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Security update for Linux kernel


(Last modified: 31AUG2006)

solutions Security update for Linux kernel
SuSE Linux Maintenance Web (5ba747ab54f313a5bd8726ca99439c15)

Applies to

Package: kernel-default
Product(s): SUSE CORE 9 for IBM POWER
Patch: patch-11199
Release: 20060831
Obsoletes: none


Everyone using the Linux Kernel on ppc architecture should update.



Problem description

This kernel update fixes the following security problems:
  • CVE-2006-3745: A double userspace copy in a SCTP ioctl allows local attackers to overflow a buffer in the kernel, potentially allowing code execution and privilege escalation. [#199441]
  • CVE-2006-4093: Local attackers were able to crash PowerPC systems with PPC970 processor using a not correctly disabled privileged instruction ("attn"). [#197810]
  • CVE-2006-3468: Remote attackers able to access an NFS of a ext2 or ext3 filesystem can cause a denial of service (file system panic) via a crafted UDP packet with a V2 lookup procedure that specifies a bad file handle (inode number), which triggers an error and causes an exported directory to be remounted read-only. [#192988]
and the following non security bugs:
  • disable reading from /proc/sys/vm/toss_page_cache_nodes [#199686]
  • patches.suse/delayed-atime-3: fixed a typo [#197710]
  • Enable context-dependent symlinks in OCFS2 [#195081]
  • Enable watchdog on IBM x460 for i386/x86-64 [#194555]
  • Fix knfsd intermittently returns ENOENT on GETATTR of valid file or directory [#193934]
  • fix race on link [#191713]
  • A set of NFS fixes: [#189132]
    • VFS: Ensure LOOKUP_CONTINUE flag is preserved by link_path_walk()
    • Optimise away an excessive GETATTR call when a file is symlinked
    • Cleanup initialisation of struct nfs_fattr
    • Convert cache_change_attribute into a jiffy-based value
    • Make nfs_fattr record the time at which the rpc call started
    • Optimise inode attribute cache updates
    • Remove redundant 'verifier' argument to nfs_update_inode()
    • Don't let nfs_end_data_update() clobber attribute update information
    • Optimise attribute revalidation on close().
  • forcedeth: fix random memory scribbling bug [#188013]
  • Fix problem with /proc/scsi remove-single-device [#186236]
  • Fix possible work queue corruption resulting in oops. [#183391]
  • sun disk label fix: use unsigned rather than signed int for sector count. [#183366]
  • Updated: Page cache locking fix [#183048]
  • CKRM: Free argv stuff at exec if it has been allocated earlier [#182973]
  • Fix for kernel panic during power-on sequence. [#175925]
  • Updated the double completion fix for fusion driver [#172910]
  • Fix race in pagevec_strip [#158289]
  • Fix reiserfs latencies caused by data=ordered [#154374]
  • Fixed: sysctl_overcommit_memory is set to OVERCOMMIT_NEVER [#153342]
  • Fix return value for 'mt tell' ioctl [#145383]
  • reiserfs: fix transaction overflowing [#145070]
  • ignore multiple COMM_START_WRITE_NETDUMP_ACK packets [#138321]
  • Make portmap requests 'hard' when nfs filesystem is mounted 'hard' [#95374]


Please install the updates provided at the location noted below.

Installation notes

This update is provided as an RPM package that can easily be installed onto a running system.
First, find out which kernel package to use, for example with
rpm -qf /boot/vmlinuz
Download the kernel image fitting your setup and install it with either:
  • rpm -Fvh kernel-syms*.rpm kernel-default*.rpm for the default kernel image, or
  • rpm -Fvh kernel-syms*.rpm kernel-iseries64*.rpm for the 64 b it iSeries kernel image, or
  • rpm -Fvh kernel-syms*.rpm kernel-pseries64*.rpm for the 64 b it pSeries kernel image, or
  • rpm -Fvh kernel-syms*.rpm kernel-smp*.rpm for the SMP kernel image, or
  • rpm -Fvh kernel-syms*.rpm kernel-pmac64*.rpm for the 64 bit PPC kernel image
Please do only install one of these kernels, not all of them.
After performing the RPM package update of your kernel package, you must execute the following commands as root to make sure that your system will start up again:
mk_initrd lilo
Finally, reboot the system with
shutdown -r now
to load the new kernel (replace "now" with the appropriate amount of time to allow local users to cleanly log out, for example "+5" for five minutes.)

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