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Recommended update for SLOX


(Last modified: 04JUN2004)

solutions Recommended update for SLOX SuSE Linux Maintenance Web (61970b22e71097d93050b37f863eae10)

Applies to

Product(s): SuSE Linux Openexchange Server 4

Package: comfire-intranet
Release: 20040604
Obsoletes: none


This packages should be installed.


It contains the following improvements / bugfixes:
General new Features
  • Openexchange is fully prepared now to support additional languages. Language packs can be provided by registered partners. They should use the new language toolkit to create and support the new language. New language packs will be available as rpm packages.
  • At Logout, the webinterface now stores the most important user setting and reloads them on restart. (E.g. Selection entries, search area, sort selections)
New Webmail Features
  • Redesigned mail list view
  • Write multiple messages at once.
  • Webmail HTML Editor (works with Internet Explorer 5 and higher, Netscape 6 and higher, Mozilla 1.3 and higher)
  • Spell checker (English / German) (Works with Internet Explorer, Opera and Mozilla)
  • Thread View
  • List messages by state
  • Blockquote / Quote Coloring. The colors for the available levels can be defined by the admin
  • Page scroll in addressbook
  • Graphical E-Mail Emoticons can be displayed while reading messages
  • Empty complete folder
  • Mark selected messages
  • Shared folders can be selected in the sender address selection.
New Forum Features
  • Introduced a forum script language
  • Show user image
  • Insert graphical emoticons
New Calendar Features
  • Double Click in the small calendar opens the new date dialog
  • Recurring appointments
New Contact Features
  • Edit and delete internal contacts (for Mail-Admin)
  • If you search for contacts the result will be displayed, when you open the contact list again
  • Delete multiple contacts at once
New Configuration possibilities (for Admin)
  • Server side searching (Webmail client configuration)
  • IMAP Server sort results can be activated by the administrator (Webmail client configuration)
  • Change webmails clients layout (Mail list style) (Webmail client configuration)
  • Enable / Disable HTML-Editor
  • Define user levels and regarding colors (Flag configuration) (Webmail client configuration)
  • Open external elements by default (Portal configuration)
  • Configure the behaviour of the pinboard entries, shown on the portal page.
  • Define, if a user has the right, to open the webmailer
  • Activate "Shared folders in sender address selection"
  • Administrator can now define a pinboard group. Members of this group are the only ones allowed to create pinboard entries (Pinboard configuration)
  • Activate an even more restrictive read permissionsystem for the appointment module.
  • Administrator can now define a forum group. Members of this group are the only one allowed to create new forums (Forum configuration)
  • Entries on page selection field can now be configured in detail by the administrator (Global configuration)
  • Remove user as participant from an appointment automatically if he denies the new appointment (Appointment Configuration)
  • Activate the user script interface (Forum configuration)
  • Define a Bookmark-Root user group, which is allowed to create new folder and bookmarks in the root folder (Bookmark configuration)
  • Define a Knowledge-Root user group, which is allowed to create new folder and knowledge entries in the root folder (Bookmark configuration)
  • Define how many rows of each pinboard item should be displayed
  • Remove user as participant from a task automatically if he denies the new task (Task Configuration)
  • Translation Configuration file to adapt Slox to other local languages
  • Define maximum number of addressbook entries
  • Define, if users are allowed to select encodings


Please install the updates provided at the location noted below.

Installation notes

Stop the following services before you start the update:
rcapache stop rcgroupware stop rcwebmail stop rctomcat stop rccron stop rcdycemessengerserver stop rcsessiond stop rcsuad stop
You can install now the update packages using this command:
rpm -Uvh comfire-intranet.rpm comfire-webmail.rpm sloes-release.rpm \ imapweb32.rpm suad32.rpm sessiond32.rpm perl-XML-Simple.rpm ispell-american.rpm\ ispell-german.rpm words.rpm ispell.rpm
Open the groupware logfile with the command:
tail -f /var/log/groupware.log
start the groupware with rcgroupware start and wait until these lines appear
(maybe there are some other messages between these lines!):
Upgrade database for new recurring methods and functions! Please wait ... STEP 1 of 2: convert appointments fomm 4.0 ... STEP 2 of 2: extract all recurring appointments ... ALL DONE. Now please start the stopped services and restart the groupware. !DBF-INFO! yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss TZ - execute DB-Fix routines ... DONE
Please reboot your machine to ensure all services are properly restarted:
init 6

links to download packages

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Download the source code of the patches for maintained products.


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