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ISO images for SSP4


(Last modified: 19MAY2006)

solutions ISO images for SSP4 SuSE Linux Maintenance Web (4e36e2928d73b3165a02215dc555f018)

Applies to

Package: SLES-8-SP-4-SLRS-8-SSP-4-GM-CD1.iso
Product(s): SUSE LINUX Retail Solution 8

Release: 20060519
Obsoletes: none


Everyone should update.



Problem description

This Service Pack contains the follwing bugfixes:
  • Fixed the netboot image to have the same logic as disknetboot image.
  • Added a new kernel version from SLES8 SP4 for the images
  • Changed all the image versions in image templates
  • Bug 63442 - Incorrect HA configuration files
  • Bug 153148 - 2 crtypes with the same name in LDAP causes HWType not to be found.
  • Bug 153387 - I get "modprobe: Can't locate module usb-storage" and "srb_mod" when loading CD images.
  • Bug 161810 - stat `tmp/locales/*'" errors when building images based on different locales.
  • Bug 162294 - "modprobe: Can't locate module keydev" message when booting terminals
  • Bug 163057 - USB keyboards do not work on POS clients, default browser image
  • Bug 163485 - Warning Messages Installing on Admin Server on Preview 3 CD
  • Bug 160055 - Hostname is wrong on machines booting from SLRS8 SSP4 images.
  • Bug 159598 - Preview2 CD rpms not getting updated/installed
  • Bug 159862 - Whitepapers on CD need renamed and updated to SSP4 or removed.
  • Bug 161812 - Random "/tmp/slrs/k_pos_ibm: line 12: [: too many arguments" errors when building images.
  • Bug 161896 - "root" File Not Erased After Image Build Fails
  • Bug 161359 - Initial Date / Time Failure on browser image
  • Bug 153144 - I get "wrong owner" "wrong permissions" messages when preparing a desktop image
  • Bug 153184 - Mozilla will not startup when using the browser image that comes prebuilt.
  • Bug 159576 - Preview2 SSP4 CD1 Install Says It's Upgrading to SSP3
  • Bug 148779 - Adding atftp fix from NLPOS9
  • Bug 165645 - Parsing of config.image broken when 2 "=" are on the line
  • Bug 164924 - Java object in ldap is set to scPosImageVersion 1.1.11
  • Bug 170263 - posInitBranch and posBranchServerTools mess up /etc/sysconfig/dhcpd file
  • Bug 168791 - ATFTP 0,7-17 not in client images, especially disknetboot
  • Bug 169817 - named won't start on secondary branch in HA when primary goes down


Please install the updates provided at the location noted below.

Installation notes

New Install Admin/Branch/ImageBuilder Servers using CDs
Note: Installation steps for the SLRS8 SSP4 CD require the SLES8 SP4 CDs.
  1. Install SLRS8 FCS release as instructed in the Admin Guide.
  2. Insert SLES8 SP4 CD1 into the cdrom.
  3. Update SLES8 to SP4, either using YaST or the command line.
    • Use YaST to update SLES8 rpms.
      • Start YaST
      • Click the "Change Source of Installation"
      • Delete all currently shown installation sources
      • Click "Add" and add the CD with SLES SP4 and click "Finish"
      • Click "System Update"
      • On the "Backup Sysem Before Update" panel, keep the defaults and click "Next"
      • At the "Choose updated mode" panel, choose the top option "Update your system to one of the predefined software selections" (this should be the
      • At the "Software Update" panel click "Next"
      • When prompted to start YaST, click "Yes -- start"
      • Then it finishes, close YaST
    • Use the command line to update SLES8 rpms.
      • Run /media/cdrom/
      • On the "United Linux 1.0 Service Pack 4" panel choose item "1 Update system to Service Pack 4 level" (the default) and "OK".
      • Press <return> when prompted.
  4. Reboot the system.
  5. Insert SLRS8 SSP4 CD1 into the cdrom drive.
  6. Update SLRS8 to SSP4, either using YaST or the command line.
    • a. Use YaST to update SLRS8 rpms
      • Repeat step 3a above using the SLRS8 SSP4 CD.
    • b. Use the command line to update SLRS8 rpms.
      • Run /media/cdrom/
Upgrade existing Admin/Branch/ImageBuilder Server SLRS8 SSP3 to SLRS8 SSP4.
  1. Download and install SLRS8 CMP release from (follow the instructions for installing).
  2. Insert SLES8 SP4 CD1 into the cdrom.
  3. Install SLES8 SP4 using instructions in 3a or 3b above.
  4. Reboot the system.
  5. Insert SLRS8 SSP4 CD1 into the cdrom.
  6. Install SLRS8 SSP4 using instructions in 6a or 6b above.
New Install ImageBuilder Server Setup:
Note: Setup steps for the ImageBuilder Server require all the SLRS8 CDs.
  1. Copy cds to local hard drive following instructions in the Admin Guide.
  2. Create the /etc/opt/SLES/POS/AdminServer.conf as instructed in the Admin Guide.
  3. Update the /etc/opt/SLES/POS/AdminServer.conf file on the ImageBuilder server to reference the new SP CDs. It is important that the newest CDs are referenced at the top of the file. It should looks something like the following: SLESCD1=/SLES8/SP4/CD1 SLESCD2=/SLES8/SP4/CD2 SLESCD3=/SLES8/SLRSCD1 SLESCD4=/SLES8/SLRSCD2 SLESCD5=/SLES8/SP3/CD1 SLESCD6=/SLES8/SP3/CD2 SLESCD7=/SLES8/FCS/CD0 SLESCD8=/SLES8/FCS/CD1 SLESCD9=/SLES8/FCS/CD2 SLESCD10=/SLES8/FCS/CD3
Upgrade existing ImageBuilder Server Setup:
  • Update the AdminServer.conf file as directed in step 3 above.
Deploying Updated Images:
  • Deploy the new java and netboot images as described in the Admin Guide. Note: If you are deploying the java image, please make sure to update the image version in the ldap on the Admin Server. You can do this by using
Know Issue:
  1. Install scripts for SLRS8-SP4 have hard-coded names for the CDROM media. You should create a link to actual CDROM device ln -sf /media/actual-cd-rom /med
  2. Duplicate crtypes with the same name in LDAP are not allowed. (Bug 153148)
  3. SCR tools does not remove the temp directory in case of error. You can remove the directory with name root-imagename in current working folder.

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