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Recommended update for OpenOffice_org


(Last modified: 08MAY2007)

solutions Recommended update for OpenOffice_org SuSE Linux Maintenance Web (3d9fcf4e5387ec9fc9096e15993ca12e)

Applies to

Package: OpenOffice_org
Product(s): SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 SP1 Upgrade for x86
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 SP1 Upgrade for AMD64 and Intel EM64T
Zypp-Patch-Number: 3278
Release: 20070508
Obsoletes: none


These packages are the updates for Service Pack 1 of SUSE Linux Enterprise
10. Install them to have your system at SP1 level.



Problem description

  • updated ooo-build to 2.1.14:
    • document converter wizard did not work; some existing StarBasic macros depends on a bad behavior of arrays [n#269978]
    • crash while loading templates in impress [n#270544]
  • updated ooo-build to 2.1.13:
    • lock even .xls when accessing over smb:// [n#264137]
  • updated ooo-build to 2.1.12:
    • finally includes the sec fixes for CVE-2007-0239, CVE-2007-0238
    • adds some translations [n#222535]
    • GoalSeek VBA implementation [n#258761]
    • read of .png over smb:// [n#203737]
    • fix "Save As" to work on smb:// again [n#203737]
    • get nsplugin to work again
  • removed obsolete extra sec. patches
  • updated ooo-build to 2.1.10:
    • samba locking [n#203737]
    • crash in gnome-vfs directory reading; found during the samba locking fixing
    • VBA stuff: rows on active cell fails with row syntax [n#258824]
  • added flex, bison, and unzip to BuildRequires
  • removed two dates (around 28 November, 2006) from changes ; they were out of order and broke the build in the Build Service
  • updated ooo-build to 2.1.9:
    • deteqcts the icon theme in GNOME and KDE; sets the default icon theme in OOo accordingly [n#254855]
    • better CJK font setting [i#65097]
    • crash with 16x16 Crystal icons [i#75531]
    • correct readlink error handling in nsplugin
    • associate application/vnd.wordperfect MIME [n#256030]
    • Tango icon for GNOME quickstarter applet [n#171585]
    • support also upper-case suffixes in bash completion [n#245410]
    • RTF autoshape elements are not correctly imported - partial fix [n#251602]
    • VBA bits:
    • work with file names with spaces [n#258367]
    • setting cell content with range.formular1c1 [n#258381]
    • goto fails with references starting with 'r' or 'R' [n#258812]
    • configurable mono-*.pc file name [n#249381]
  • mono-ooo-2.1.pc was renamed back to mono-ooo-2.0.pc [n#249381]
  • added Tango icon theme; used by default in GNOME, n#254855
  • updated ooo-build to 2.1.8:
    • qstart applet disappeared after the session restart [n#252242]
    • add "openSUSE" to the Novell dictionary [n#251444]
    • add missing translations of the "Zoom" dialog
    • really install hyph_hr_HR, hyph_nb_NO, hyph_nn_NO
  • updated ooo-build to 2.1.7:
    • corruption when saving ppt files [n#229874]
    • WordPerfect type detection [i#74194]
    • missing en-GB strings [n#231678]
    • searching for JREs [n#203830, n#222708]
    • temporary prefer gij on x86_64 [n#219982]
    • search also gij32 [n#222708]
    • better Hungarian help font setting [n#244488]
    • VBA bits:
    • warn only about real macros [n#146994]
    • access to hardcoded paths [n#245152]
    • critical warnings on PPC [n#244339]
    • another bridges cleanup for 64-bit
  • fixed security issue with hyper links, CVE-2007-0239, n#241636
  • fixed critical vulnerability in OpenOffice StarCalc file format parser, CVE-2007-0238, n#241652
  • removed obsolete stuff from /opt/gnome for openSUSE > 10.2 [n#246588]
  • added extra localization source: Hungarian [n#243518]
  • added support to simply use parallel build of modules; disable by default now [n#244581]
  • updated ooo-build to 2.1.6:
    • crash when opening files up over sftp connection [n#243805]
    • prefixes in Hungarian translation [n#210797]
    • crashes when trying to open an exported mail [n#228839]
    • pictures disappeared when saved documents loaded from .docx [n#240776]
    • improved workaround for media:// files in KDE [n#238695]
    • removed problematic %Title in the generated postscript [n#241015]
    • fix the pre/post-processing capability for signed documents
    • optionally associate more OpenXML file formats
    • bridges cleanup & float fix for 64-bit
    • VBA bits:
    • fix core with Range.Areas collection
    • fix erase for redim
    • improve 'like' implementation
    • problem with compare of objects
  • add extra biblio sources to fix bibliographic encoding [n#155725]
  • fixed java requires for x86_64 [n#245332]
  • updated ooo-build to 2.1.3:
    • random crashes when loading .docx documents [n#240928]
    • import of control on userform with rowsource fails [i#73753]
    • make sure that 'AutoExtension' is not disabled [i#73876]
    • crash when loading some documents
    • too large toggles [i#73875]
    • various small fixes
    • some more stability fixes in libwpd [n#233981]
    • correct icon for main menu entry [n#236816]
    • VBA bits:
    • illegal access to undefined dimensions
    • correct implementation of Range.PrintOut method
    • add 'LIKE' implementation [i#73830]
    • update to more stable libwpd 0.8.8 [n#233981]
  • updated branding for SLED10-SP1 [n#236687]
  • added the needed libwpd-0.8.8 sources [n#233981]
  • reverted/removed the wps import filter feature
  • removed the system directory /usr/lib/xml from the file list
  • updated ooo-build to 2.1.1:
    • bin problematic thread stack size optimization
    • improvements in the VBA API implementation
    • pre/post-processing capability shows progress
    • some warnings and dependency fixes
  • updated the prebuilt cli*.dll [n#236353]
  • enabled clipart again
  • updated to version 2.1 (ooe680-m6 = 2.1GM) [fate#301001]
  • updated ooo-build to 2.1
    • target OOE680_m6 == 2.1 GM
    • bash completion, MIME types for open XML Writer file format
    • ask user on logout/shutdown to save documents
    • pixel precise desktop icons
    • extensive optimization to gain speedup
    • lots VBA fixes and improvements
    • optional argument issues in Calc
    • Delete Rows/Columns should remember the content
    • crashes and performance problems during slideshow
    • key/mouse input ignored in slideshow during media playback
    • impress navigator icons transparency
    • problems with dbus connection
    • mozilla certificate dir detection
    • and more
  • updated extra translation sources: Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Estonian, Greek, Finnish, KHmer, Macedonia, Norwegian Bokmaal, Norwegian Nynorsk, Slovak, Slovene, Welsh
  • added extra localization source: Vietnamese
  • removed obsolete extra localization sources: British
  • changed installation prefix from /usr/lib/ooo-2.0 to /usr/lib/ooo-2.1; the user configuration is still in ~/.ooo-2.0 to do not lost the old setting
  • really added xalan-j2, xerces-j2, and xml-commons-apis to Requires; they were only in BuildRequires because of a typo
  • enabled support for open XML Writer file format
  • temporary disabled clipart; it crashes build on some machines
  • updated ooo-build to version
    • some VBA fixes
    • better style of desktop icons
    • pre/post-processing capability for import/export fixes
    • localized all strings and removed debug outputs in scsolver
  • updated ooo-build to version
    • pre- and post-processing capability for import and export
    • VBA error in Range::Cells
    • lots fixes in the scsolver stuff
    • do not exit the whole OOo by the screensaver poke
    • outline mode editing crasher
    • Chinese font Size name conversion
    • more 64-bit fixes
  • reverted the db-java -> db43-java rename to make it buildable for older products
  • hot fix: gij32 must be checked before gij to be found [#222708]
  • updated ooo-build to version
    • wrong calculation in Calc, r1c1 stuff [i#71455, i#221421]
    • searching for JREs [n#203830, n#222708]
    • python-2.5 paths for 32-bit package on x86_64
  • changed requires from jre to jre-32 on 32-bit architectures [n#222708]
  • added back the trigger on python to set the paths; otherwise, the python components (mail merge) do not work with the 32-bit package on x86_64
  • added the related myspell packages to Recommends for: Hindi, Gujarati, Sotho, Tsonga, Xhosa (used Recommends instead of Requires to do not break CD layout at this stage)
  • added scalable-font-km to Requires of the km subpackage
  • replaced db-java with db43-java in BuildRequires; the package was renamed [n#216880]
  • updated ooo-build to version
    • incorrect use of & and &&, obvious typo [i#71388]
    • do not export corrupted metadata [i#71343]
    • get rid of hypocycloid error on workbook_open, another VBA fix
    • make setsdkenv usable in RPM spec files, affects only sdk [#215627]
    • better Hindi help fonts setting, so the help is readable by default
    • small fixes of the man page [#202573]
    • duplicity in a file list, thanks to aj for noticing it
  • updated branding for openSUSE-10.2 [n#220411]
  • updated ooo-build to version
    • prefer gij on x86_64 [#219982]
    • another fix in the fontconfig for font fallback [i#54603]
    • more VBA fixes for Excell sheets [#201635]
    • some fixes in the scsolver stuff
    • installation of the mono pkg-config file
  • built against mozilla-xulrunner181-devel instead of mozilla-xulrunner180-devel [#218792]
  • added gcc-java to Requires on x86_64 [#219982]
  • added xalan-j2, xerces-j2, and xml-commons-apis to Requires; we started to use the system versions some time ago; it is java stuff, so the dependency was not added by default
  • fixed installation of mono-ooo-2.0.pc to be in PKG_CONFIG_PATH on x86_64
  • updated ooo-build to version
    • serious problems with condensed text portions printing [i#70759]
    • missing borders VBA range implementation
    • fix permissions of the documentation, for the new brp-check-executable-docs
  • updated ooo-build to version
    • arch independent directory for templates
    • crash in Draw and Impress by pressing the Del key
    • problem with binding for controls with accents in VBA [n#214312]
    • CSV saved with .XLS extension should load in Calc
    • objects allocation in pyuno
    • more Slovak localization
    • hash item collections fix
    • Pivot Report without Format layout [n#190970]
    • conflicts in r1c1 stuff
    • some fixes from Fedora
    • build with new gcc-4.1.2
    • hacked hsqldb to work on 64-bit build
    • branched configuration for openSUSE-10.2
  • enabled help localizations (are in good state now): Hindi, Slovene
  • enabled sdk on all architectures [n#215227]
  • fixed dependency on JRE to be required on all architectures
  • used the branched configuration for openSUSE-10.2
  • removed obsolete hack for setting PYTHONHOME on x86_64; it is not needed with the native 64-bit build
  • fixed build with gcc (GCC) 4.1.2 20061018
  • added /usr/share/templates to search path for templates; made sure that it was added also for the existing user configuration
  • updated ooo-build to version
    • common dir for language independent templates
    • new "Labels" template category
    • temporary disabled some more dangerous speedup fixes
    • lots VBA fixes
    • lots fixes from Fedora
    • mozab driver path encoding problem on Win32
    • build with recent wizard crash fix
    • parallel build fix
    • install SDK only for en-US
  • updated extra translation sources: Danish, Greek, Welsh
  • updated thesaurus dictionaries: German, Polish
  • updated hyphen dictionaries: Polish
  • added thesaurus dictionaries: Norwegian Nynorsk, Portuguese
  • added hyphen dictionaries: Croatian, Norwegian Nynorsk, Norwegian Bokmaal
  • added some Slovene extras
  • removed outdated extra translation sources: Polish
  • updated to 2.0.4 (final)
  • updated ooo-build to version 2.0.4:
    • target OOO_2_0_4
    • allow to build older bytecode with newer JDK
    • save more space/time/code
    • temporary disabled some dangerous speedup fixes
    • lots VBA fixes and improvements
    • lots 64bit fixes
    • input field dialog improvement
    • unopkg fails when Setup.xcu is missing
    • optional argument issues
    • use fontconfig for font fallback
    • mozilla certificates detection
    • some i18n support added
    • build with Xalan >= 2.7.x fix
    • bashism fixes
    • prebuilt mono dlls update
    • wazard crash
  • updated extra translation sources: Danish, Greek, Welsh
  • forced source="1.4" and target="1.4" for build with Sun java
  • removed java-1_4_2-sun-devel from BuildRequires and added back the default java2-devel-packages
  • synced features between x86_64 and ix86 build; synced BuildRequires accordingly
  • enabled gstreamer also when build on SLED10
  • updated the prebuilt cli*.dll [n#209342]
  • added postinstall script to put the dlls into GAC
  • disabled insufficient fix for the wizard crash
  • added hack to start makefile several times to try to finish build even with the strange random build crash in officecfg
  • added gcc-gij to BuildRequires for openSUSE-10.2 and higher to fix build on x86_64 and ppc
  • removed obsolete gcc41-gij from BuildRequires
  • updated to snapshot ood680-m4 (2.0.4-rc2)
  • updated ooo-build to version ood680-m4:
    • target ood680-m4
    • more shrink apparent & real memory use
    • lots gstreamer fixes and improvements
    • better error handling in r1c1 stuff
    • lots VBA fixes and improvements
    • r1c1 and VBA
    • find the mozilla certificate dir
    • "Save As" crash regression fix
    • java.home property to gnujre searchpath
    • missing stuff for getopt/readdir_r from system glibc
    • support for evolution-data-server-1.8
    • temporary fix for gcc >= 4.1.2 20060913
    • correct build and installation of the mono stuff
  • updated extra translation sources: African, Belorussian, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Estonian, Greek, Finnish, Latvian, Macedonia, Norwegian Bokmaal, Norwegian Nynorsk, Slovak, Slovene, Sotho, Tsonga, Welsh, Xhosa, Zulu
  • temporary added java-1_4_2-sun-devel to BuildRequires for openSUSE-10.2 to build the Java 1.4 compatible bytecode; it is needed until we make the target bytecode optional
  • temporary added gcc41-gij to BuildRequires until the dependency from gcc-java is fixed
  • temporary added hack to ignore python UNO component registration problems; it is needed until we fix it with python-2.5
  • added mozilla-xulrunner to BuildRequires for older distributions to help to resolve dependencies
  • added the new mono-ooo-2.0.pc to the mono subpackage; it did not make sense to do the mono-devel subpackage
  • fixed build with xalan-2.7
  • updated to snapshot ood680-m2 (2.0.4-rc-pre)
  • updated ooo-build to version ood680-m2:
    • target ood680-m2
    • shrink apparent & real memory use
    • lots fixes and improvements in the VBA stuff
    • lots fixes and improvements in the r1c1 stuff
    • more fixes in bibliographic encoding for Chinese
    • getopt/readdir_r from system glibc
    • some fixes in the gstreamer stuff
    • input field dialog improvement
    • install soffice symlink needed by UNO components
    • build with large file support
    • better support for gcj-4.1
    • some more build fixes
  • added some few temporary and hot fixes
    • disable all size shrink patches
    • save as dialog fix
    • evolution-data-server-2.8 soname
  • added fastjar to BuildRequires on non-ix84 to fix build on ppc [#201707]
  • removed the obsolete OOo
  • wrapper for newer builds [#202573]
  • marked the new /usr/bin/soffice symlink as %ghost; added %post and %postun scripts to update the symlink
  • cleaned up the %install and %files sections
  • updated to snapshot ood680-m1 (2.0.4-rc-pre)
  • updated ooo-build to version ood680-m1:
    • target ood680-m1
    • implementation of layered accelerators
    • gstreamer backend for avmedia
    • new properties for VBA range
    • lots VBA fixes and improvements
    • lots fixes and improvements in ooqstart
    • cairo canvas image scaling issue
    • table sorting fix
    • sourceview font setting
    • new 'Natural' variant of sorting
    • print and print preview issue with sheet local names
    • number of systray fixes in the quickstart stuff
    • simple shrink of base FillInfo by using bitfields
    • better readable version in Help/About dialog
    • input method crash
    • bibliographic encoding for Chinese
    • set default varchar lenght to 100 in dbaccess
    • better using fontconfig for font fallback with Chinese
    • Simplified and Traditional Chinese translation in stc_char.dic
    • support for new gcj/gij
    • build with shell=bash by default
    • various build fixes
  • removed obsolete tcsh from BuildRequires
  • added gstreamer010-plugins-base-devel to BuildRequires needed by the gstreamer/avmedia feature
  • moved branding images to package sources
  • added prebuilt unowinreg.dll to avoid build dependency on mingwin; the dll is necessary to build portable java extensions by OOo-sdk
  • improved spec file to skip build preparation stuff easily; it is helpful for testing
  • updated to snapshot OOO_2_0_3
  • updated ooo-build to version
    • target OOO_2_0_3
    • buggy speed image stuff temporary disabled
    • allow to resize Cols/Rows even in read-only document
    • better support for CJK embolden, port from 2.0.2
    • range should stay selected after un-toggle
    • problem with the key [Alt F]
    • add Row addressing to A1 style in Calc
    • more VBA fixes
    • some build and install fixes for scsolver
    • build with gcc-3.3


Please install the updates provided at the location noted below.

Installation notes

This update is provided as an RPM package that can easily be installed onto a running system by using this command:
rpm -Fvh OpenOffice_org.rpm OpenOffice_org-gnome.rpm OpenOffice_org-kde.rpm OpenOffice_org-nld.rpm OpenOffice_org-galleries.rpm OpenOffice_org-mono.rpm OpenOffice_org-cs.rpm OpenOffice_org-de.rpm OpenOffice_org-es.rpm OpenOffice_org-fr.rpm OpenOffice_org-hu.rpm OpenOffice_org-it.rpm OpenOffice_org-ja.rpm OpenOffice_org-pl.rpm OpenOffice_org-pt-BR.rpm OpenOffice_org-sk.rpm OpenOffice_org-zh-CN.rpm OpenOffice_org-zh-TW.rpm OpenOffice_org-de-templates.rpm OpenOffice_org-af.rpm OpenOffice_org-ar.rpm OpenOffice_org-ca.rpm OpenOffice_org-da.rpm OpenOffice_org-fi.rpm OpenOffice_org-gu-IN.rpm OpenOffice_org-hi-IN.rpm OpenOffice_org-nb.rpm OpenOffice_org-nl.rpm OpenOffice_org-nn.rpm OpenOffice_org-ru.rpm OpenOffice_org-sv.rpm OpenOffice_org-xh.rpm OpenOffice_org-zu.rpm

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