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Recommended update for POS modules


(Last modified: 20SEP2005)

solutions Recommended update for POS modules SuSE Linux Maintenance Web (30383a8c9ebf4dca53e452b11625007a)

Applies to

Package: POS_Server2
Product(s): Novell Linux POS 9
Patch: patch-10489
Release: 20050920
Obsoletes: bd277e405f4fce55e2a9ba20d5294a7e


This a consolidation patch which fixes several issues

Problem description

  • Fixes the translated text display problem in the FCS NLPOS9 version. The new ncurses rpm is provided for use on all servers and in all client images including the POSBranch image. (Bug 95237)
  • A fix to prevent the network interface names from changing during a reboot. Since this fix is intended for servers only, it is provided in the POS_Server2 rpm. This rpm gets installed on all servers and will also be used in building the POSBranch image This fix is also included in a separate rpm, /opt/SLES/POS/maintenance/nld/suse/i586/POS_Network.rpm which could be included into any custom image. (Bug 95595)
  • Kernel Module jbd.ko dependency issues in fixed in the disknetboot image rpm. Pre-compiled RPM for disknetboot image is also included in this patch. (Bug 115883)
  • New patched kernel RPM is provided in the opt/SLES/POS/pac directory which contains a fix to the EHCI driver when using USB 1.1 devices on a USB 2.0 HUB and USB 2.0 host controller. The EHCI driver was running out (or claims to be running out) of space to put interrupt(-in) qh's


Please install the updates provided at the location noted below.

Installation notes

Use the following instruction to apply the patch.
Fresh Install of Admin, Branch, or Image Build servers:
  1. Install NLPOS9 as described in the install guide.
  2. This update is provided as an RPM package that can easily be installed onto a running system by using this command:
  3. rpm -Fvh /tmp/POS_*.rpm
  4. If it is a Image Build server you have to copy the POS_Server* RPMs also into /opt/SLES/POS/maintenance/sles/suse/i586 directory.
  5. Follow the steps described in the install guide.
Upgrade existing Admin, Branch and Image Build servers:
  • Follow the steps 2-4
  • On the Image Build server you must deploy the new disknetboot image: cp /opt/SLES/POS/image/initrd-disknetboot-2.0.23-2005-09-13.kernel.2.6.5-7.155-SLRS /opt/SLES/POS/rsync/boot/linux cp /opt/SLES/POS/image/initrd-disknetboot-2.0.23-2005-09-13.gz /opt/SLES/POS/rsync/boot/initrd.gz
  • On branch server pick up the newly deployed image(s) and update the config.<mac> files by running: --dumpall
  • If you are using the minimal image, deploy this image to the rsync directory: cp /opt/SLES/POS/image/minimal-2.0.23-2005-09-13 /opt/SLES/POS/rsync/image/minimal-2.0.23 cp /opt/SLES/POS/image/minimal-2.0.23-2005-09-13.md5 /opt/SLES/POS/rsync/image/minimal-2.0.23.md5
  • On the Admin server, use gq and navigate to the minimal image object and change the version to 2.0.23 then click apply button to save your changes.

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