class unloading handler
  • Correct handleRemoteException() contract violation in invoke()
  • Exponent specify in slovenian is incorrect
  • Enable FVD callbacks on the same connection via PartnerVersion
  • ArrayStoreException does not get thrown
  • Intermittent CORBA BAD_OPERATION errors.
  • Crash in JITSigTrapHandler( ) in CICS environment.
  • NPE from compiled code
  • Backout of fix 114628
  • Backout of fix 114628
  • Rework of fixes 98266 and 112267
  • Rework of fixes 98266 and 112267
  • Preferred ClassLoader not used in FVD path for local invocation
  • Looping in TreeSet fixAfterDeletion
  • Recursion in resolvePendingLinks causing Segmentation fault
  • CORBA.INTERNAL in createRequest() causing problems in JTS
  • currency code problem
  • Application crash due to object corruption with Concurrent Mark
  • sem_wait can return -1/EINTR on signal in NPTL
  • Xshareclasses: Java5 corrupted caches with "keep" problem
  • action=2 should not be thrown for small object with Xloratio.
  • Enabling FFDC outout to stderr
  • Reduce contention on ObjectStreamClass lookup
  • VM is crashing in this native metjava.text.Bidi.nativeBidiChars
  • looping in areLargePageSuported call
  • PMR: App Compiled with J9 Classlibs Doesn't Run on Sun VM
  • Slow JVM_Write Performance on J9 AIX
  • SQL's ResultSet getDate() returns wrong month and day
  • Crash due to MarkStack TOP corruption
  • Correct handleRemoteException() contract violation in invoke()
  • VerifyError due to improper checking
  • Caterpillar issue:TimerThread classes GarbageCollection issue
  • JGSS: Hostless tickets rejected in certain environments
  • Failure in allocateSystemHeapMemory handled badly (JVMST027)
  • detecting and recovering deadlock during thread suspension
  • Storage leak in native memory from GetStringPlatform[Length]
  • [PMR] fix call devirtualization in gvp


Please install the updates provided at the location noted below.

Installation notes

This update is provided as an RPM package that can easily be installed onto a running system by using this command:
rpm -Fhv IBMJava2-JRE.rpm IBMJava2-SDK.rpm

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