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Recommended update for LUM


(Last modified: 06FEB2008)

solutions Recommended update for LUM SuSE Linux Maintenance Web (3fa329905669acb0731ff8f783abf7a4)

Applies to

Package: novell-lum
Product(s): Open Enterprise Server
Patch: patch-12070
Release: 20080206
Obsoletes: none


Everyone using novell-lum on OES 1x should update.



Problem description

This patch fixes many issues. This patch also brings the source code of novell-lum to the same level as novell-lum in OES2.
Issues that are fixed include...
  • Seg Fault while adding group in an incorrectly configured system
  • Usernames become case-sensitive when cache-only is set
  • namldapprobe fails while namcd is loading
  • LUM is being passed what appears to be an invalid name.
  • NSS admin install failed to create eDirectory objects in Cypress
  • LUM fails to install in different container as non-privileged user
  • Schema NAM.SCH needs to use ADD instead of MODIFY
  • namuser utilities can't see domain users
  • Need to change error message for namconfig add
  • LUM's case sensitive nature causing DFS failures
  • LDAP persistent search handles are used and not freed
  • namcd is making the server slow down and hang
  • DSfW: LUM passes mapped FDN to NSS when should pass non-mapped FDN
  • NRM dies or cores randomly when in use or login
  • Cannot connect to cluster via iManager, interaction between LUM and OpenWBEM is breaking down.
  • Unable to add users to Samba because namgroupadd is not creating Samba group durring configuration.
  • Secondary LUM groups not always in the list when using the id command
  • namcd cores in ldap_search_ext
  • namcd cores in large cluster environment
  • namcd cores on boot, preventing NSS from loading. Buffer overflow of stack buffer when api parameter is larger than expected.
  • DSfW: SSH gives error Could not chdir to home directory t/bin/bash: No such file or directory.
  • Change from using using user atttribute name "homeDirectory" to using it's oid (
  • Change line return in addmaps.ldif from dos to uxix format
  • Server GUI becomes slow down after applying novell-lum- and accessing from 2000 clients
  • ndsstat, SSH can not work one hour later but file server still works even after applying OES SP2


Please install the updates provided at the location noted below.

Installation notes

This update is provided as an RPM package that can easily be installed onto a running system by using this command:
rpm -Fhv novell-lum.rpm

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