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Recommended update for Xorg, glibc and other packages


(Last modified: 16MAR2007)

solutions Recommended update for Xorg, glibc and other packages SuSE Linux Maintenance Web (4a2735c6bf8dce53b13ee40593bb74c7)

Applies to

Package: xorg-x11
Product(s): SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 SP1 Upgrade for x86
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 SP1 Upgrade for AMD64 and Intel EM64T
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP1 Upgrade for x86
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP1 Upgrade for IPF
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP1 Upgrade for IBM POWER
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP1 Upgrade for IBM zSeries 64bit
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP1 Upgrade for AMD64 and Intel EM64T
Zypp-Patch-Number: 2755
Release: 20070316
Obsoletes: none


These packages are the updates for Service Pack 1 of SUSE Linux Enterprise
10. Install them to have your system at SP1 level.



Problem description

Below you find a list of changes sorted alphabetically by package name.
  • bug-239698_libx11.diff:
    • XIM (with SCIM) commits first character after FocusIn immediately (Bug #239698)
  • acpi_events.diff/bug-197858_dpms.diff:
    • fixes 'X server wakes up on any ACPI event' issue (Bug #240055)
  • pci-rom-domain-fix.patch:
    • pci domain not stripped from bus in linuxPciHandleBIOS() (Bug #237900)
  • bug-237949_237949.patch:
    • fix call of linuxPciOpenFile() (Bug #237949)
  • bug-237960_237960.patch:
  • added declaration for drmGetBusid() (Bug #237960)
  • apply xorg-bug6438.diff only for s390x to fix NVIDIA driver crashes (Bug #233766)
  • fixed build on s390/s390x by manually generating fonts.scale file for truetype fonts
  • fixed typo in cve-2006-6101_6102_6103.diff (Bugs #225975)
  • updated cve-2006-6101_6102_6103.diff (Bugs #225972/225974/225975)
  • cve-2006-6101_6102_6103.diff:
    • CVE-2006-6101 iDefense ProcRenderAddGlyphs (Bug #225972)
    • CVE-2006-6102 iDefense ProcDbeGetVisualInfo (Bug #225974)
    • CVE-2006-6103 iDefense ProcDbeSwapBuffers (Bug #225975)
  • p_pci-mmap-check.diff:
    • no longer segfault when linuxMapPci() fails (Bug #221520)
  • xorg-bug6438.diff:
    • fix LSB line drawing test fail with Xvfb on s390x (Bug #178031)
  • bug205970.diff (currently disabled):
    • on IA64 machines with embedded VGA without PCI ROM copy VBIOS from SBIOS to RAM (Bug #205970)
  • fixed eject functionality [#222177]
  • add new compile fixes
  • update to 1.8.9, fixing ipmievd crashing. This was requested in Bug#246456
  • update to today's CVS state
    • might fix SoL issues (Fate #30911)
  • update to 1.8.8 mainly various fixes: version 1.8.8
    • Fix segfaults in sensor data repository list
    • Fix ipmievd to open interface before daemonizing
    • Fix IPMIv1.5 authtype NONE to ignore supplied password
    • Fix cipher suite display bug in lan print
    • Fix typo in IPMIv2 SOL output when sending break
    • Fix improper LUN handling with Tyan SOL
    • Add LUN support to OpenIPMI interface
    • Add support for Kontron OEM commands
    • Update to Kontron Firmware Update command version 1.8.7
    • Remove nuclear clause from license
    • Add Sun OEM command for blades
    • Increase argument size for raw commands in shell/exec
    • Fix handling of LUNs for LAN interfaces
    • Add IPMIv2 SOL loopback test
    • Add support for IBM OEM SEL messages
    • Disable file paranoia checks on read files by default
    • Support IPMIv2 SOL on older Intel boxes
    • Display message and exit if keepalive fails during SOL
    • Add support for setting VLAN id and priority
    • Add support for FreeBSD OpenIPMI-compatible driver
    • Add support for IPMIv2 Firmware Firewall
    • Fix gcc4 compile warnings
    • Make ipmievd generate pidfile
    • Add initscripts for ipmievd
  • Bug 241369
    • Update logo.mng for ZENworks distro
    • Changed ZENWorks to ZENworks
  • Update SuSE-NLD theme to support a progress bar Fixes
  • remove bootsplash-theme-UnitedLinux as the solver can't handle it and it serves no purpose
  • Update SuSE-NLD theme to remove banding in images
  • updated SuSE-Zen theme (#229723)
  • Update SuSE-NLD theme for SP1
  • update SuSE-Zen logo.mng file [#229723]
  • updated SuSE-Zen theme
  • requires device-mapper >= 1.02.13 (#239761)
  • fix buggy pointer arithmetic (#232117)
  • remove patch lvm-lock.dif since it becomes obsolete with 2.02.17
  • change BuildRequires to device-mapper-devel
  • update to new version 2.02.17
    • Add missing pvremove error message when device doesn't exist.
    • When lvconvert allocates a mirror log, respect parallel area constraints.
    • Use loop to iterate through the now-ordered policy list in _allocate().
    • Check for failure to allocate just the mirror log.
    • Introduce calc_area_multiple().
    • Support mirror log allocation when there is only one PV: area_count now 0.
    • Fix detection of smallest area in _alloc_parallel_area() for cling policy.
    • Add manpage entry for clvmd -T
    • Fix gulm operation of clvmd, including a hang when doing lvchange -aey
    • Fix hang in clvmd if a pre-command failed.
  • update to new version 2.02.16
    • Fix VG clustered read locks to use PR not CR.
    • Adjust some alignments for ia64/sparc.
    • Fix mirror segment removal to use temporary error segment.
    • Add -T (startup timeout) switch to clvmd.
    • Install lvmdump by default.
    • Fix check for snapshot module when activating snapshot.
    • Fix pvremove error path for case when PV is in use.
    • Warn if certain duplicate config file entries are seen.
    • Fix --autobackup argument which could never disable backups.
    • Fix a label_verify error path.q
    • Fix adjusted_mirror_region_size() to handle 64-bit size.
    • Add some missing bounds checks on 32-bit extent counters.
    • Add Petabyte and Exabyte support.
    • Fix lvcreate error message when 0 extents requested.
    • lvremove man page: volumes must be cluster inactive before being removed.
    • Protect .cache manipulations with fcntl locking.
    • Change .cache timestamp comparisons to use ctime.
    • Fix mirror log LV writing to set all bits in whole LV.
    • Fix high-level free space check for partial allocations.
  • fix wrong check when extending LV (#229222)
  • Remove device-mapper-devel from BuildRequires
  • update to new version 2.02.13 to finally fix bug #178321
    • Add couple of missing files to tools/Makefile CLEAN_TARGETS.
    • When adding snapshot leave cow LV mapped device active after zeroing.
    • Fix a clvmd debug message.
    • Add dev_flush() to set_lv().
    • Add lvchange --resync.
    • Perform high-level free space check before each allocation attempt.
    • Don't allow a node to remove an LV that's exclusively active on anther node.
    • Cope if same PV is included more than once in cmdline PE range list.
    • Set PV size to current device size if it is found to be zero.
    • Add segment parameter to target_present functions.
  • update to new version 2.02.12
    • Fix pvdisplay to use vg_read() for non-orphans.
    • Fall back to internal locking if external locking lib is missing or fails.
    • Retain activation state after changing LV minor number with --force.
    • Propagate clustered flag in vgsplit and require resizeable flag.
    • Add clvmd function to return the cluster name. not used by LVM yet.
    • Add cling allocation policy.
    • Change _check_contiguous() to use _for_each_pv().
    • Extend _for_each_pv() to allow termination without error.
    • Abstract _is_contiguous().
    • Remove duplicated pv arg from _check_contiguous().
    • Accept regionsize with lvconvert.
    • Add report columns with underscore before field names ending 'size'.
    • Correct regionsize default on lvcreate man page (MB).
    • Fix clvmd bug that could cause it to die when a node with a long name crashed
    • Add device size to text metadata.
    • Fix format_text mda_setup pv->size and pv_setup pe_count calculations.
    • Fix _for_each_pv() for mirror with core log.
    • Add script to create a tarball of debugging info from a system.
    • Capture error messages in clvmd and pass them back to the user.
    • Remove unused #defines from filter-md.c.
    • Make clvmd restart init script wait until clvmd has died before starting it.
    • Add -R to clvmd which tells running clvmds to reload their device cache.
    • Add LV column to reports listing kernel modules needed for activation.
    • Show available fields if report given invalid field. (e.g. lvs -o list)
    • Add timestamp functions with --disable-realtime configure option.
    • Add %V G, %LV and %FREE suffices to lvcreate/lvresize --extents arg.
    • Fix two potential NULL pointer derefs in error cases in vg_read().
    • Separate --enable-cluster from locking lib options in
    • Add a missing comma in lvcreate man page.
  • update to new version 2.02.10
    • Fix lvconvert mirror change case detection logic.
    • Fix mirror log detachment so it correctly becomes a standalone LV.
    • Extend _check_contiguous() to detect single-area LVs.
    • Include mirror log (untested) in _for_each_pv() processing.
    • Use MIRROR_LOG_SIZE constant.
    • Remove struct seg_pvs from _for_each_pv() to generalise.
    • Avoid adding duplicates to list of parallel PVs to avoid.
    • Fix several incorrect comparisons in parallel area avoidance code.
    • Fix segment lengths when flattening existing parallel areas.
    • Log existing parallel areas prior to allocation.
    • Fix mirror log creation when activation disabled.
    • Don't attempt automatic recovery without proper locking.
    • When using local file locking, skip clustered VGs.
    • Add fallback_to_clustered_locking and fallback_to_local_locking parameters.
    • lvm.static uses built-in cluster locking instead of external locking.
    • Don't attempt to load shared libraries if built statically.
    • Change default locking_lib to
    • Add skip_dev_dir() to process command line VGs.
    • Stop clvmd complaining about nodes that have left the cluster.
    • Move lvm_snprintf(), split_words() and split_dm_name() into libdevmapper.
    • Add lvconvert man page.
    • Add mirror options to man pages.
    • Prevent mirror renames.
    • Move CMDLIB code into separate file and record whether static build.
  • satisfy FATE #300745
  • Update to 2.0.7 (thanks, coly)
    • new front-ends, some graphical ("openipmigui")
    • various bugfixes
    • new FRU interface
    • tcl bindings added
    site_perl spared thanks to Rudi.
  • Fix makecontext on s390 with non-exec stack turned on [#247933]
  • Fix cn_proc.h out-of-sync with the in-kernel copy [#248088]
  • Fix taskstats.h out-of-sync with the in-kernel copy [#248089]
  • Fix random nscd crashes under very heavy passwd queries load [#192391]
  • Fix errorneously readded
  • Fix strtod() exponent limit calculations [#230909]
  • Update to the latest upstream timezone data [#231833]
  • update power6 patch to load libs also from /lib/power6x [#241835]
  • Fix licence for linux/cn_proc.h [#164666]
  • Don't use movnti on non-SSE2 machines. [#234471]
  • handle platform lib selection correctly when running on kernels without HWCAP_PLATFORM support. [#219962]
  • move glibc-optimized back into main package some package update paths may not work properly
  • add the existing crypt_blowfish update as a patch to allow quilt setup glibc.spec
  • add power6x directory, add power6x to hwcap list [#219962]
  • Fix few missing prototypes and 64bit cleanliness
  • Update the powerpc cpu-tuned environment to v0.04 [#219962]
  • Put powerpc cpu-tuned enviroment into glibc-optimized package to reduce package build time [#225825]
  • add power6 support, requires new gcc [#220779]
  • Fix missing futex PI defines for some architectures
  • Backport support for TPI [FATE #301739]
  • memcpy() and memset() routines optimized by AMD (but should give good performance on Intel processors as well) [FATE #301524]
  • Fix mallopt(M_MXFAST,0) behaviour [#198760]
  • Fix a race in dlopen() [#213374]
  • Fix gdb getting TLS variables on ppc [#216656]
  • Fix for Wester Australia timezone DST [#223196]
  • Update timezone data for Brazil [#213375]
  • Optimize locking for 32bit glibc [#207194]
  • Fix chown() instead of lchown() called in fchownat() emulation [#201751]
  • Fix glob() overflowing stack when producing massive number of matches [#190458]
  • Fix a race in timer_delete() [#205047]
  • Do not use binary OR instead of a logic OR (#233299)
  • Help the compile time and run time linker (#233299)
  • Avoid that a sub shell close required file descriptors (#222411)
  • On ia64 a cast of an integer to a character pointer and back to an long integer may results into an unaligned access, fix this in the SIGWINCH handler (bug #209643)


Please install the updates provided at the location noted below.

Installation notes

This update is provided as an RPM package that can easily be installed onto a running system by using this command:
rpm -Fvh xorg-x11.rpm xorg-x11-fonts-75dpi.rpm xorg-x11-doc.rpm xorg-x11-server.rpm xorg-x11-server-glx.rpm xorg-x11-libs.rpm xorg-x11-man.rpm xorg-x11-Xnest.rpm xorg-x11-Xvfb.rpm xorg-x11-Xvnc.rpm xorg-x11-devel.rpm xorg-x11-fonts-100dpi.rpm xorg-x11-fonts-cyrillic.rpm xorg-x11-fonts-scalable.rpm xorg-x11-fonts-syriac.rpm xorg-x11-sdk.rpm ivman.rpm ipmitool.rpm bootsplash-theme-SuSE-SLES.rpm bootsplash-theme-SuSE-NLD.rpm sles-release.rpm lvm2.rpm OpenIPMI.rpm OpenIPMI-devel.rpm glibc.rpm glibc-info.rpm glibc-html.rpm glibc-i18ndata.rpm glibc-locale.rpm nscd.rpm timezone.rpm glibc-profile.rpm glibc-devel.rpm ksh.rpm ksh-devel.rpm release-notes-sles.rpm

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