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Recommended update for POS (SSP2 Level)


(Last modified: 09DEC2005)

solutions Recommended update for POS (SSP2 Level) SuSE Linux Maintenance Web (7aae22573bfbfb7054b2bc82cb1952ac)

Applies to

Package: POS_Image-Browser2
Product(s): Novell Linux POS 9
Patch: patch-10786
Release: 20051209
Obsoletes: none



Problem description

This patch will update you system to SSP2 (NLPOS9 Service Pack 2) Please make sure that your system is also on SLES9 SP2 Level.
POS Image Changes in this release:
  • Bug 129201 - new version of i915 video driver breaks 4820-4WT display on non-desktop images
  • Bug 128760 - Building of Image #5 Fails. Cannot Build Image #5
  • Bug 128835 - Modprobe FATAL Error Seen: /fs/vfat/vfat.ko No Such File
  • Image Version changed to match the RPM version 2.1.7
  • Bug 127938 - Please add setup232 file that supports Newman Omni scanner.
  • Modified the TI driver so that it would not conflict with the kernel.
  • Added XFree86-server rpm to the maintenance directory to support the new hardware
  • Bug 120527 - error displayed: grep: /proc/cpuinfo: No such file or directory
  • Bug 119570 - NLPOS9 Maintenance directory needs to be cleaned up with SSP2 install.
  • check for existence of kdmrc and port sysconfig/xdm to /dev/null
  • Fixed the kernel deps problem with initrd by parsing the error and removing the symboles.
  • Kernel Version changed
  • Image Version changed to 2.1.3 and updated the kernel version to 201
  • Bug 116523 - kdm not displaying proper language
  • Removed the glibc and POS_Network from the maintenance directory.
  • Bug 90715 - Linuxrc doesn't handle CONF= with missing IP.
  • Added kernel driver via-rhine.ko to disknetboot/config file in order to work with scr
  • Bug 95817 - More changes for CDROM recognition on Image 5
  • Added changes to support automatic CDROM recognition for Image 5
  • Image version changed to 2.1.2
  • Bug 113828 - resize failures not detected.
  • Bug 114497 - Transfer of linuxrcstages.tar.gz shoulde be verified and retried
  • Bug 116689 - changes to image xml files to support SSP2
  • Bug 95241 - NLPOS error after interrupting xscr
  • Bug 95651 - NLPOS9 (x)scr boot_cd feature PARAMS in config.image butchered
  • Bug 65070 - NLPOS9 EncryptedPassword attribute on RootSettings and User, etc
  • Bug 91627 - NLPOS9 xscr -c leaves config file in image description tree
  • Change the brower XML
  • Changed the kernel version to 191
  • Added the compat rpm to the desktop image
  • Update the images version for SSP2 release.
  • Added the support for hatteras box in linuxrc
  • Bug 103166 - Changes needed for Hatteras box
  • Made changes to xml and setup files for new dependencies going from NLPOS 9 -> SSP2
  • Because of the kernel changes we have the change the image version for disknet and minimal image
  • Bug 115883 - USB-Related Module Dependency Messages When Booting Clients With NLPOS9 Patch #10467
  • Bug 97225 - problem with poscdtool --mount, removed double slash problem
  • Bug 97731 - enhancements made to poscopytool
POS Server Changes in this release:
  • Bug 122559 - Distribution.xml file not getting created by
  • Bug 120272 - shows error that should be warning
  • Bug 95613 & 120271 - CD1,2,3 names are incorrect and clean up dirs after copy fail
  • Bug 119573 - NLPOS9 SSP2 should support installing from SLES9 SP2 CD
  • Bug 119573 - NLPOS9 SSP2 should support installing from SLES9 SP2 CD
  • Changed poscdtool.conf to set NLPOS SSP2 dir to SSP2 not SP2
  • Bug 117781 - posldap2crconfig doesn't always handle compressed images correctly.
  • Temporary change to account for NLPOS SSP2 in poscdtool and poscopytool
  • Bug 113828 - resize failures not detected. Put in a check for the resize failure and system exception.
  • Bug 117661 - removed link to NLD SP1, since we've added SP2
  • Bugzilla 99132 - linuxrc gives syntax error instead of handling it. Checked if block/blocksize and md5sum is zero.
  • Bug 90515 - pxelinux on NLPOS9 to old for Token-Ring


Please install the updates provided at the location noted below.

Installation notes

Fresh Install of Admin, Branch, or Image build servers:
  1. Download and Install FCS NLPOS9
  2. Install the updated RPMs by executing < rpm -Fvh POS* >
  3. On the Image build server you can copy the POS_Server* RPMs into /opt/SLES/POS/maintenance/sles/suse/i586 directory to be sure that the patches will be available for future image building.
  4. Follow the steps described in the install guide.
Upgrade existing Admin, Branch and Image build servers:
  1. Install the updated RPMs by executing < rpm -Fvh POS* >
  2. On the Image build server you can copy the POS_Server* RPMs into /opt/SLES/POS/maintenance/sles/suse/i586 directory to be sure that the patches will be available for future image building.
  3. Deploy the new disknetboot, minimal, desktop and java images as described in the install guide.
Note: If you are deploying the minimal, desktop and java image, please make sure to update the image version in the ldap.
You can do this by using GQ or any other ldap utility.

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