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Recommended update for GNOME components


(Last modified: 04APR2007)

solutions Recommended update for GNOME components SuSE Linux Maintenance Web (910453b56d92f11dc3441c5f3674ea54)

Applies to

Package: control-center2
Product(s): SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 SP1 Upgrade for x86
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 SP1 Upgrade for AMD64 and Intel EM64T
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP1 Upgrade for x86
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP1 Upgrade for IPF
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP1 Upgrade for IBM POWER
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP1 Upgrade for IBM zSeries 64bit
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP1 Upgrade for AMD64 and Intel EM64T
Zypp-Patch-Number: 3051
Release: 20070404
Obsoletes: none


This package is the update for Service Pack 1 of SUSE Linux Enterprise 10.
Install it to have your system at SP1 level.



Problem description

Below you find a list of changes sorted alphabetically by package name.
  • further round of translations
  • updated Polish translations
  • 2nd round of translations
  • updated translations from
  • Update compiz patch with terminal shortcut. (#200204)
  • Replaced control-center2-217790-sanitize-dpi.diff with control-center2-217790-240246-sanitize-dpi.diff to fix as well. This handles X servers which report screen dimensions of zero millimeters.
  • New compiz patch with correct keys for current version of compiz. #237502
  • Add patch control-center2-default-keybindings-thoenig-01.patch: Feed sane default values for several multimedia keys for the GNOME keybindings (b.n.c #236171)
  • Added Groupwise mailer to list of preferred applications (#180425)
  • Added control-center2-217790-sanitize-dpi.diff to fix the control-center2 part of Some X servers don't report the screen's physical dimensions correctly, so the DPI value is wrong. This can lead to unusably huge or tiny fonts. This patch constrains the X server's DPI value to something reasonable.
  • update to version 2.12.3 (fate#300419)
  • Fixed thumbnailing of fonts
  • settings daemon: Create needed directories in one step
  • translation updates
  • Mark an existing string in control-center2-soundupdate.patch for translation (185591)
  • Reverted last minute string merge.
  • Backport cairo 1.0.4 patch to fix 230486
  • added hungarian translation (#244576)
  • Fixed SEGV trap restoration (#235054)
  • updated Polish translations (#246824)
  • bnc-258375-reminder_note_missing_category.diff: Stores the category in reminder notes and tasks.
  • bnc-266279-notes-meeting-appearing-in-view.diff: Show the notes and meetings only if the user is part of the recipient list.
  • bnc-256994-fix-junk-eds.diff: Fixes mark as not junk.
  • Fixes (BNC) [#247703] - GroupWise Resources Show Up In Free/Busy as N/A And Never Update (Chenthill)
  • Added eds-cpu-g_timeout-hibernate.patch - When resumed from hibernation, EDS takes 100% CPU and makes system unstable
  • Fixes (BNC)
    • [#223529] - Fix for a addressbook crash .
    • [#239733] - Fixes a EDS crash.
    • [#229747] - Fixes a EDS crash on reading a message in offline mode.
  • Partly Fixes (BNC) [#211994] - Returns error message if the meeting does not have a item id.
  • Update patch for 217387. bug-197182_bnc-197182-eds-on-empty-cache.patch: Recurrence appt. handling (Sankar)
  • Fixes (BNC)
    • [#219731] - Missing meeting in evolution (Chenthill)
    • [#255432] - Evolution does not work with authenticated proxies (Varadhan)
  • Fixes (BNC)
    • [#117813] - Fix for ldap crashers
    • [#190355] - Fix for EDS crashers.
    • [#194462] - Fixes the issue with vcf import
    • [#194691] - Fix for evolution startup crash
    • [#194696] - Fix for evolution crash
    • [#195602] - Fixes nameselector issues.
    • [#217387] - Fix for EDS crash
    • [#237654] - Fix for EDS crash
  • Fixes (BGO)
    • [#343976] - crash suddenly.h
    • [#350576] - Leaks File Descriptors
    • [#415922] - Cannot connect to Exchange 2003 behind ISA Server 2004 using Forms-based Auth
  • Disable eds-leak-fixes.patch as it is causing memory corruption Fixes bnc-251573-timezone-update.diff: Updates the timezone information.
  • updated polish translations (#246824) bnc-242270-array-subscript-out-of-bounds.patch: Fix for the bug (Harish) daylight_savings.diff: Update the patch with fix for bnc #246664 (Harish) bnc-179075-note-sender-eds.patch (Sankar) bnc-197182-eds.patch (Sankar) fix-bnc-191221-overwrite-att-eds.diff (Srini) bnc-195600-nameselector-comma-eds.diff (Srini) cal-http-invalid-read-eds.diff (Chen) keyring-fallback.diff: Fallback from GNOMEKeyring to file based passwords (BNC 2224 79) eds-stability-fixes.diff: EDS crashers fixes for City of Largo (Harish) bnc-194450-crash-on-close-vfolder.diff (Varadhan) eds-eating-cpu.patch - Fixes EDS CPU Utilization issue (Sankar) BNC:237445 daylight_savings.diff: Added support for daylight savings in calendar (Chenthill) ny-timezone-update.patch: Updated timezone file (Chenthill) bnc-165728-folder-list-eds.diff: Fix for unread count (Sankar) connect-init-eds.patch: Fix for unread count (Sankar) fix-bnc-228219-unread-count-eds.diff: Fix for unread count (Sankar) fix-bnc-pwd-reset-211520-eds.diff: Fix for not resetting password on conn failure (Sankar) fix-public-folder-eds.diff: Fix for supporting public subfolders (Varadhan) eds-crash-unlock.diff: Fix for Dave Largo (Harish) bgo-eds-336086-settz.diff: Fix for Dave Largo (Chenthill) bgo-334065-tzid-crash.diff: Fix for Dave Largo (Chentill) subscribed_cal_eds.diff: Fix for Subscribed Calendar restart issue (Chenthill) bnc-208317-subscribe-calendar-eds.diff: Fix for subscribed calendar req restart. (Chenthill) bnc-224557-calendar-access.diff: Fix for calendars having names as Calendar (Chenthill) fix-bnc-228219-unread-count.diff: Fix for unread count in GW (Sankar) fix-ense-opt.diff: Optimization for reducing the n/w calls for autocompletion. (Sri ni)
  • FATE ID:301013 fate-301013-auth-proxy.patch: Evolution in SLED10 already supports authenticated proxies, but, only when it is configured through YaST or gnome-network-proxies capplet and is configured to use "system-settings". This makes Evolution users in KDE (out of the box) not been able to use it, when they have to pass through a proxy. This patch and the corresponding patch to Evolution will add a network-configuration UI, like firefox, such that it doesn't depend on gnome-settings-daemon.
  • added missing return value in e-passwords.c (eds-e_password-retval.diff)
  • FATE ID:301022 gw-reminder-notes.patch: Added GW reminder notes support for Evolution. (Chenthill) Fix for bgo-347987 - Evolution data server crash (Chenthill)
  • FATE ID:301017 gw-send-options.patch: Added GW send options for Evolution (Sankar)
  • FATE ID:301248 versioning.patch: Adds evolution version details while connecting to GW servers.
  • FATE ID:301015 Uncommented beagle-meta-summary.patch in the spec file.
  • FATE ID: 301014 keyrin-integration.patch: Added GNOME Keyring support for Evolution.
  • bnc-220704-gal-memory-buildup.diff: Fixed memory buildup in gal (Srini) eds-leak-fixes.patch: Memory leak fixes in EDS (Harish). fix-eds-bnc-210961-quota-exceeded.diff: Fixes a error string on quota excess usage. (Chenthill) fix-eds-bnc-222908-memleak.diff: Fixed a memory leak on name selector usage (Devashish) fix-eds-bnc-222911-namesel-crash.diff: Fixes a name selector crash bnc-220704-gal-memory-buildup.diff: Fix for memory buildup while using GAL cache. (Devashish) bnc-208395-cannot-access-folder-with-#-eds.patch: Fixes the issue of handing foldernames with # (Varadhan) bnc-219729-eds-exchange-loading.diff: Fix for calendar load error by Laurent (Chen) fix-eds-bnc-220349.diff: Upstream fix for gw crash for Dave Largo (Devashish) fix-eds-gw-msgcount.diff: Fixes atleast 4 bnc bugs reg gw msg count (210186,212535, 215088, ?) (Sankar) bnc-215636-duplicate-instances.diff - Fix for duplicated instances of recurring appointment from Chenthill.
  • fix-eds-ex-startup-perf.diff: Improves exchange startup performance from Sankar
  • fix-gw-attach-corruption.diff: Fixes groupwise attachment corruption from Sankar
  • bgo-335692-eds-crasher.patch: Fix for EDS Crash from Harish
  • fix-bnc-212534-eds-startup-crash.diff: Fix for EDS Crash from Chenthill
  • fix-bnc-215215-eds-proxy-perm.diff: Fix for perm issue in proxy.
  • Added the GAL cache implementation from Devashish.
  • Fix for corrupted groupwise attachments from Sankar.
  • Added fix for EDS crash from Chenthill
  • Added fix for proxy password popup from Sankar.
  • update hungarian translation (#242219)
  • update hungarian translations (#244336)
  • Update splash and about images for SP1
  • 2nd round of translations
  • updated translations from
  • added eiciel to Requires of nautilus-eiciel subpackage (#239732)
  • specfile cleanup
  • fixed a shared library packaging bug (#238541)
  • Update to 0.9.4, bugfix release to improve compatibility with filesystems implemented using FUSE
  • Submit for SP1 (fate #300974)
  • Fix 64 bit builds by ensure that the nautilus extensions are searched for in %{_lib} not lib
  • Eiciel a plugin for nautilus to handle posix ACLs
  • Updated nautilus-177861-copy-remote-files.diff patch to not pointlessly copy local files when opening them in applications that don't support URIs. (The gnome-vfs code does the right thing.) (bnc #241724)
  • Fixed Norwegian patch translation (#235192).
  • Added nautilus-181941-i18n.patch to mark for translation a previously unmarked string (marked in other locations in the app, sparing the need for further l10n). Fixes and sent upstream at
  • Added nautilus-226481-change-dummy-row.diff to fix the rest of This should fix the case where one expands a subdirectory row, then double-clicks on the row to open the directory in the same window.
  • Updated nautilus-debug-log.diff to fix log output when no domains are enabled.
  • Added nautilus-debug-log.diff. This adds a logging mechanism for user actions. The log can be dumped by sending SIGUSR1 to the Nautilus process. Nautilus will also dump the log automatically if it crashes. The log always goes to ~/nautilus-debug-log.txt.
  • Added nautilus-195103-gsequence-list-model-update.diff to fix the spurious crashes mentioned in This is a backport of EggSequence from Nautilus HEAD, which includes various fixes, and the corresponding changes to the tree view model used in list views.
  • Added nautilus-208834-handle-metafile-corba-errors.diff to fix This makes Nautilus's metafile code deal better with CORBA errors.
  • Added nautilus-343488-ref-file-list-upon-notification.diff to fix This comes from the upstream bug It should fix spurious crashes when browsing slow volumes or network mounts (like Active Directory environments).
  • Added nautilus-177861-copy-remote-files.diff to fix This makes Nautilus download remote URIs before invoking an application which only supports reading local files (for instance, when using Adobe Acrobat Reader to try to open a PDF on a SMB share).
  • Added nautilus-directory-cache-is-local.diff. This gets rid of a lot of roundtrips to gnome-vfs-daemon when doing is_local() operations.
  • Added nautilus-directory-cache-is-in-trash.diff. This caches the information about a directory being in the trash or not. This removes a lot of roundtrips to gnome-vfs-daemon when querying whether each file is in the trash.
  • Added nautilus-226481-gsequence-insertion.diff to fix There was a bug in GSequence which could cause infrequent crashes in the list view of files.
  • Added nautilus-219439-update-links-upon-unmount.diff to fix Floppy icons disappeared from the desktop after unmounting the floppy.
  • Move .exe files out of /usr/bin to /usr/lib/gtk-sharp (bnc #157814) and update wrappers and filelists
  • update to version 0.11.17 (fate#300419)
  • Revert .pc changes from previous release
  • Fix bug #170032 - gnome-terminal has problems with ANSI (save and restore cursor position)
  • Fix bug #321909 ote does not install devhelp file
  • Apply patch from Kjartan Maraas to replace g_return* with g_assert in static functions
  • Avoid guessing the user's shell until we make sure it is really necessary
  • Disable asserts by default
  • removed upstreamed patch
  • Update recently-used-apps patch to combine ~/.recently-used and ~/.recently-used-apps, BNC #208368.
  • fix-gtkhtml-rtl.diff - Upstream fix for a RTL typing (Srini)
  • Update intltool-fixes.patch to fix small $srcdir != $builddir issue when loading POTFILES.{skip,ignore} for gnome bug #391892
  • Add a small patch to fix a few issues in intltool
    • Load POTFILES.{skip,ignore} from $SRCDIR in intltool-update -- bug #391892 (Rodney Dawes)
    • Ignore files in POTFILES.{skip,ignore} when looking for leftout files -- bug #391892 (Rodney Dawes)
    • Match $LINGUAS with LINGUAS file more precisely -- bug #342500 (Jorg Billeter)
    • ver 0.35 of intltool is needed for Fate#301648. The menu editor we will use is alacarte which requires >=0.35 version of intltool. Talked with dobey, jpr and gekker and this rev (0.35.2) was approved for submision.
  • Update to version 0.35.0
    • Support for MSGID_BUGS_ADDRESS variable in Makevars and for xgettext -- bug #329346 (Dwayne Bailey, Rodney Dawes)
    • Support for po/LINGUAS file being preferred over ALL_LINGUAS variable -- bugs #341508 #339770 (Rodney Dawes)
    • Support micro-version when validating version requirements -- bug #339627 (Rodney Dawes)
    • Clean up to remove useless bits -- bug #338817 (Rodney Dawes)
    • Change WARNING to NOTICE for non-UTF-8 po file encodings -- bug #331046 (Rodney Dawes)
    • Add MAINTAINERS file -- bug #335025 (Danilo Segan)
    • Work around recursive variable resolution in intltool-update -- bug #321785 (Danilo Segan)
    • Work around variable stripping in substitution -- bug #330509 (Rodney Dawes)
  • Update to version 0.34.2
    • We require automake >= 1.5 now, so check that we aren't on something older -- bug #323282 (Rodney Dawes)
    • Add support for translating DBus service files -- bug #322629 (Carlos Garcia Campos)
    • Preserve encoding of XML comments -- bug #320721 (Simos Xenitellis)
    • Improve interaction with use of AM_GNU_GETTEXT -- bug #312217 (Stepan Kasal)
    • Fix two small issues with srcdir != builddir (Stepan Kasal)
    • Remove unused variables from -- bug #312214 (Stepan Kasal)
    • Use $(install_sh) -d instead of $(top_srcdir)/mkinstalldirs -- bug #311874 (Stepan Kasal)
    • Don't substitute some variables in the intltool build -- bug #315021 (Stepan Kasal)
    • Use POSIX sh syntax for Solaris -- bug #322263 (Laszlo Peter)
    • Set the prefix from $0 on win32 systems (Tor Lillqvist)
    • Remove unneeded compatibility code for autoconf 2.13 -- bug #311870 (Stepan Kasal)
    • Remove deprecated INSTOBJEXT variable use -- bug #312333 (Stepan Kasal)
    • Remove use of deprecated GENCAT variable -- bug #212332 (Stepan Kasal)
    • Use AU_ALIAS instead of AC_DEFUN for autoconf and autoupdate -- bug #312334 (Stepan Kasal)
    • Use PACKAGE_NAME instead of AC_PACKAGE_NAME -- bug #311523 (Peter Moulder)
  • Remove %debug_package.
  • update to version 4.6.4 bugfix release
    • fixed binary incompatibility in PR_GetSystemInfo between 4.5.x and 4.6.x
  • update to version 4.6.3
  • version is still 4.6.2
  • added PR_SI_HOSTNAME_UNTRUNCATED flag to get the hostname as FQDN with PR_GetSystemInfo() if configured on a system (bmo #322956)
  • update to 4.6.2 RTM version bugs fixed:
    • PR_ParseTimeString use PR_Assert and it calls abort on invalid date (bmo #247896)
    • PR_SetSysfdTableSize and PR_GetSysfdTableMax are not exported (bmo #326110)
    • Add a UTF-16 API to load a library (bmo #326168)
    • various changes for non-Linux platforms
  • Fixed Norwegian patch translation (#235192).
  • update to version 2.12.1 (fate#300419)
  • Fix critical warnings from the canvas
  • Fix filename encoding in gnome-file-entry
  • Fix a crash in the pixmap entry on Solaris
  • Fix a crash in gnome-file-entry
  • Fix list leak in gnome-file-entry
  • Updated translations
  • removed upstreamed patch
  • applied a patch to scale thumbnails while loading. (#215507)
  • Update translations.
  • translation updates
  • updated Polish translations (#246824)
  • 2nd round of translations
  • updated translations from
  • Updated translations from upstream (179651#c15).
  • added gnome-keyring-hungarian-po.patch (#245027)
  • ver 2.16 of gnome-menus is needed for Fate#301648. The menu editor we will use is alacarte which requires 2.16 version of gnome-menus. Talked with jpr and the rev shipping with 10.2 was approved for submision.
  • Do not explicitly require mDNSResponder-lib blocking avahi compat package.
  • Remove dead patches
  • update to version 2.16.1
  • updated translations
  • added %py_requires to the specfile for bug #207922
  • update to version 2.16.0
  • updated translations
  • update to version 2.15.91
  • update translations
  • Update to version 2.15.90
    • Correctly update LT_VERSION (Vincent)
    • Add new API to know if an application should be launched in a terminal and to know the path to the desktop file (Travis Watkins)
    • Complete python bindings for the "No Display" flag (Travis Watkins)
    • Allow specifying alternate menu files as command line arguments
    • Start inotify support
    • Add "include NoDisplay" flag (Mark McLoughlin)
    • Fix issue where menu wouldn't fully reload after lots of file change events (Mark McLoughlin, Frederic Crozat)
    • Remove some unused code (Kjartan Maraas)
    • Fix incorrect escaping of C format string (The Written Word)
    • Update translations
  • Pulled in corrected translations, BNC #266283.
  • Fix for 266017 - incorrect categories in .desktop files
  • Update translations from lcn repository and added missing strings from nautilus, BNC #254817.
  • Fix for BNC #247747, BNC #239125 - do not load remote files into the main-menu.
  • Fix for BNC #256570 - recover corrupted .xbel files.
  • Fix for BNC #244456 - patch memory leaks.
  • Fix for BNC #249188 - use a valid, empty .ods file.
  • Fix for BNC #186888 - close menu when upgrade/uninstall is triggered
  • Fix for BNC #244821 - properly handle lockdown configurations
  • Fix for BNC #246802 - properly manage bookmarks
  • Fix for #250415 - allow custom theming of various instances of CC
  • Yet another attempt to fix the .spec file, BNC #251872.
  • Fix .spec file (again) to properly install applications.xbel, BNC #251872.
  • Revert previous .spec fix since the prescribed macro cannot distinguish between Server and Desktop versions of SLE, BNC #251872.
  • Fix .spec file to use proper distro checking.
  • Remove unnecessary separators from context menus, BNC #240238.
  • Properly display saved searches, BNC #246798.
  • Fix defaults to allow for 10.2 and GNOME submission.
  • Fix handling of gconf inconsistencies, BNC #246781.
  • Added new translations.
  • Changed default "Places", BNC #236986.
  • Changed default "Documents", BNC #236987.
  • Changed location of "More Documents ...", BNC #240235.
  • Fix crash on "Send To...", BNC #244171.
  • Fix handling of disable_command_line setting, BNC #243705.
  • Fix handling of lockdown gconf keys, BNC #245199, BNC #184310.
  • Hide empty file tables, BNC #240233.
  • Change background color from GTK_STATE_PRELIGHT to GTK_STATE_NORMAL, BNC [#243618].
  • Open menu on button-down, not button-up, BNC #241584.
  • Fix to point to all the files with translatable strings.
  • Fix menu positioning to appear above the panel.
  • Fix for BNC #240232, properly handles improperly name System items.
  • Fix for BNC #162956, properly handles multiple -monitor screens.
  • Fix for BNC #178669, BNC #227545, moved system area configuration from GConf to XBEL.
  • Fix for BNC #182925, BNC #236470, BNC #236474, BNC #238009, BNC #240353, properly handle items added to the file area.
  • Fix for BNC #212495, connect to the correct signal in the about dialog to close properly.
  • Fix for BNC #215001, connect to the correct signal in the panel button to open properly with keyboard.
  • Fix for BNC #235423, this was fixed as a hotfix, including the fix in this release.
  • Fix for BNC #236465, create more sensible drop area for adding items to the main-menu, also give better feedback on rearranging.
  • Fix for BNC #236473, properly obey urgent close preferences.
  • Fix for BNC #236536, BNC #238009, properly obey file area blacklists.
  • Remove erroneous c/p requirements
  • Enable the nautilus extension and put it in a separate package, part of fate #301040
  • Redesigned the System section of the main-menu to be more configurable by the user. Additionally, added a dependency on libssui, Fate ID 301033.
  • Changed hard drive status tile to open nautilus instead of gnome-system-monitor, Fate ID 301039.
  • Redesigned the file area of the main-menu to show 2 tables (Favorites and Recently Used) for 3 different categories (Applications, Documents, and Places) instead of showing 3 tables (Favorite Applications, Recent Applications, and Recent Documents), Fate ID 301040.
  • Removed libgnomesu and gnome-terminal from Requires, BNC #214768.
  • Updated to v0.6.3 to remove all the patches.
  • Removed use of ~/.recently-used-apps, BNC #208368.
  • Readd zen-updater patch (BNC #198415) to SP1 branch.
  • updated Polish translations (#246824)
  • Update intlclock patch to fix a crash on location editing. For bug and FATE #301165
  • Update translations again (#264524, #264419).
  • Update intlclock patch to merge the two popups into one. Restrict the list of available time zones. Fix an idle crash. For bugs,, and FATE #301165
  • Update translations.
  • Update intlclock patch to fix a crash on adding empty locations to the clock. For bug and FATE #301165
  • reintroduce the changes reverted in the last build, and add Rodney's changes to enable GNOME Clock -> IntlClock migration. For bug and FATE #301165 Also fixes these bugs whose fixes were reverted:,,
  • revert changes since Mon Mar 19 => use this sources instead
  • Update intlclock patch to fix a crash on location editing For bug and FATE #301165
  • updated translations
  • Update intlclock patch to hide completed tasks For bug and FATE #301165
  • Update intlclock patch to fix a crash on start in the applet For bug and FATE #301165
  • Update intlclock sources and patch to fix many bugs For bug and FATE #301165
  • added translation files
  • Properly remove scrollkeeper files on s390x.
  • Update intlclock sources and patch to fix many bugs For bug and FATE #301165
  • Remove SP1 clock patch to the old clock applet
  • Update intlclock sources and patch For bug and FATE #301165
  • Update intlclock sources and patch and handle the schemas file For bug and FATE #301165
  • Add intlclock sources and a patch to build them For bug and FATE #301165
  • Add patch to remove unix and internet from clock options Fixes
  • Update sp1 clock patch Fixes
  • Fix for #237389 - gnome-desktop-item-edit broken
  • Update gnome-panel-sp1-clock.patch
    • Fixes for feature #4136
    • Other bug fixes in pop-up behavior and design
  • Import gnome-panel-sp1-clock.patch for feature #301165
  • Remove gnome-panel-clock-position-truc.patch as it conflicts and does not appear to be needed any more, and multiline support is included in the upstream code
  • update to version 2.12.3 (fate#300419)
  • removed upstreamed patch
  • Don't crash when an applet can't be loaded
  • Don't crash with some themes
  • Fix sensitivity of "Remove panel" menu item
  • Fix crash when a toplevel is destroyed
  • Fix crash when quitting with "add to dialog"
  • Fix auto-hide panel not autohiding after the "Delete dialog" has been opened
  • Fix potential crash when there's an error loading an applet
  • Fix theoretical breakage if gconf config is broken
  • Clock Applet Make task activation work correctly
  • Window List Applet Fix critical warning and icon not showing during startup notification
  • translation updates
  • Don't crash if the user tries to launch an app that isn't really there. #187845
  • Fix recently-used-apps patch to combine ~/.recently-used and ~/.recently-used-apps, BNC #208368.
  • Change gtk_text_view_end_selection_drag () to only require a GtkTextView to call it. Also call this function when a user focuses out of a text view to prevent a strange selection state. Fixes
  • Fixed Norwegian patch translation (#235192).
  • Added gtk2-235661-pixbuf-loader-error-checking.diff to fix This fixes crashes when feeding non-image data to GdkPixbufLoader.
  • Add gdk-pixbuf-226710.patch (#226710, and CVE-2007-0010).
  • Save the expanded state of the folder browser with the file chooser settings. (fate #301826)
  • update to version 2.8.11 (fate#300419)
  • Avoid memory overruns in the pixbuf theme engine with nonsensical gradient specifications
  • 326003 Cursor doesn't move as expected
  • 326806 Segfault from combination of gtk_container_set_resize_mode() and GtkComboBox
  • 327751 segfault in update_cursor on amd64
  • 327538 eog crashes at launch under AIX
  • 153213 "~" should bring up the location dialog
  • 327934 gtk_text_layout_get_cursor_locations() chokes on layout=0x0
  • Documentation improvements
  • Translation updates (es,pt_BR,zh_HK,zh_TW)
  • removed upstreamed patches
  • added patch gtk2-dragging-icons.patch to stop crashing when dragging icons between screens in nautilus (#224845)
  • Fixed untranslatable strings in the file dialog (#180617).
  • Fixed Norwegian patch translation (#235192).
  • Fix another bug with proxies for connector. #255432
  • Resize trashapplet to fit strange panel sizes. Fixes BNO [#238746]. Patch applied from upstream BGO #326979


Please install the updates provided at the location noted below.

Installation notes

This update is provided as an RPM package that can easily be installed onto a running system by using this command:
rpm -Fvh control-center2.rpm control-center2-devel.rpm cairo.rpm cairo-devel.rpm cairo-doc.rpm gstreamer010.rpm gstreamer010-devel.rpm gstreamer010-doc.rpm libgnomedb.rpm libgnomedb-devel.rpm evolution-data-server.rpm evolution-data-server-devel.rpm ghex.rpm gimp.rpm gimp-devel.rpm nautilus.rpm nautilus-devel.rpm vte.rpm vte-devel.rpm gnome-desktop.rpm gnome-desktop-devel.rpm gtkhtml2.rpm gtkhtml2-devel.rpm intltool.rpm mozilla-nspr.rpm mozilla-nspr-devel.rpm libgnomeui.rpm libgnomeui-devel.rpm libgnomeui-doc.rpm gnome-vfs2.rpm gnome-vfs2-devel.rpm gnome-vfs2-doc.rpm libgnomesu.rpm libgnomesu-devel.rpm gnome-keyring.rpm gnome-keyring-devel.rpm gnome-menus.rpm gnome-menus-devel.rpm gnome-main-menu.rpm gnome-main-menu-devel.rpm gnome-cups-manager.rpm gnome-cups-manager-devel.rpm gnome-panel-nld.rpm gnome-panel-nld-devel.rpm gnome-panel-nld-doc.rpm gtk2.rpm gtk2-devel.rpm gtk2-doc.rpm eel.rpm eel-devel.rpm gnome-applets.rpm gnome-applets-devel.rpm libsoup.rpm

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