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Recommended Update of Linux Kernel (k_deflt)


(Last modified: 17JUN2002)

solutions Recommended Update of Linux Kernel (k_deflt) SuSE Linux Maintenance Web (94ff671df92c5b11f1abd5423c2b84f1)

Applies to

Product(s): SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 7 for IBM zSeries

Package: k_deflt
Release: 20020617
Obsoletes: none


Everyone should install this patch.



Problem description

This update mainly fixes problems with DB2 and DASD driver problems occuring with EMC hardware. The update also fixes a System V IPC shared memory locking problem which may cause a hang of the whole Linux system if an application uses Sys V shared memory calls.
The patch includes IBM code drop 2002-06-12 (linux-2.4.17-s390-3):
  • Fixed dirty bit handling in memory management.
  • Fixed kernel crash on ptrace().
  • Kernel hangs while concurrently using pfault and DASD diag have been fixed.
  • Removed occurences of floating point arithmetic from kernel space.
  • Fixed kernel panic on dasdfmt abort.
  • Inaccessible ECKD devices problems with large device ranges solved.
  • Bring devices that "became 'not operational'" back up.
  • Fixed hangs afer a device is gone or a link failure.


Please install the updates provided at the location noted below.

Installation notes

This update is provided as an RPM package that can easily be installed onto a running system by using this command:
rpm -Uvh k_deflt.rpm zipl
Now reboot the Linux system with:
shutdown -r now
(substitute 'now' with an appropriate amount of time if you want to give local users a chance to log out before the Linux system goes down, for example '+10' for 10 minutes.)

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