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Recommended update for Novell NCP services


(Last modified: 14MAR2006)

solutions Recommended update for Novell NCP services SuSE Linux Maintenance Web (3e3ef41ce4d6ec086f3908b82420ae40)

Applies to

Package: novell-ncp
Product(s): Open Enterprise Server
Patch: patch-10912
Release: 20060314
Obsoletes: none


All using novell-ncp should update.



Problem description

  1. Error unlocking / locking file records. When a client locks a physical record at the same offset in multiple files there is a good chance that it will have problems finding it when the unlock request comes along. This leaves the lock there and prevents future locks of that record until the client closes the file.
  2. Missing rights when browsing with Windows Explorer. When browsing causes a new connection to be made to a server, there is a race condition where we cache the supervisor information before it gets set in the connection table. This leaves the admin user without any file system rights.
  3. Crashed connections not detected in a timely manner. When a client crashes, it takes over 2 hours before detect the problem and clear the connection - thus freeing up their resources (open files, login restrictions, etc.).
Other important fixes:
  1. Crash when used with eDir 8.8. (reported by testing)
  2. Read-Only media support for NCP volumes. This includes CDs, DVDs, Read-Only NFS Mount Points, etc.
  3. Japanese Character set problems. Valid file name characters as well as broadcast message problems.
  4. Salvaging files with trustees.
  5. Support for "Disable Login" / "Enable Login" command in ncpcon.


Please install the updates provided at the location noted below.

Installation notes

This update is provided as an RPM package that can easily be installed onto a running system by using this command:
rpm -Fvh novell-ncp.rpm novell-ncpserv.rpm novell-ncpserv-nrm.rpm novell-nrm.rpm

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