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Recommended update for comfire packages


(Last modified: 13JAN2003)

solutions Recommended update for comfire packages SuSE Linux Maintenance Web (8bbf6e2de9f99a21eb38ef63ee4f5cad)

Applies to

Product(s): SuSE Linux Openexchange Server 4

Package: comfire-intranet
Release: 20030113
Obsoletes: none


This update is recommended for everyone running the SuSE Linux Openexchange Server 4.




Bugfixes for the groupware
  • Fixed problems with user names containing an apostrophe.
  • The moderator of a forum is now able to delete any message in the forum. All submessages will be deleted, too.
  • Optimized clean-up after terminating sessions. Checking for unused database connections and removing unused objects after the session has been terminated.
  • LDAP groups in the address bar are shown in alphabetic order
  • Migration of contacts without an organisation: a new empty address is created for each contact without organisation.
  • Optimized database connection routine.
  • Optimized file upload routine: Now file upload should be faster when using the ext3 filesystem.
Bugfixes for the webmail interface
  • The buttons "Send", "Save as drafts" and "Cancel" when composing a mail now also appear at the bottom of the composer.
  • Searching for addresses in the private addressbook now possible.
  • Shared folders will appear in the addressbook now.
  • Messages can be saved as a draft even without specifying a recipient now.
  • Better handling of message deletion if no folder for deleted mail has been defined.
  • Temporary upload files will now be stored below /tmp/.WebMail/, only writable by the comfire user.
  • Composing mails is also possible with Netscape 4 now.
  • The "�" ("sz" ligature) is now displayed correctly within messages.
  • Optimized encoding routine; The Euro symbol is now displayed correctly.
  • Use "Reply-To" address when replying to a message.
Bugfixes for the sync module
  • The username for authentification gets converted to lower case now. Background: the authentication via LDAP is not case sensitive but the SQL-queries of the database is case sensitiv. This might cause problems with usernames which contain upper case letters.
  • Usage of German umlauts in passwords now possible.
Increased database performance
In order to get a better database performance, you may want to create two additional database indices using the following commands:
psql -U comfire -d comfire -c "CREATE INDEX prg_dates_members_idx2 ON prg_dates_members (member_uid);" psql -U comfire -d comfire -c "CREATE INDEX prg_contacts_idx ON prg_contacts (sid);"


Please install the updates provided at the location noted below.

Installation notes

To update this package, the following steps are required:
  • Switch your system to runlevel 2 with the command init 2
  • Install the new package by using rpm -Uhv comfire-intranet.rpm comfire-webmail.rpm comfire-sync.rpm
  • Switch back to the last runlevel. You may use this command: init $(runlevel | cut -d" " -f1)

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