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Recommended update to SuSE Linux OpenExchange Server 4, Service Pack 3


(Last modified: 11APR2003)

solutions Recommended update to SuSE Linux OpenExchange Server 4, Service Pack 3
SuSE Linux Maintenance Web (8dbdacbe43932cf76a709318c1d15f04)

Applies to

Product(s): SuSE Linux Openexchange Server 4

Package: imapweb32
Release: 20030411
Obsoletes: none


This update should be installed.



Problem description

Update to SuSE Linux OpenExchange Server 4, Service Pack 3.
It contains the following improvements / bugfixes:
  • Support for most languages using UTF-8
  • Print functions implemented for all lists.
  • Contact/Address handling has been changed - Contacts are the leading objects and can now be inserted without any address binding.
  • Implemented drafts for members and rights
  • Holidays and Timezones implemented
  • Mail notification implemented
  • Bookmarks/Knowledge are adjusted to Documents
  • Unified Messaging Server OfficeMaster(TM) ferrariFAX for Linux with integrated web based management to enable, disable and edit FAX/SMS parameters.
  • Extended user management:
    • picture upload
    • per user timezone setup
    • birthday field
    • folder templates for different IMAP mail clients
    • enforce user to change password when login for the first time
    • per user decision if a login redirects to groupware or admin frontend
  • Integrated virusscanner amavisd-postfix is now supported out of the box. A supported virus scanner must still be ordered seperately
  • Enhanced SPAM filtering by usage of the more powerfull combination of spamc/spamd
  • Support for the IMAP Alternative Namespace
  • Support for Unix Hierarchy Seperator to be able to use dots in login names
  • New aliases management web frontend
  • New DHCP management web frontend
  • New Service management/monitoring web frontend with capability to stop, start, restart, reload, activate and deaktivate single system services
  • Extended DNS management
  • More flexible global configuration options:
    • User has to change password
    • DNS management on/off
    • DHCP management on/off
    • Webmail link on/off
    • Groupware link on/off
    • login redirects to groupware on/off
    • size of the per user jpeg image
    • list of services to manage/monitor in the new service management web frontend
  • Improved selection masks
  • Mail transports are now completely managed via LDAP maps
  • Extended virtual domain management
  • Vacation messages can now be configured for future timeframes and optionally a private appointment can be created in the groupware


Please install the updates provided at the location noted below.

Installation notes

To install this update it is recommended to shutdown apache, groupware and webmail using the commands
rcwebmail stop rcgroupware stop rcapache stop
You can now install the update packages using this command:
rpm -Uvh comfire-intranet.rpm comfire-webmail.rpm comfire-sync.rpm \ imapweb32.rpm suad32.rpm sessiond32.rpm ffums.rpm perl-Bit-Vector.rpm \ perl-Date-Calc.rpm perl-Net-Netmask perl-PerlMagick.rpm sloes-release.rpm \ perl-NetxAP.rpm cyrus-imapd.rpm
After the installation of these packages restart the stopped services:
rcapache start rcgroupware start rcwebmail start
And run this command: /usr/share/doc/packages/imapweb32/tools/ -a Please reboot your machine to ensure all services are properly restarted: init 6

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