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YOU update for Red Carpet


(Last modified: 22AUG2007)

solutions YOU update for Red Carpet SuSE Linux Maintenance Web (5015f5c0b2611792cd81d8bc4ac4a5b5)

Applies to

Package: rcd
Product(s): SUSE CORE 9 for x86
SUSE CORE 9 for Itanium Processor Family
SUSE CORE 9 for IBM S/390 31bit
SUSE CORE 9 for IBM zSeries 64bit
SUSE CORE 9 for AMD64 and Intel EM64T
Novell Linux POS 9
Open Enterprise Server
Patch: patch-11695
Release: 20070822
Obsoletes: none


Everybody using red carpet should update: Red carpet package-management client



Problem description

As part of ZLM 66 HP3 release we have fixed some bugs for rcd/rug/red-carpet.
  • 214438 - OES - rcd should refresh the channel data automatically when issuing rug pl or rug pin --entire-channel commands. If the cache is older then "rug pl" command will show the warning and ask the user to do "rug refresh".
  • 234385 - Traceback changing maximum ammount of memory in red-carpet. rcd was throwing the exception, but red-carpet was not catching it. Now modified red-carpet handle to exception in a proper way.
  • 234388 - Traceback changing maximum number of seconds rcd was throwing the exception, but red-carpet was not catching it. Now modified red-carpet handle to exception in a proper way.
  • 246043 - No way to automate the installation of patches. Added one more option "agree-to-third-party-licences" to "rug pin" command which will display the license agreement, but will not ask the user to agree to it. In stead it will print the message that "you have agreed to the license agreement" and proceed for transaction.
  • 248071 - Conection to another rcd daemon (system) needs to restart red-carpet to apply The function which establishes connection to remote rcd daemon was being called incorrectly. Modified the function arguments to fix the bug.


Please install the updates provided at the location noted below.

Installation notes

This update is provided as an RPM package that can easily be installed onto a running system by using this command:
rpm -Fvh rcd.rpm rug.rpm red-carpet.rpm rcd-devel.rpm

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