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UnitedLinux 1.0 iA64 Service Pack 2


(Last modified: 18JUL2003)

solutions UnitedLinux 1.0 iA64 Service Pack 2 SuSE Linux Maintenance Web (2c8caf05239362c3cab351f3f40b9d5d)

Applies to

Product(s): SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 8 for IPF

Package: SuSEfirewall2
Release: 20030718
Obsoletes: none


Update system to Service Pack 2 level.
Release Notes for UnitedLinux 1.0 IPF Service Pack 2 (SP2)
A Service Pack 1 for IPF was never released. As Service Pack Levels stand for a certain code level and this is now based on the SP2 code level alias "CGL" we thus call this Service Pack SP2.
1. Enhancements
1.1 Carrier Grade Linux Features 1.2 Other enhancements
2. Maintenance fixes
2.1 Bugfixes 2.2 Security fixes
3. Packages released with SP2
4. Detailed ChangeLog
1. Enhancements
1.1 Carrier Grade Linux Features
Section 1.1 describes all features which are part of the Carrier Grade Linux Requirements Definition V1.1 and which have been newly implemented in or enhanced with Service Pack 2. The numbers in brackets are taken from the Carrier Grade Linux Requirements Definition V1.1 numbering scheme.
The detailed Carrier Grade Linux specification can be found under
1.1.1 Standards Event Logging POSIX IEEE 1003.25 [1.3]
Provide event logging support that fully complies with the draft POSIX 1003.25 standard. This will allow structuring of kernel messages and thus easier detect and react on fault events. IPv6 RFCs [1.4.1]
Provide support for IPv6 for delivering next generation networks support. Advantages of IPv6 over the currently used IPv4 protocol are wider address space, better autodetection and autoconfiguration of networks, hosts and services and more efficient routing and broadcasting. IPSECv6 RFCs [1.4.2]
Provide support for IPSECv6 for delivering encryption and authentication of low-level packets and thus secure communication across the next generation networks. Made implementation also work with IPSECv4 userspace (FreeSWAN). MIPv6 RFCs [1.4.3]
Provide support for mobile IPv6, which specifies the operation of mobile computers and devics using IPv6. This allows each mobile node to be identified by its home address regardless of its current point of attachement. POSIX Threads Standards Compliance [1.6]
Used NGPT to ease port applications using POSIX threads.
1.1.2 Platform Remote Boot Support [2.2]
Support remote booting across common LAN and WAN communication media. This is very usefull for diskless systems and/or rack mounted servers. Boot Cycle Detection [2.3]
The system will detect a frequent reboot cycle due to recurring failure and will go offline instead of causing any further trouble e.g. by creating a lot of network traffic or faulty data. Diskless Systems [2.5]
Provide support for diskless systems loading their application or the whole system over the network.
1.1.3 Availability Watchdog Timer Interface Requirements [3.2.1]
Support watchdog timers. These timers allow to perform a certain operation like a reboot in case a timeout occurs. A working system will reset these timers regularly where a hanging system could get rebooted by a watchdog timer action. This also includes support for watchdog hardware used in Telco systems. Application Heartbeat Monitor [3.3]
Allows to monitor applications for availability and proper functionality. A heartbeat signal generated periodically from the application shows that it is still alive. In case no further signal arrives a failover setup/script can be triggered. Ethernet Link Aggregation [3.4.1]
Support bonding of multiple ethernet cards for bandwidth aggregation. RAID 1 Support [3.5.1]
Provide mirroring support to maintain duplicate sets of all data on separate disk drives.
1.1.4 Servicability Platform Signal Handler [4.5]
Provide infrastructure to allow interrupts generated by "hardware errors" to be logged using the event logging mechanism. Remote Access to Event Log [4.6]
Allow to access the event log information from remote.
1.1.5 Tools User-Level (gdb) Debug Support for Threads [5.1]
Support debugging of multi-threaded programs via gdb.
1.1.6 Performance Soft Real-Time Performance [6.1.1]
Provide capability to configure scheduler to provide soft real time support with a low latency. Low latency support [6.1.2]
Reduce the latency of the kernel reaction to realtime or interactive events for low-priority processes even if the kernel works under heavy load. RAID 0 Support [6.2]
Provide RAID 0 (striping) support to enhance performance for request-rate-intensitive or transfer-rate-intensitive environments. Application Pre-Loading [6.3]
Support fully loading and pinning the pages of an application before execution. This will make sure no slowdown can happen as with demand paged execution. This is very usefull in diskless environments to reduce network traffic and burst execution speed. Concurrent Timers Scaling Behaviour and Report [6.4.1]
Support large number and better scalability of many concurrent timers.
1.2 Other enhancements
1.2.1 Kernel driver updates/fixes for new hardware support
The following driver updates/changes were made:
  • update qla2x00 driver to v6.04.01.
  • fix semaphore use in ipmi driver
  • add C1 processor state support
  • update AMD 8111 IDE driver to support UDMA-133
  • update hangcheck driver to make it work on ia64
  • fix ipmi i/o port
  • add code to recognize SiS K8 AGP
  • add some more PCI Ids for SiS
  • update IBM ServeRAID driver ips.c to version 6.10.19
  • update SiS IDE patch with new fixes
  • update AMD Hotplug driver to 1.03.
  • update ali patch with new fixes
  • update e100 driver to 2.3.13.
  • update e1000 driver to 5.1.11.
  • fix SiS PCI ids.
  • add AMD Hotplug driver.
  • update via IDE driver.
  • update Ali and SiS IDE drivers.
  • fix SMP races in floppy driver (#25656)
  • support VIA K8T400M AGP.
  • always export panic_timeout for ipmi driver.
  • update hangcheck driver to 0.6.0; adds support for x440 cyclone timer
  • add patch for SiS IDE.
  • fix race in IDE driver that results in stack corruption (#26285)
  • fix SMP deadlock in bonding driver (#26053)
  • updated bcm5700 driver to 6.2.2. Solves problem with MAC address being all zero
  • fix drivers/net/ bcm5700 is gigabit, not FDDI
  • Recognise ALI K8 NIC in Tulip dmfe.
  • Use old SCSI EH handler for MPT fusion driver.
  • add support for 3com 9201 network card to 3c59x driver
  • update Syskonnect driver sk98lin to v6.05
  • Fix aic7xxx EISA ioport registration.
  • update aic7xxx driver to 6.2.29
  • update aic79xx driver to 1.3.2
  • update 3ware driver to
  • fix SMP deadlock in eepro100 driver
  • bonding driver: fixed SMP deadlock in set_multicast_list
  • add IPMI driver
  • fix memory leak in e100 driver
  • add new PCI IDs to e100 network driver
  • keep old IBM ServeRAID driver as ips_old in version 5.11.05
  • update megaraid driver to 1.19.6
  • add new driver megaraid-v2.00.3 (old one still there)
  • update cciss driver to 2.4.44
  • enable XMM on more Athlons
  • add correct support for IBM x445 ("RUTHLESS")
  • add patches.i386/unisys-ide: Find IRQs for IDE driver on Unisys ES7000 machines
  • Better sort SCSI scan blacklist and remove double entries.
    • Add | LARGELUN to HP A6188A, A6189A, A6189B, OPEN- and to COMPAW MSA1000 (as requested by HP)
    • Remove FORCELUN from EMC SYMMETRIX (does not make sense)
    • Add DELL PV-136T-FC, IBM 3542 and WINSYS FLASHDISK G6 with FORCELUN flag (requested by EMC, should probably be SPARSELUN or SPARSELUN | LARGELUN)
  • add two new entries to the scsi_scan blacklist for sparselun
1.2.2 Kernel performance and scalability improvements Include sys_epoll system call
A new very usefull system call epoll() was added. This is usefull for application which have to listen on many things at once and where the select() call is way too inefficient.
Important note: The kernel implementation currently only supports edge-triggered and not level-triggered behaviour. Efficient support for raw vector IO
Defines readv/writev methods for raw IO which coalesce the iovecs into a single IO operation. Without this patch the kernel uses repeated invocations of the device's read/write functions. Improves TPC-H/DB2 benchmark by 50%. Raw IO optimization patch
Increases the blocksize used for raw IO. Improves CPU
utilization by reducing the number of buffer heads needed
for such operations. Improves TPC-H by 16%. Update hugetlbfs
Update hugetlbfs to latest 2.5 level. Dynamic configuration/tuning of scheduler
Added sysctl_sched_yield_scale feature that allows choosing between
optimization for scalability and interactiveness. By default it is
switched off, so the behaviour is completely unchanged. For certain
benchmarks, one wants to "echo 1 > /proc/sys/sched_yield_scale"
1.2.3 Other new kernel features and optimizations
The following smaller kernel features/optimizations were added:
  • add hidden network device functionality
  • make sigaction SA_NOCLDWAIT posix compliant
  • increase maximum number of kernel command line args
  • bootsplash code update can hide boot messages behind splashscreen
  • add config variable CONFIG_UNITEDLINUX_KERNEL to allow distinguish a UnitedLinux kernel from the vanilla kernel
  • decrease time spent on get_unmapped_area function
  • better wakeup algorithm for kinoded feature
  • define readv/writev methods for raw IO which coalesce the iovecs into a single IO operation. Backport from 2.4.21-pre5aa1
  • merge elevator-merge-fast-path feature from CVS head
  • fixed unecessary splitting of last segments in merged scsi requests
1.2.4 Updated RAS tools
The following RAS tools were updated to the latest versions:
  • Updated evlog to version 1.5.1
  • Updated heartbeat to version 1.0.3
1.2.5 New packages
  • Added CGL packages
The following packages were added or updated to
implement all the Carrier Grade Features of 1.1:
  • aaa_base
  • bootcycle (NEW)
  • dhcp6 (NEW)
  • evlog
  • freeswan
  • gdb
  • glibc
  • heartbeat
  • iproute2
  • KERNEL (k_debug, k_deflt, k_tanium2, k_itanium2-smp, k_smp, kernel-source)
  • libinet6 (NEW)
  • miplv6 (NEW)
  • net-tools
  • ppp
  • scsirastools (NEW)
  • Added dhcp-client package
Additional dhcp client package which has some nice
features needed in more sophisticated DHCP setups.
2. Maintenance fixes
2.1 Bugfixes
Service Pack 2 contains all bugfixes released via the maintenance Web.
For a detailed listing see Chapter 4.
2.2 Security fixes
Service Pack 2 contains all security fixes released via the maintenance Web.
For a detailed listing see Chapter 4.
3. Packages released with SP2
Service Pack 2 contains all updates already released via the
maintenance Web or now released with SP2. For a detailed listing see
Chapter 4.
4. Detailed ChangeLog
Find below the detailed ChangeLog for each package including references
to the Bugzilla database.
Updated README
  • Updated translations for README
  • Added info about Notes file
  • Added info about fallback in case /media/cdrom does not work [#27568]
Updated install scripts
  • Adjusted for IPF
  • Adjusted for IPF
Updated SuSEfirewall2 (bugfix)
  • Change email sent to root for UnitedLinux [Bug #26460]
  • Dec 30 change was too restrictive. Instead fix log messages. [bug #25453]
Updated aaa_base (bugfix/feature)
  • reenabled ctrlaltdel in /etc/inittab on s390*, can be triggered with z/VM 4.3 command "SIGNAL SHUTDOWN ..."
  • Fix build for s390(x) introduced by previous change.
  • Fix dependencies for boot.lkcd and make sure swap isn't clobbered before the dump has been recovered (#26727)
  • copy libc even if it's not named (#27574)
  • fix problem with depmod running for wrong kernel (#26114)
  • mk_initrd: dhcp support added
  • added IPV6_PRIVACY in sysconfig/sysctl and etc/init.d/boot.ipconfig
Added bootcycle (feature)
  • Add README for IA64 (bug #27609)
  • Add support for ia64.
  • Fix path of grub installer (bug #25352)
  • Move option from shell to command line of installer (bug #25358)
  • Fix and add more comments to the README file (bug #25359)
  • Initial package for boot cycle detection
Updated bootsplash (bugfix)
  • added theme for SLOS
  • add 640x480 config file for UnitedLinux theme (bug #25655)
  • fix OpenSchool theme
Updated cups (security/bugfix)
  • correct email send to root on UnitedLinux [Bug #26460]
  • fix possible denial of service attack, CAN-2003-0195, (bugzilla#26942)
  • remove missleading README.SuSE, (bugzilla#26479)
Added dhcp-client (feature)
  • Additional dhcp client package which has some nice features needed in more sophisticated DHCP setups.
  • remove %ghost filelist entries and preun creation of pid files, since it catches the attention of the patchrpm breakage tests. Clean up the libraries from the jail when the server is stopped.
  • Don't send update messages on UnitedLinux [#26460]
  • fix unsafe usage of /var/tmp by the init scripts [#25241]
Added dhcp6 (feature)
  • backed out the previous patch as per request from Venkata - it's not required
  • dhcp6 client: drop the address if server returns UNSPECFAIL (#25782)
  • Fix last patch
  • Change /var/db -> /var/lib [Bug #25612]
  • Updated to 0.3 version, adds prefix things.
  • DHCP for ipv6, first revision. (from sourceforge, adapted to USAGI headers)
Updated drbd (bugfix)
  • Update to 0.6.3, lots of fixes, important are
  • Lockup of primary if secondary fails during resync fixed
  • Probabely SMP only deadlock in the drop-conection code path fixed
  • Fixed a bug that could cause lockup of the primary node on SMP systems using a SCSI device for DRBD, it always happened during resynchronisation. (!)
  • SMP fix in drbd_dio_end_sec()
  • init script fixes
  • 'Bitmap too small' bug fixed (bug #25384)
  • Moved drbdsetup to /sbin to support /usr on nfs
  • added /etc/ha.d/resource.d/datadisk to filelist so it is possible to install heartbeat after drbd
  • removed unneeded /etc/ha.d/resource.d/drbd-control
Updated elilo (bugfix/feature)
  • Add fix for netbooting.
  • Add two fixes from author.
Added epoll (feature)
  • Align x86_64 structure with what the kernel expects.
  • changed license from GPL to LGPL (Author changed it)
  • changing static lib to shared lib
  • correctet compile problem for i386
  • removed duwes fix. With this fix the library is not compiled with -fPIC. used correct compilerflags
  • fix CFLAGS
  • Use BuildRoot
  • Move epoll.h to include/sys to be compatible with glibc-2.3.x
  • initial version of epoll this library stays as long as we use glibc2.2.x
Updated ethereal (security)
  • fixed security bug (several one-byte buffer overflows and integer overflows)
  • fixed security bug in the SOCKS code
Updated ethtool (bugfix/feature)
  • Add support for AMD-8111.
  • Upgraded to current CVS, which has some e1000 fixes needed by IBM.
  • Upgraded to 1.7:
Updated evlog (security/bugfix/feature)
  • make it work on IA64: link with gcc rather than ld (#27641)
  • Fixed build problem on x86_64
  • Changed crontab filename to not include a dot (otherwise it would be ignored by crond) (#27013)
  • prevent hanging ssh and yast2 sessions (#25914)
  • minor fixes to init script
  • minor documentation fixes
  • fix for multithreaded apps (via Larry Kessler)
  • Security fix for evlogrmtd
  • Fixed order in which evlog daemons are shut down
  • Added /sbin/rcevlog
  • fixed yet another build problem
  • fixed build problem
  • Upgraded to 1.5.1; enabled remote logging stuff
Updated file (bugfix)
  • Fix buffer overflow in elf detection
Updated freeswan (bugfix/feature)
  • another fix to align pfkeyv2 header with new kernel module (difference in sadb_lifetime struct).
  • fix problem with IPv4 tunnels
  • Extract README.SuSE from patches and created README.UnitedLinux for the UL CGL release. Documented changes to FreeS/WAN version without USAGI support.
  • Add patch from Olaf Kirch to really tear down connection when asked to do so.
  • Reenable the route/unroute functionality to make %trap/%hold work. [Bug #25702]
  • AES support added to userspace.
  • Accept address prefixes.
  • Fix sadb_comb structure.
  • Disable creation of km_freeswan package
  • Reenable restriction ot use ipsec[0-9] interfaces in pluto, as it's needed for proper determination of connection orientations. [Bug #25679]
  • Add check for compile failure.
  • Fix _USAGI pluto build failure.
  • Include pfkey2 utility from USAGI.
  • Reenable command processing.
  • sshd and $netdaemons are not Required-Start.
  • Apply some of the USAGI patches. Not included are the wrong ones. Disabling of IPIP has been commented out.
Updated gcc (bugfix)
  • Fix lost labels in jump tables [#27571].
  • Fix code generation bug with strlen and postincrement.
  • use DESTDIR feature and fix --with-slib for biarch
  • Fix reload bug with match_dup.
  • Update s390 biarch patch.
  • Remove some obsolete patches.
  • Update ppc64 patch.
  • Update to gcc 3.2.2.
Updated gdb (bugfix/feature)
  • Fix location of libthread_db library [#25915].
  • Add NGPT patch.
  • Enable TUI.
  • add inital native ppc64 support
  • Fixed compilation problem with last gdb-asmbtrace.diff. No new feature.
  • Several Dwarf2 and x86-64 specific changes
    • Added ability to do backtrace from some functions without debug info (patch gdb-asmbtrace.diff)
    • Fixed crash on re-run of a debugged program.
    • Added some more verbosity to dwarf2cfi engine.
  • Update to gdb 5.3.
    • GNU/Linux shared library multi-threaded performance improved.
    • ``gdbserver'' now supports multi-threaded applications on some targets
    • GDB now supports C/C++ preprocessor macros.
  • Handle gcc code generated by gcc -f-elimante-dwarf2-dups -g.
  • Avoid installing libbfd, libopcodes, libiberty and libmmalloc [#20199].
Updated ghostscript-library (security)
  • security fix for (%pipe%) file commands [#27300]
Updated glibc (security/bugfix/feature)
  • Add SA_NOCLDWAIT to sigaction.h on IA64 [Bug #27669]
  • Update AMD64 libm routines.
  • Actually apply the three ia64 patches.
  • Fix stat.h for 32-bit compilation on AMD64.
  • Disable LD_ASSUME_KERNEL on AMD64.
  • Properly implement umount on ia64.
  • Fix <sys/ucontext.h>.
  • Fix unat handling in setjmp/getcontext.
  • Add more eh_frame information for x86-64.
  • Update eh_frame patch for x86-64.
  • Add fix for corrupted linked list due to memory ordering issues [Bug #26826]
  • Fix asm headers for x86-64.
  • Add eh_frame section for system calls on x86-64.
  • Use better optimized string and memory routines for x86-64.
  • Use floating stacks for x86-64.
  • Fix s390 spinlock implementation.
  • Update x86-64 libm routines.
  • Add one version with and one without floating stack on i686.
  • Add fix for xdr integer overflow
  • Backport NSS fixes from glibc 2.3.2 for getaddrinfo()
  • Fix USAGI AI_V4MAPPED patch
  • Add --mlock option for
  • libnss_dns is now full IPv6 capable.
  • Use the glibc 2.3.1 getaddrinfo file, merged USAGI patch into it.
  • Added some ipv6 atm stuff to the linux kernelheaders.
  • Applied USAGI patches: usagi-include.diff: add NI_NUMERICSCOPE usagi-getnameinfo.diff: handle numeric scopes usagi-getaddrinfo.diff: handle v4mapped addresses, and handle some ipv6/ipv4 interaction issues.
  • Added usagi linux kernel header additions for /usr/include/linux.
  • Fix asm-ppc64/elf.h header to not pollute userspace.
  • Fix statfs on x86-64 with 32-bit compilation.
  • add glibc-2.2.5-alpha.dif
Updated heartbeat (bugfix/feature)
  • Fix stray dependency.
  • Upgrade to 1.0.3 final.
  • Fix filelist.
  • Upgrade to 1.0.3pre, consolidating the former fixes with mainline.
  • Important overflow bug fixed for scenarios where heartbeat reaches uptimes of >246days.
  • Filelist cleanups.
  • Fix and cleanup to previous fix.
  • Fixes to heartbeat's mlockall() strategy to reduce the chance of being hit by a page fault under load in timing critical sections.
  • Fix for #25720: IPC socket code did not deal correctly with messages still to be read from a socket which has already indicated disconnect, the final message would not be read.
  • Fix for #25718: apphbd restart failure.
  • Update to 1.0.2 proper from 1.0.2pre:
  • man page update for apphbd
  • Minor bugfixes
  • Incorporated fix from Ram Pai of IBM EVMS group for message loss under high load.
  • Upgrade from beta-cycle to 1.0.2pre.
  • Includes bugfix for send_arp and others.
  • Upgrade to 0.4.9g
  • Incorporated fix for apphbd realtime freeze, bug #23304.
  • Fixes bug in apcmastersnmp module for copying outlet names, #22790
  • Compile fixes.
  • Updated to latest CVS.
  • Fixes for CCM (STONITH will now tell if no device was configured)
  • wti_nps / apcmaster modules: fixes for telnet timing on fast machines.
  • Fix for local status updates getting delayed / lost.
  • Fix in IPaddr if used with LVS & hidden interfaces on loopback.
  • Corrected placement of apphbd pid file
  • Update to heartbeat 0.4.9f
  • Supports millisecond timeouts, includes startstop script
  • Fix for bugzilla #21905: memory leak in heartbeat-ldirectord due to Perl socket() bug
  • ipfail socket now created correctly
  • Fix for ucast comm plugin (again)
  • (Includes fix for autoconf breakage)
  • removed duplicates from
Updated inetd (security/bugfix)
  • prevent segfault on internal services when there are interfaces with no assigned address
Updated iproute2 (feature)
  • Added v6p (display v4/v6 depending on whether ipv6 is supported or not).
  • Added ndp (neighbour discovery print) (just supports -a)
  • Added ninfod (node info demon)
  • Added ziconfig (sets/reads zone id)
  • Applied stripped down USAGI patch.
  • Apply patch from Andi Kleen for fragtimeout functionality
Updated KERNEL (security/bugfix/feature)
  • fix root access to /proc/<pid>/environ
  • As discussed with Olaf Hering <>, add ppc64 quota compile fix from Jan Kara <>.
  • Downgrade qla2x00 driver to v6.04.01 also for ia64 [#27920].
  • Fix semaphore use in ipmi driver [#25772].
  • Add C1 processor state support.
  • fix TIME_WAIT problem with nfsd fix (#27937)
  • fix access to /proc/<pid>/cmdline
  • Fix procfs race conditions fix.
  • disable aperture fix for now
  • read aperture from AGP bridge on AMD64
  • add patches.ppc/volatile-bitops-ppc64.patch remove wrong cast in test_bit, use volatile for the other bitop functions. (#27685 - LTC3325)
  • added another ipv6 symbol to net/ipv6/sym6.c(and 3 added by bk)
  • fix several race conditions in procfs
  • Fix fcntl64 emulation.
  • Fixed previous patch for SMP
  • Change qla2x00 driver back to v6.04.01 for AMD64.
  • Add evlog configuration for x86-64.
  • ipv6.o now properly exports all symbols required by ip6_tunnel and the mobility modules (#27642)
  • Add EVLOG configuration for ia64.
  • Update ia64.defconfig.
  • Fix lkcd exports for non-SMP.
  • fix nfsd vulnerability
  • fix execve() file read race vulnerability
  • Update AMD 8111 IDE driver to support UDMA-133 (from Vojtech Pavlik).
  • Fix SA_ONSTACK without signal stack [#27604].
  • add patches.common/reiserfs-vs-3050 fix for reiserfs deadlock (#Bug 27445 - LTC3162)
  • Add ipsec options to x86-64 defconfig.
  • Fix highmem issue in ia64-1-discontig patch.
  • print CPU number on silent MCE on amd64
  • call int 0x15/0xec00 at boot time.
  • Fix symbol export for dump module [#27545].
  • Fix ipmi i/o port [#27554].
  • remove homenode patch
  • Update hangcheck driver to make it work on ia64 [#26406].
  • Add code to recognize SiS K8 AGP.
  • synchronize x86-64 epoll ABI with 2.5
  • Fix 64bit bug in crypto sha1 implementation.
  • Fix subpage handling in ia32 mmap emulation [#27537].
  • Add dprobes patch for ia64.
  • More ia32 emulation fixes: fcntl64, mmap, msgsnd, munmap.
  • scsi-sensebuf-96: Set size of SCSI sense buffer from 64 to 96. Some devices need just more. (IBM Magstar3590 reports cleaning requirement at offset 70.) [#26928]
  • update patches.common/ibm-ppc64-drivers-iseries viopath.c:e2a wants an unsigned argument (#24258 - LTC2097)
  • fix deadlock in IPC SHM locking (#26947)
  • have sd_open() schedule instead of spinning hard (#26786)
  • update patches.common/ibm-ppc64-updates yet another possible ioctl32 overflow, in cdrom_ioctl_trans().
  • backup kmalloc in sys32_epoll_ctl by vmalloc
  • update patches.common/ibm-ppc64-updates
  • spelling fixes
  • cputable support for processor features update patches.common/ibm-ppc64-drivers-iseries correct return value when open raw device (#25756 - LTC2222)
  • add patches.ppc/iscsi patches.ppc/iscsi.arch patches.ppc/iscsi.fix no km_package can handle crosscompiling
  • Update entry/exit optimization patch.
  • Fix race in init_module syscall [#25214].
  • adding 32-Bit emulation interface for epoll
  • Add some more PCI Ids for SiS.
  • Fix shmget bugs with large pages for x86 and AMD64.
  • Fix various GCC 3.3 compile problems.
  • Remove #if 0 code to fix GCC 3.3 compile problems in net/dsfield.h
  • Update default config for AMD64.
  • fix up compilation with homenode
  • fix in flight rejection in homenode patch
  • fix amd64 compilation for latest 3.3-hammer gcc
  • readd homenode scheduling patch
  • update ips driver to 6.10.19
  • Allow more than 32 GB with large pages in shmfs (Patch by Andrea Arcangeli).
  • add patches.common/fork-copy_namespace-corruption kmalloc sizeof struct instead of sizeof pointer
  • Update SiS IDE patch to incorporate fixes from Vojtech Pavlik.
  • Update AMD Hotplug driver to 1.03.
  • Update ali patch to incorporate fixes from Vojtech Pavlik.
  • Update e100 driver to 2.3.13.
  • Update e1000 driver to 5.1.11.
  • Reenable schedule_tail for UP.
  • merge fix for 32bit sysinfo problem on amd64.
  • Remove patches.x86_64/x86_64-schedule-tail since the current o1 scheduler requires to call schedule_tail even for UP compiles.
  • x86_64-northbridge-mce: use correct MSR for northbridge MCE init
  • remove obsolete patches.s390/linux32-quota-quickfix
  • update patches.common/ppc-O1-sdmany-fixes the current o1 scheduler requires you to call schedule_tail even for UP compiles, dropping the CONFIG_SMP in entry.S should fix it
  • update patches.common/quota-7-quotactl for ppc64
  • add patches.common/scsi-recoverederror better handling for scsi recovered errors. (#27264 - LTC2972)
  • More compile fixes for lkcd.
  • Update ia64.defconfig.
  • always set 64bit dma mask in megaraid1
  • add ULL to 64bit constants in megaraid2
  • Fix PTRACE_[GS]ETFPREGS in ia32 emulation.
  • fix SMP module unload problem in AMD-8111 ethernet driver
  • split consistent64-base into generic and amd64 specific part
  • patches.common/lkcd-O1-kdb: fixed to compile.
  • fix crash in tcp6_get_info [#27065]
  • backport pci_set_consistent_dma_mask patch from 2.5
  • support it for megaraid1
  • support it for megaraid2
  • support it for tigon3
  • fix bug in check for handled signals in exception trace
  • disable homenode patch for x86-64
  • Fix SiS PCI ids.
  • Add 3GB personality for AMD64.
  • Properly handle non-existing apic.
  • Add AMD Hotplug driver.
  • Update via IDE driver.
  • Update Ali and SiS IDE drivers.
  • Update hangcheck driver to make it compile on ia64.
  • Apply entry/exit optimization patch [#26627].
  • Update hugetlbfs to latest 2.5 level.
  • Fix missing header.
  • A better fix for high fpu register corruption.
  • Fix 32bit emulation bugs.
  • Add semtimedop.
  • More unwind fixes.
  • add patches.ppc/suse-ppc64-ioctl32 security Problems in 32-Bit emulation on 64-Bit Systems (#26693)
  • remove SMP-unsafe BUG in __remove_inode_page
  • Fix SMP races in floppy driver (#25656)
  • Add megaraid-mbox-1 patch to fix problems where variables had a too small space or not the whole variable was initialized.
  • Fix xfs merge.
  • Remove printk in ia64_ni_syscall.
  • update patches.common/ibm-ppc64-driver-char-icom update to version 1.1.1 fix potential buffer overflow on module load change insmod arg from iCom_country_code to icom_country_code remove patches.common/suse-ppc64-icom-iseries-only patches.common/ul1-ppc64-drivers-iseries-icom
  • update to new version of AMD8111 Ethernet driver.
  • remove obsolete file
  • export mcount for x86-64 stack debug kernel
  • use common pte-highmem patch for x86-64
  • Enlarge max number of IOAPICs for x86-64 to 16
  • Don't print kernel messages for handled signals.
  • Avoid race window in submit_bh(Bernhard: bug id is #27237)
  • Merge in UL_1_0_CGL_XFS_BRANCH: Rips out xfs-1.1, and insert Jan Kara's quota patches and xfs-1.2 instead. Small changes in various places.
  • fix kernel panic with pptpd when mss > mtu
  • fix console redirect bug
  • fix incorrect memcpy in ioport fix
  • fix 64-bit problem with hangcheck-timer
  • fix more aio bigpage problems on x86-64
  • fix 32bit aio syscall.
  • merge patches.common/time-wait-refcnt into patches.common/suse-ipv6-v4-bind.patch where it belongs
  • add patches.common/scsi-sym53c8xx-2.4.21 update patches.ia64/ia64-0-linux-2.4.19-ia64-020821 add fixes (typos) for sym53c8xx from 2.4.21
  • remove patches.common/ul1-ppc64-block-highmemio update patches.common/block-highmem-all force highmem_io off for setups that dont do highmem fixes sym53c8xx_2 for ppc64 (part of #26135 / LTC2344)
  • Support VIA K8T400M AGP.
  • Fix security bug in ppp decompressor.
  • add patches.ppc/suse-ppc-raid-cflags use -O1 for the raid drivers to avoid stack overflow on ppc and ppc64. (#21702 / LTC1508)
  • update patches.common/nfs-bkl fix race between mount and lockd, (#26890 / LTC2812) use completion instead of wait_queues
  • add missing brackets in last patch
  • fix bigpages support for NUMA kernels on x86-64
  • Add time burning patch to avoid backward going time for x86-64.
  • more bugfixes in homenode: handle two node machines better.
  • disable debugging in homenode
  • update to new version of homenode scheduling patch. This fixes various bugs.
  • add patches.common/tail-n1 tail -1 is obsolete
  • Add patches.common/nethashfix. The original comments from the 2.5 changesets related to this bug are: + [NET]: Fix hashing exploits in ipv4 routing, IP conntrack, + and TCP synq. + + Several hash table implementations in the networking were + remotely exploitable. Remote attackers could launch attacks + whereby, using carefully choosen forged source addresses, + make every routing cache entry get hashed into the same hash + chain. + + Netfilter's IP conntrack module and the TCP syn-queue + implementation had identical vulnerabilities and have been + fixed too. The choosen solution to the problem involved + using Bob's Jenkins hash along with a randomly choosen + input. For the ipv4 routing cache we take things one step + further and periodically choose a new random secret. By + default this happens every 10 minutes, but this is + configurable by the user via sysctl knobs. + [NET]: Cosmetic cleanups of jhash code. + - Consistent naming (i.e. jhash_xxx) + - Reduces the 2&amp;1 word variants to call jhash_3words() + - Replaces __inline__ with inline.
  • Add patches.common/ioport. The original comment from the 2.5 changeset for this bug is: + This makes sure that the ioperm bitmap in the TSS is + correctly set up during the first ioperm() call. Without + this the TSS bitmap contains random garbage until the next + context switch.
  • x86_64: fix ioport "change only active after next context switch" hole.
  • s390: fix compilation of DASD diag discipline on 31-bit (#26732)
  • update patches.common/ibm-ppc64-updates patches.common/ibm-ppc64-drivers-iseries kdb cleanups rtas updates for flash_firmware interface use udbg_printf for some debug calls fix sysinfo interface (#26134 / LTC2193) return -ENOSYS instead of -EINVAL in sys_ipc call correct settimeofday improved copyuser routines veth cleanups for register_netdev and module unloading viocons and viopath cleanups
  • Rename net/key/syms.c to net/key/key_syms.c (export-objs must be globally unique).
  • modified patch.s390/epoll.s390.patch that epoll on s390x is also available through 31-Bit emulation interface
  • fix-smp-sched-deadlock: fix use of unlikely (only defined on boolean arguments).
  • Always export panic_timeout for ipmi driver.
  • Add entry/exit optimization [#26627].
  • Fix data corruption in gettimeofday [#21748].
  • Fix rmmod race.
  • inserted fix from Jeff Mahoney <> for reiserfs-endian problem (#26878)
  • moved md-hardsector-align from patches.s390 to patches.common as this one fixes generic bugs (#21102)
  • corrected sysinfo-call in s390 31-Bit emulation (#26830)
  • inserted length check to avoid poosible exploid in s390 31-Bit emulation (#26693)
  • update patches.common/nfs-svc_tcp svc_tcp_recvfrom, retry on short packages (#23155 / LTC1787)
  • fix the JFS deadlock fix: LCACHE_LOCK was held while I/O[#26139]
  • Add patches.common/nfsd-subtreecheck (#26760). The patch fixes the check that walks from a dentry back to the nfs exported directory and verifies that the client user still has permission to access the file. The original check is broken with ACLs; directories with ACLs with uid=0 and gid=0 and no execute permissions for others cannot be accessed.
  • add homenode scheduling patch for x86-64
  • apply last patch also on x86-64
  • handle dynamic ACPI link entries correctly.
  • Apply last patch also on ia64.
  • fix ACPI OpRegion handler bug in deriving pci_ids of devices behind bridges (#26486)
  • fix problem for dynamic PRT entries (#26316)
  • update hangcheck driver to 0.6.0; adds support for x440 cyclone timer
  • fix possible memory and disk-space leak in some corner usage; long standing bug, not triggered so far
  • fix possible memory corruption. The TCP time-wait bucket structure needs to match struct sock upto "refcnt" (#26625)
  • fix V.110 dialin to HFC_PCI ISDN adapters which weren't sending V.110 idle frames correctly before due to missing wakeups from the low-level driver
  • add "vm_reserve=" kernel parameter which allows to force use of a specific amount of virtual memory for vmalloc and ioremap allocations
  • fix race in iff-dynamic
  • export symbol brw_kvec_async, needed by ocfs
  • add patches.common/usb-hid-revert-19pre5 restore 2.4.19-pre5 behaviour for HID maxusage assignment, needed for some el cheapo HID devices
  • remove patches.common/usb_get_string, breaks some USB devices and is not needed anyway
  • Update common/fix-module-loader to 2.4.21-rc2 fix level (#26289)
  • Merge x86-64 patches from UL-1.0 head:
  • x86_64: 32bit emulation fixes
  • fix sigprocmask error return path for LTP
  • decode machine check errors on x86-64
  • fix corner case in x86-64 no-prefetch patch
  • support "notsc" for HPET less machines on x86-64
  • SCSI: apply fix for queue full panic on all archs(#26271/LTC2259)
  • patches.common/aio-write, patches.ia64/clear_bit: micro optimisations.
  • patches.ia64/unwind-fixes, patches.ia64/unwind-fixes-1: unwind info fixes.
  • patches.ia64/ia64-1-fph: Fix high fpu register corruption.
  • JFS: Fix inode deadlock with jfs_commit_inode (#19901, #22301)
  • JFS: Fix failures to honor ACLs with huge amounts of ACLs (#26737)
  • s390x: Disable DASD DIAG discipline because of z/VM issues(#26732)
  • add patches.common/umount_race plug a race in remove_page_from_inode_queue() (#26356 / LTC2490)
  • add patches.common/tcp_twkill_thr null pointer check in net/ipv4/tcp_minisocks.c (#26625/LTC2702)
  • integrated patch from for a deadlock problem within the generic SCSI-code (#26569)
  • extend the kerntypes.c for s390 to support better debug possibilities for DASD and dqio (#26658)
  • Add patch for SiS IDE.
  • add patches.common/scsi_memleak fix memleaks (#26489 / LTC2632)
  • add patches.common/keyboard_led keep kbd LED status during switch on Blade server (#21944)
  • update patches.common/ibm-ppc64-updates export ppc64_ide_fix_driveid
  • update patches.common/netconsole-compile-in-2.4.19-rc3aa4 use unsigned char to print target IP address
  • apply patches.common/linux-2.4.19-s390-05-05-may-2002.diff on all archs. (#22301 / LTC1586)
  • add patches.common/ibm-ppc64-kdb-kdb_parse-nonstatic make kdb_parse() not staic patches.common/ibm-ppc64-updates
  • KDB updates
  • LCD output fixes
  • Trap if the kernels try to use floating point
  • Add ethtool eeprom config ioctls
  • Fix for device tree interpretation of dma-window property
  • Signals cleanup
  • Enable the /proc/<pid>/mapped_base configuration setting
  • combine all arch/ppc64+asm-ppc64 and driver/iseries changes into patches.common/ibm-ppc64 and ibm-ppc64-drivers-iseries status as of SLES8_PPC_SP1 add missing patch ibm_ppc64_LTC2189_25664
  • remove arch/ppc64/defconfig
  • disable mmap-cache for S/390, mmap fails on s390x when 64-bit make exec's 31-bit binaries
  • S/390: add hangcheck-timer module, requirement for Oracle[#23123]
  • S/390: add path not operating handling and cio oops fixes[#26271]
  • s390x: fix SGA(mapped_base) for in 31-bit emulation
  • SCSI: requeue if last pending command returns QUEUE_FULL[#26271]
  • SCSI: fix panic on full queue w/ partially fulfilled req[#26271] The two SCSI fixes are +S390 only for now, pending appoval garloff
  • LVM: prevent kmalloc deadlock with lvm_mp_private struct [#26330]
  • apply patches.common/mmap-cache-fix-biarch also in IA32
  • disable lkcd-kpages-only; due to some bug in the build system, this one never was applied and thus not tested. So in order to go safe, disable it for now (changes critical files)
  • add patches.common/mmap-cache-fix-biarch on all non-IA32[#25808]
  • update patches.s390/linux-2.4.7-numargs.patch for Apr 11[#18592]
  • fix problems introduced by ptrace fix (#26289)
  • apply patches.common/mmap-cache only on i386 for now (it decreased the time spent on get_unmapped_area() (#25808))
  • S/390: enable IEEE FP emu on 31-bit for demo/starter installation
  • fix race in IDE driver that results in stack corruption (#26285)
  • increase maximum number of kernel command line args (#18592)
  • fix SMP deadlock in bonding driver (#26053)
  • Clear VM_IO flag when mapping from hugetlbfs [#26132].
  • update bcm5700 driver to 6.2.2. Solves problem with MAC address being all zero (#26074)
  • IPsec6: ESP spi stored in incorrect byte order (#26197)
  • IPsec6: zero out reserved field in AH header (#26152)
  • MIPv6: patch for panic when running as Home Agent (#25610)
  • MIPv6: another bugfix for dealing with DHAAD requests (#25953)
  • Recognise ALI K8 NIC in Tulip dmfe.
  • (merge x86-64 changes from UL_1_0 branch):
  • fix corner cases in x86-64 32bit get/setrlimit (#26222)
  • fix ioperm on x86-64
  • add missing swapgs in last IRET path bugfix
  • fix si_band in signals to match glibc (bug #26054)
  • fix IRET exception handling and segment reloading
  • Use old SCSI EH handler for MPT fusion driver.
  • fix output of /proc/ram for ecc driver (#22388)
  • allow up to 32 GB in bigpages on i386
  • S/390: Fix handling of IPv6 stateless address configuration consistent with the other zSeries OSes(CONFIG_SHARED_IPV6_CARDS)
  • S/390: enable binfmt_misc support, might be needed.
  • S/390: enable CGL CryptoAPI and IPSEC options like on i386
  • S/390: increment extraversion to -4suse-SMP for new OCO modules
  • S/390: disable patches.common/mmap-cache, breaks s390x 32-bit emu
  • S/390: fix dasd DIAG driver(s390-fixes/dasd_diag.diff [#25837])
  • JFS deadlock fix: can't hold LCACHE_LOCK while doing I/O [#26139] (the patch was not applied at this date, really applied May 15)
  • Fix aic7xxx EISA ioport registration. [Bug #25856]
  • S/390: add IBM code drop 2003-03-17 for the May 2002 stream: Prob-ID: 1892 Memory allocations not checked. Prob-ID: 1904 zfcp: correction of /proc/scsi/zfcp/add_map permissions. Prob-ID: 1233 munmap frees pages still in use. Prob-ID: 2004 TLB flushes in multithreaded programs. Prob-ID: 1919 DASD devices will not be set 'online' on slow/fast systems. Prob-ID: 2098 Fixes for low memory emergency IDAL handling. Prob-ID: 2129 applicable for 64-bit Linux, only Prob-ID: 2141 Boxed dasd not recognized. Prob-ID: 2162 Fixed channel program flag setting in XRC timestamping. Prob-ID: 2167 IFCC handling fixed
  • reenable patches.s390/zfcp-required-changes.diff
  • fix race in /proc file access from 2.4.21pre6(attach 4414, #25695)
  • SA_NOCLDWAIT removed due to insufficient testing on schwab/rf request
  • define ARCH_HAS_NMI_WATCHDOG for x86-64
  • add ipid_wraparound patch to drop-inetpeer-cache
  • make sigaction SA_NOCLDWAIT posix compliant, as per CGL requirement 1.2.2, Bug #25995 . tested by intel's team and on my test machine.
  • add support for 3com 9201 network card to 3c59x driver (#25992)
  • merge from UL_1_0: fix numa=off, add pci=noacpi, don't lose 16MB at the end of each node in node discovery
  • IPv6: don't drop stale on-link routes
  • make kernel compile when CONFIG_X86_UP_APIC is disabled
  • update qla2x00 driver to v6.05.60-fo-dist
  • fix oops introduced by ptrace security fix
  • fix reiserfs o_direct oops when writing to the end of the hole, when a file has a tail followed by the hole
  • avoid unneeded metadata commits during direct io in reiserfs
  • decrease time spent on get_unmapped_area function (#25808)
  • fix race in end_kio_request
  • IPv6: Fixed a reference counting problem introduced by mobility patch which prevented unloading of NIC modules (#25985).
  • MIPv6: merged various patches from Krishna (25876, 25610, 25953, 25868)
  • add barrier feature to ensure data consistency after power loss
  • IPsec6: fixed an infinite loop with ESP packets in some circumstances; fixes to the bigger replay window patch
  • Back out the lowlatency fixes by request of Hubert; they don't compile.
  • added some more lowlatency fixes (backport from 2.4.21-pre5aa2)
  • fix IDE IRQ masking problem that can cause general block corruption
  • fix a bug when failing a spare device and another one in hot removal of a spare device
  • MIPv6: another patch for defect #25877
  • IPsec6: netperf would crash ipsec6 (#25769)
  • IPsec6: increase the replay window from 32 to 64
  • fixed erroneous merge of KDB&dprobes (Bug #25890). now dprobes can be compiled without KDB.
  • update bootsplash code to 3.0.7
  • Remove obsolete change from BMC driver patch.
  • Fix module loader bug also for ia32 processes.
  • Fix error checks in elf loader.
  • Make sure a kernel thread has 64-bit limits.
  • MIPv6: in, require CONFIG_IP_ADVANCED_ROUTER (#25869)
  • MIPv6: fixed typo in patch for #25878, backed out patch for #25877
  • Fix breakage from idecd_dma patch.
  • Make global-config on non-x86_64 succeed by applying x86_64-cvs-update unconditionally. Do needed tweaks in ul-frlock.
  • MIPv6: merged patches from Krishna (#25780, #25877, #25878)
  • Clean up x86_64: Disable epoll.x86_64 (64bit is in CVS, patch only needed for iA32 emulation but incomplete). Fix shm-largepage. Fix application order.
  • Restrict application of s390-ptrace to S390 arch.
  • MIPv6: merged to patches received from Krishna Kumar - usagi-mipv6-authdata.patch (#25610) usagi-mipv6-mipdiag.patch (#25616)
  • extend ptrace local root exploit fix for S/390 (CAN-2003-0127)
  • fix S/390 IEEE exception instruction pointer access checking
  • MERGE8 from UL_1_0 tree:
    • Merge x86_64 changes since Mar 21, reenable pte-highmem, shm-largepage and fix-shm-largepage
    • S390: Leave zfcp-required-changes disabled, io-request- lock-scale is active
    • USAGI: List disabled patches in series.conf
  • IPv6: do not mess with neighbor cache entries when dropping expired routes (#25842)
  • IPsec: fixed crash in pf_key code (#25809)
  • fix drivers/net/ bcm5700 is gigabit, not FDDI
  • fix drivers/net/ bcm5700 is gigabit, not FDDI
  • Merge upstream JFS patches:
    • JFS: Code cleanup suggested by static analysis tool.
    • JFS: Avoid deadlock when all tblocks are allocated.
  • dprobes patch (core & i386) updated to v3.6.4
  • update Syskonnect driver sk98lin to v6.05
  • fix kernel compilation when ACPI is disabled
  • handle SMP TLB invalidate IPIs processed on the wrong cpu (x86-64)
  • fix smbfs unicode problem
  • fix LFS on smbfs (#18472)
  • IPv6: SMP problem in txoptions handling (#25769)
  • Fix SMP races in floppy driver (by Jens Axboe).
  • disable some prefetches on x86-64
  • Add fix for blk-atomic from Jens Axboe (#25755)
  • fixed "kernel only" option in LKCD (#25754), thx to Bharata B Rao
  • remove broken user copy optimization
  • IPsec4: minor fix to make ACQUIRE messages work (needed for pluto %auto mode)
  • merge fixes from CVS
  • corrected patch patch.x86_64/epoll.x68_64.patch
  • x86_64: fix kernel prefetch locality
  • x86_64: fix security hole in serial ioctl 32bit emulation
  • x86_64: check ptrace_check_attach in ptrace
  • x86_64: add correct PCI ID for AMD 8111 random generator
  • x86_64: fix AMD IDE enable bits
  • Drop x86_64 part from fix-smp-sched-deadlock as it's contained in x86_64-schedule-tail
  • Drop prepare_overflow-suse-2 and should_end-alloc-3-suse as they are included in reiserfs-logging-update
  • MERGE7 from UL_1_0 to UL_1_0_CGL_BRANCH: Fri Mar 21 18:24:18 CET 2003 -
  • Better sort SCSI scan blacklist and remove double entries.
    • Add | LARGELUN to HP A6188A, A6189A, A6189B, OPEN- and to COMPAW MSA1000 (as requested by HP)
    • Remove FORCELUN from EMC SYMMETRIX (does not make sense)
    • Add DELL PV-136T-FC, IBM 3542 and WINSYS FLASHDISK G6 with FORCELUN flag (requested by EMC, should probably be SPARSELUN or SPARSELUN | LARGELUN)
    Fri Mar 21 16:40:47 CET 2003 -
  • fix ext3 scheduling storm and lockup Fri Mar 21 12:52:45 CET 2003 -
  • Merge two reiserfs patches from Chris:
  • if a file is heavily fragmented we might overflow the transaction trying to dirty all the bitmap blocks involved, the fix here is to restart the transaction when needed also, the prepare_for_delete_or_cut loop might exit when all the blocks are freed but one additional tree search needs to be done the fix here is to do an additional check to make sure the item we search for hasn't moved and force another search if it has.
  • prevent transaction overflow by making sure that when we decide to continue a long operation (deletes/hole creation) we allocate space in the transaction earlier. Thu Mar 20 12:04:17 CET 2003 -
  • Sync from CGL branch: fix failover for md multipathing (#24586)
  • Remove accidental (wrong but mostly harmless) changes from drivers/md/raid5.c. This makes the kernel build on s390 again. Thu Mar 20 11:28:03 CET 2003 -
  • Add patches.common/fix_softirq from HEAD, according to mail from Marcelo. This patch was added to HEAD on 2003/03/14 as part of a commit with the following comment: backport network fixes from 2.4.21pre5aa1; fixes highmem crashes with NFS and memory corruption problem Wed Mar 19 23:42:26 CET 2003 -
  • x86_64: fix buffer overflow in command line copying (bug 25659)
  • x86_64: add disableapic option (hopefully not needed)
  • x86_64: some acpi fixes
  • x86_64: fix minor kgdb issues Wed Mar 19 18:46:53 CET 2003 -
  • Fix extended attribute syscall entry points on Alpha. Wed Mar 19 18:21:56 CET 2003 -
  • update patches.common/nfs-svc_tcp, patches.ia64/ia64-1-decl remove patches.common/o1-sched-nfs better support for NFS over TCP, use TCP instead UDP to avoid file corruption (#21922) LTC1543 Wed Mar 19 17:52:56 CET 2003 -
  • Fix gcc 33 compilation issues.
  • Fix module loader bug for x86-64. Wed Mar 19 17:01:57 CET 2003 -
  • fix MD devices > 1 TB for 64 bit platforms Wed Mar 19 16:32:55 CET 2003 -
  • Fix for #25393: NFS mounts of reiserfs exports: symlink(2) fails with EIO from jeff. Adding patch as patches.common/reiserfs-setattr-symlink.
  • Add fix for failure patch in nfsd_symlink as patches.common/nfsd-failpath-fix. This was triggered by #25393. Wed Mar 19 15:05:07 CET 2003 -
  • fix module loader bug Wed Mar 19 14:07:45 CET 2003 -
  • add patches.common/ibm-ppc64-update1-iseries-SRLNBR provide serial number in /proc/iSeries/config (#24258) LTC2097 Wed Mar 19 13:43:35 CET 2003 -
  • add patches.common/jfs-sync-barrier-hang fix deadlock during LTP test suite (#25598) LTC2249 Tue Mar 18 17:33:05 CET 2003 -
  • add patches.common/ibm-ppc64-update1-rtas_spinlock serialize output to frontpanel display (#24501) LTC2030 Tue Mar 18 15:41:34 CET 2003 -
  • fix numa zone initialization for x86-64 Mon Mar 17 23:46:57 CET 2003 -
  • copy patches for largepage support from i386 to x86-64 Mon Mar 17 22:57:03 CET 2003 -
  • fix SMP problems in 8111 and tg3 netconsole patches
  • add missing patch to make x86-64/UP compile again Mon Mar 17 21:44:09 CET 2003 -
  • update x86-64 port to new CVS. Lots of old patches dropped.
  • add kgdb for x86-64
  • add pte-highmem for x86-64 (copy from i386)
  • add netconsole support for tg3 and amd 8111 Wed Mar 12 16:18:46 CET 2003 -
  • Merge megaraid2 driver from CGL. Wed Mar 12 15:54:39 CET 2003 -
  • Add patches.common/jfs-sync-barrier-hang from Dave Kleikamp, which fixes a bug where the synchronization-ready flag is not cleared after sync, prohibiting further transactions from starting. Wed Mar 12 11:22:17 CET 2003 -
  • update aic7xxx driver to 6.2.29
  • update aic79xx driver to 1.3.2 Mon Mar 10 23:18:30 CET 2003 -
  • x86_64: fix off by one bug in ioremap
  • x86_64: fix debug register access from 64bit.
  • x86_64: don't destroy 32bit fpu state from ptrace
  • x86_64: don't destroy fs/gs bases in signal handlers Mon Mar 10 22:44:59 CET 2003 -
  • x86_64: fix aio 32bit emulation Mon Mar 10 21:06:07 CET 2003 -
  • Fix for #25013: Deadlock with nfs + ext3 Mon Mar 10 15:14:09 CET 2003 -
  • x86_64: bugfixes for the 32bit emulation. This should make Java work again. Sat Mar 8 14:21:20 CET 2003 -
  • Compile fix in split jfs patches. Fri Mar 7 23:16:34 CET 2003 -
  • Make jfs compile on S/390 as well by splitting jfs-acl-fix into jfs-locking-fix, jfs-blk-atomic, jfs-acl-fix. Fri Mar 7 18:42:57 CET 2003 -
  • add patches.ppc/matroxfb-2.4.21pre4.patch better support for dualhead cards, correct mirroring update patches.common/ibm-ppc64-drivers-acenic use mb() instead of wmb() in critical paths Wed Mar 5 19:25:01 CET 2003 -
  • add patches.ppc/lvm-mpd-2.4.19.patch fix 'lvm-mpd' panic (#23558) LTC1960 Wed Mar 5 15:51:06 CET 2003 -
  • add patches.common/ibm-ppc64-update1-sys_perfmonctl LTC2144 Wed Mar 5 13:05:43 CET 2003 -
  • Re-add drop-inetpeer-cache. Tue Mar 4 17:09:08 CET 2003 -
  • Update jfs to the version from 2.4.21-pre4 + additional patches, addressing the bug found while discussing [#23873].
  • improved KDB & LKCD handling. Bugs #25716 and #25123 finally fixed
  • IPMI: Export panic_notifier_list to make IPMI modules load (#25667)
  • patches for ia64 and x86_64 to integrate epoll
  • IPv6 mobility: backed out two mobility fixes included earlier (#25608)
  • add specific support for VIA C3 "Nehemiah" processors
  • update 3ware driver to
  • fix SMP deadlock in eepro100 driver
  • better wakeup algorithm for kinoded feature
  • IPv6 mobility: build 3 separate modules for HA, MN, CN (#25660)
  • IPv6 mobility: build failed for CONFIG_IPV6_MOBILITY=n (ihno)
  • Add patches.common/reiserfs-data-logging-update patch from Chris: Reiserfs data logging update, includes the fixes between data-logging-32 from the UL kernel and data-logging-36 in cvs head, these are mostly latency fixes to solve io stalls in data-ordered mode, and two important transaction overflow fixes. This does not include the change to allow data mode changes during mount -o remount. Also includes prepare_overflow-2 from cvs head. Also includes reiserfs-update_sd_prio from cvs head.
  • add two new entries to the scsi_scan blacklist for sparselun
  • fix "Ext2/3: noatime ignored for newly created inodes" problem
  • don't start IDECD DMA too soon
  • fix ext3 scheduling storm and lockup
  • Fix to from Jeff: makes the scripts search for .bz2 kernel archives too.
  • Protect includes of sadb.h by ifdef __KERNEL__. Allows userspace programs to compile on iA64, where asm/system.h is not safe in userspace.
  • Compile fix in back port of patches.common/rawio-readv-writev.
  • Remove accidental (wrong but mostly harmless) changes from drivers/md/raid5.c.
  • export elevator symbols, that block device drivers can use a different elevator (common)
  • activate ELEVATOR_NOOP in dasd-driver (s390)
  • integrate zfcp-patches from IBM (s390)
  • active blk-atomic and relatet patches for S390 (s390)
  • define readv/writev methods for raw IO which coalesce the iovecs into a single IO operation. Backport from 2.4.21-pre5aa1
  • fix MD devices > 1 TB for 64 bit platforms
  • fix failover for md multipathing (#24586)
  • update via82cxxx driver to 3.36. Fixes problem with vt8233a and vt8235 southbridges
  • Fix identifier clash in read_[un]lock macros.
  • Add cryto configuration to ia64.
  • added evlog machine check patch, as required for CGL ( sect. 4.5, Bug # 25362 )
  • fixes to compile with gcc-3 (ide-cd.h, semaphore.c)
  • update qla2x00 driver to v6.01.00-fo-dist; fixes performance problem with bounce buffers
  • fix IRQ routing problem and IDE disk failure for ES7000
  • fix module loader bug
  • bonding driver: fixed SMP deadlock in set_multicast_list
  • IPv6 mobility: don't keep sending RS packets forever (patch from Krishna Kumar @IBM; fixes #25124)
  • Downgraded evlog patch to previous version
  • Merge comments from the obsolete sequence-numbers file into series.conf. Arrange a few patches more logically.
  • Merge race condition fix for patches.i386/ul-smptimers from Andrea, and reenable that patch.
  • Fix trivial reject in ia64 patches.
  • Back out patches.common/fsync-msync-async-errors and patches.i386/ul-smptimers according to Andrea (see commit comment).
  • add IPMI driver (#25387)
  • fix memory leak in e100 driver
  • preserve argv[0] in binfmt_misc (#25212)
  • replace "threads" with "siblings" in /proc/cpuinfo (#25344)
  • Switch to patch selection via series.conf.
  • Move identical patches in patches.i386 and patches.ia64 to patches.common, and adjust series.conf so that these patches are applied for the correct architectures.
  • Merge Jeff Mahoney's ReiserFS updates.
  • enable XMM on more Athlons
  • enable write balancing for multipath (was still disabled by accident)
  • Remove dead entries from sequence-numbers: fsync-corruption-fix, reiserfs-write_barrier, xfs-barrier-2.4.19-pre10aa2, ide-noflush. These patches no longer exist.
  • Revive updated no-more-numbers script for switch-over from sequence-numbers to series.conf.
  • fix smptimers for non-i386 archs. Currently this is academic since this feature is only used on the i386 arch, but the fix should not get lost in case somebody wants to use it on other archs in the future
  • fix breakage of non-SMP kernels introduced by fix for #24094
  • IPv6: minor mobility patches from Krishna Kumar @IBM
  • Add patches.common/jfs-sync-barrier-hang from Dave Kleikamp, which fixes a bug where the synchronization-ready flag is not cleared after sync, prohibiting further transactions from starting.
  • correctly initialize inode->i_rdev in clean_inode
  • fix SMP scheduler deadlock (#24094)
  • Fix for #25013: Deadlock with nfs + ext3
  • merged ul-smptimers patch from Andrea Arcangeli
  • add the -CGL to the EXTRAVERSION to avoid crashes
  • Added evl_wrap to make evlog enhanced ips driver happy
  • Updated evlog patch to 1.5.1
  • sunrpc: merged some SMP fixes from 2.4.20
  • Compile fix in split jfs patches.
  • Make jfs compile on S/390 as well by splitting jfs-acl-fix into jfs-locking-fix, jfs-blk-atomic, jfs-acl-fix.
  • fix off-by-one error in ioremap
  • add correct support for IBM x445 ("RUTHLESS")
  • add new PCI IDs to e100 network driver
  • ihno: epoll patches
  • IPv6: mobility fixes from Krishna Kumar
  • IPsec4: fixes for AH and transport mode
  • fix broken fsync (#23679)
  • merge elevator-merge-fast-path feature from CVS head
  • IPv6: some fixes from olh to make it compile on PPC and PPC64
  • add sysctl_sched_yield_scale feature that allows choosing between optimization for scalability and interactiveness. By default it is switched off, so the behaviour is completely unchanged. For certain benchmarks, one wants to "echo 1 > /proc/sys/sched_yield_scale"
  • add event logging ("driver hardening") for IBM ServRAID (ips) driver
  • remove patches.ppc/freeswan
  • add hidden network device functionality (#23737)
  • IPv6: fixed another memory corruption introduced by MIPv6 (this time a dst_entry was released once too often)
  • drop patch "binfmt-misc-interpreter", since it changes the output of /proc/*/stat, which can break a lot of things (#24290)
  • IPv6: fixed a double kfree() when using IPsec6. Changed the way ip6_{,build}_xmit handle ipv6_txoptions
  • Re-add drop-inetpeer-cache.
  • Update jfs to the version from 2.4.21-pre4 + additional patches, addressing the bug found while discussing [#23873].
  • fix cciss driver for current kernel
  • fix hangup during XSession logout on i810 systems if 3D is enabled
  • update IBM ServeRAID driver ips.c to version 6.00.26. This driver can now be used on i386, x86_64 and ia64. The older driver (5.11.05) is still available (for i386 only) as "ips_old"
  • prevent deadlocks during show_task()
  • make sure to pass the filename to other binfmt handlers (#24290)
  • fix reiserfs j_wcount = 0 BUG
  • add config variable CONFIG_UNITEDLINUX_KERNEL to allow distinguish a UnitedLinux kernel from the vanilla kernel
  • fix LVM snapshot for multipathing
  • update megaraid driver to 1.19.6 (#24460)
  • add new driver megaraid-v2.00.3 (old one still there)
  • update aic7xxx driver to 6.2.29
  • update aic79xx driver to 1.3.2
  • update cciss driver to 2.4.44
  • MERGE6 from UL_1_0 to UL_1_0_CGL_BRANCH
  • add patches.i386/unisys-ide: Find IRQs for IDE driver on Unisys ES7000 machines
  • IPv6: different fix for the ipsec sysctl symbols
  • IPv6: several fixes to ip6_fib.c for CONFIG_IPV6_SUBTREES
  • IPv6: do not broadcast multicast listener reports for link-local multicast addresses
  • IPv6: some fixes to net/ipv6/route.c to improve neighbor unreachability detection
  • IPv6: privacy is off by default
  • add patches.common/ibm-ppc64-update1-fpe-init_thread fixes the GLIBC test-fenv testcase
  • add patches.common/ibm-ppc64-update1-iseries-viotape-unload eject function for iSeries viotape driver (#23736) LTC2020
  • disable NETDEBUG okir (2003-02-20 12:33)
  • sequence-numbers: merged new mobile ipv6 code garloff (2003-02-20 01:26)
  • kernel-source.changes, sequence-numbers, patches.s390/s390-fixes/flushtlb.diff: Merge 5 from UL_1_0. garloff (2003-02-20 01:21)
  • patches.common/scsi_merge_nr_sectors: file scsi_merge_nr_sectors was initially added on branch UL_1_0. garloff (2003-02-20 01:21)
  • kernel-source.changes, sequence-numbers, patches.common/scsi_merge_nr_sectors: Add patch that avoids splitting of last segment of a merged scsi request. okir (2003-02-19 18:20)
  • sequence-numbers: new ipsec4 implementation for usagi garloff (2003-02-14 01:28)
  • kernel-source.changes, sequence-numbers, patches.common/io_request_lock-scale-3, patches.common/prep_long_commandline_for_vi-2.4.19-pre7, scripts/, scripts/, scripts/ Merge 4 from UL_1_0. okir (2003-02-11 16:38)
  • sequence-numbers: enable everything usagi except mipv6 okir (2003-02-11 16:37)
  • scripts/ get kernel tarball from right directory okir (2003-02-07 16:30)
  • scripts/ Get the kernel tarball from old-versions/8.1, not STABLE garloff (2003-02-06 18:18)
  • kernel-source.changes, sequence-numbers, patches.s390/s390-fixes/bz1625-tape.patch, patches.x86_64/bcm5700-update: MERGE3 from UL_1_0. Fix screwup from MERGE2. okir (2003-02-06 16:34)
  • sequence-numbers: merged mipv6 garloff (2003-02-05 18:37)
  • ChangeLog, kernel-source.changes, kernel-source.spec, sequence-numbers, defconfig/ia64.defconfig, patches.common/fusion, patches.ia64/ia64-1-hugetlbfs, patches.x86_64/aacraid-update, scripts/, scripts/ Merge changes from UL_1_0 since MERGE1 and resolve trivial conflicts.
  • update patches.common/prep_long_commandline_for_vi-2.4.19-pre7 readd lost boot hints for PReP boot loader
  • fixed unecessary splitting of last segments in merged scsi requests
  • x86_64: enable write combining for vesafb frame buffer
  • x86_64: quiten NUMA/SMP bootup a bit
  • x86_64: fix & enable k8 machine check
  • x86_64: fix cpu detection, force SSE
  • x86_64: display backtrace for sysrq-p
  • s390: flushtlb fix(bug 21265): use mm_users instead of mm_count.
  • s390: fix user process crash and/or kernel oops in page_alloc.c: could only happen on user/kernel segment archs: sys_munmap for a mapping near the end of the address space can cause an overflow in free_pgtables which frees pages which are still in use(23531)
  • add patches.common/ibm-ppc64-update1-machine_check_fix fix machine check handler path to close a timing window. add patches.common/ibm-ppc64-update1-viotape_errpath_fix Release semaphore on error path in viotape (#23672) LTC2013
  • add patches.common/ibm-ppc64-update1-kdb-reset-button Improve reset button support for entering KDB add patches.common/ibm-ppc64-update1-local_flush_tlb_range_use Remove call to remove_locate_flush_tlb_range which is no longer required in local_flush_tlb_mm
  • fix ide-scsi for non highmem kernels
  • add patches.common/ibm-ppc64-update1-pgtable patches.common/ibm-ppc64-update1-iseries-DABR-interface add iSeries DABR interface; add parens for PAGE defines
  • fix 64bit gs base handling for x86-64
  • reenable fast vsyscalls for SMP and use lockless kernel gettimeofday
  • update patches.common/io_request_lock-scale-3 do not call __scsi_release_command() instead of scsi_release_command() in __scsi_end_request(). Avoids recursion problem in error path. (#21727) LTC1512
  • update patches.common/prep_long_commandline_for_vi-2.4.19-pre7 use 249 chars for cmdline size
  • update patches.common/prep_long_commandline_for_vi-2.4.19-pre7 fix the loop to strip cmd_line properly
  • readd route-ip-frag-timeout
  • fix some SMP races that can lead to hanging rsync processes
  • fix SMP race that can lead to corrupted or lost data on power failure
  • don't enable interrupts unconditionally in exception handlers
  • disable x86-64 machine check again
  • make sure vmalloc uses vmalloc range only
  • patches.i386/linux-dprobes-i386:arch/i386/ change conf script to work around bug in xconfig which defines CONFIG_DPROBES_CORE on write if CONFIG_DPROBES does not exist in loaded config and finally leads to undefined KDB_REASON_BREAK on vmlinux compile.
  • add patches.common/ibm-ppc64-proc_pci_resources check all resource addresses in netdev lookup (#22368)
  • fix truncate bug in aio
  • enable machine check for x86_64
  • add patches.common/svc_setup_socket-race reduce race in socket setup (#21834)
  • backport fix of mii.c to make ethtool happy
  • add patches.common/suse-ppc-pcnet32-multicast-group fix endian bug in multicast group handling (#23312)
  • add patches.common/ibm-ppc64-update1-veth2.diff fix dead veth on iSeries when power down remote partition (#23259)
  • add patches.common/ibm-pp64-update1-viocd-end_of_medium-hang fix hang on iSeries virtual CD (dvd-ram) (#21878) add patches.common/ibm-pp64-update1-viocd-performance performance improvement for iSeries virtual CD (#23186)
  • add s390-3-may2002-patches(s390io, dasd ERP, zfcp dynatt, #23075)
  • 390: disable ul-per-cpu-pages ul-anon-lru and vm_anon_lru-depend
  • Make x86_64/NUMA boot again.
  • Add ACPI PCI hotplug fixes.
  • redo x86_64 CVS update
  • drop lots of old patches
  • merge asm-s390/unistd.h diffs to common/s390_s390x-unistd.h(ihno)
  • fix AAC_NUM_FIB and AAC_NUM_IO_FIB in aacraid for x86_64
  • fix software RAID5 for blk-atomic
  • fix ul-frlock for 486 systems and for notsc case
  • update x86-64 to 030128 cvs
  • add exact stack overflow checking for x86-64 (default to off)
  • fix software RAID1 for blk-atomic
  • update LSI Fusion-MPT driver to
  • update aacraid driver to 0.9.9-axb03
  • update Syskonnect driver sk98lin to v6.02
  • add bcm4400 network driver 1.0.1
  • update bcm5700 driver to 5.0.17
  • remove excessive hangcheck modules (only hangcheck-timer is needed)
  • fix checksum computation in tcp_output for != CHECKSUM_HW
  • add vmalloc ltp fix
  • add performance improvement patches for AIM7
  • add patches.common/ibm-ppc64-update1-asm-elf.diff hide some definitions in #ifdef __KERNEL__ patches.common/ibm-ppc64-update1-eeh.diff update error message in case of failure patches.common/ibm-ppc64-update1-fpe.diff sigfpe handling for userland patches.common/ibm-ppc64-update1-iseries_setup.diff fix hashtable init on iSeries patches.common/ibm-ppc64-update1-kernel-setup.diff fix early boot debug messages patches.common/ibm-ppc64-update1-scanlog.diff disable eventscan buffer in case of error patches.common/ibm-ppc64-update1-veth.diff
  • Race in the veth driver which can occur when both TCP and Hypervisor events queues become empty
  • Check for NULL return in veth on an skb_clone patches.common/ibm-ppc64-update1-viocd.diff Cast fix in viocd patches.common/suse-ppc64-proc_rtas fix rtasdisplayd
Updated kdebase3 (security)
  • call ghostscript in safe mode
  • fix shutdown/reboot behaviour of kdm (#21274)
Updated kdelibs3 (security)
  • security fix from 3.0.5b * run ghostscript in safe mode
  • fixing start of KDE with LANG=de_DE (#23489)
  • fix kimgio eps reading
Updated kdenetwork3 (security)
  • apply 3.0.5a security fixes
    • fix shell quoting in kmail
    • fix possible buffer overflow in kppp, ksirc, ktalkd, kio_lan
Updated kdeutils3 (security)
  • fix build for ppc
  • apply kde 3.0.5a security fixes * fix buffer overflow in ark and klaptopdaemon
Updated libaio (bugfix)
  • fix header to be includable with glibc (#26033)
  • Add missing "const" to libaio.h [#26030]
Added libinet6 (feature)
  • Initial creation of package from usagi-20030106 sources.
  • Use BuildRoot
  • Install into /usr/lib(64)/libinet6.a and /usr/include/inet6/
Added lsb (feature)
  • Obsoletes lsb-runtime
  • Changed ppc and ia6r4 symlinks to wanted look.
  • Add gettext to Requires for LSB 1.3
  • Don't require lsb-runtime, instead include symlink for ld-lsb for ix86
  • Remove mh from requires
  • Added support for ppc32. Specify symlink for for ppc.
  • Check for UnitedLinux if no SuSE-release file found
  • Create LSB entry in etc/lsb-release
  • Bump version number to 1.2
  • Remove link
  • Add requires for lsb-runtime
  • Add xdevel to requires
  • Add MAKEDEV compatibility link
  • Add glibc-i18ndata to requires to pass testsuite
  • Increase version number to 1.1
  • Require all commands needed for LSB
  • Increase version number to 1.0
  • Add pax to requires
  • Add expect to requires (not fixed in LSB-FHS 2.2)
  • Remove tclx from requires (should be fixed in FHS 2.2)
  • Add requires for FHS 2.1
  • Update to lsb_release 1.4
  • Remove /etc/init.d symlink
  • Update to lsb_release 1.3
  • Initial version
Added miplv6 (feature)
  • when checking if MIPv6 kernel module is already loaded, check for all mobile_ip6_* modules (#26115).
  • change mipdiag to use old ioctl interface (#25626)
  • delete the MN's home address in miplv6 stop (#25779)
  • support changed kernel module names
  • Fix path for lsmod/modprobe [Bug #25611]
  • Upgraded to
  • initial checkin from USAGI set.
Updated mod_php4 (security/bugfix)
  • completes the previous fix: now sessions behave the same as in version 4.3.1 with session.bug_compat_warn = 1. Also solves some segfaults happening when session functions were called without starting a session with session_start()
  • fixes two bugs in module session (bug #26431, patch sessvars)
    1. segfault in session_decode()
    2. mixing up globals with $_SESSION elements in session_encode() when element in $_SESSION has been unset
Updated mutt (security)
  • Fix buffer overflow in imap/utf7.c
Updated nagios (bugfix)
  • added logrotate definitions for logfiles
  • fixed embedded perl (#20916) (thanks to mls)
  • running pre-flight configuration check always when starting nagios (#20916)
Updated net-tools (feature)
  • Fixed lib/nstrcmp.c to compare ethXX and ethY correctly by using new nstrcmp from CVS head. [#26950]
  • Fix ifconfig to properly display IPv6 addresses [#26336]
  • USAGI: Some ipv6 tunneling additions.
Updated nfs-utils (bugfix)
  • Fixed off-by-one overflow (#27744)
Updated openldap2 (security)
  • exop-passwd.dif: Fix for uninitialized buffers in the Modfiy Password Extended Operation (Bugzilla: 25676)
  • liblber.dif: Fixes two bugs in liblber by which remote attackers could crash the LDAP server (Bugzilla #22469, OpenLDAP ITS #2275 and
* Mon Nov 18 2002 -
Updated openssh (bugfix)
  • fixed bad behaviour after receiving SIGHUP, when you use arguments on command line (this bug can cause not working reload of init script)
Updated openssl (security/bugfix/feature) GM
  • security fix for two different kind of attacks against the RSA implementation: timing and an extention of the "Bleichenbacher attack"
  • ia64: don't use the bignum assembly optimization [#24389]
  • fix command line parsing of the "rand" command [#23639]
  • security fix: In ssl3_get_record (ssl/s3_pkt.c), minimize information leaked via timing by performing a MAC computation even if incorrrect block cipher padding has been found. This is a countermeasure against active attacks where the attacker has to distinguish between bad padding and a MAC verification error. (CAN-2003-0078)
Added orarun (feature)
  • Set LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.2.5 if /lib/i686 exists
  • removed from postinstall script code that added limits for user oracle to /etc/security/limits.conf since it interferred with the ability to login remotely, e.g. via ssh
  • Added creation of file /etc/rac_on when oracm is started, an Oracle hack used by $ORACLE_HOME/bin/dbca
  • added "restart" to /etc/rc.d/oracle
  • added a status to "status"
  • Fixed error in orarun 1.7: This version did not create /etc/sysconfig/oracle
  • added "raw" to start prerequisites of the oracle SysV startup script, so that the raw device mappings exist *before* any Oracle services start which may use raw devices!
  • Fixed lots of errors in the startup and shutdown sections
  • Added a very basic status section
  • updated sysV startup script to support RAC (ocfs and oracm)
  • include some symlinks because e.g. Oracle Collab. Suite expects some things in the wrong (non-Linux) places
  • Much updated oracle sysV startup script
  • Changed the specfile to use suse macro for the fillup and insserv
  • Checked package into autobuild
Updated perl (bugfix)
  • fix memory leak in socket creation
  • restart stdio read/write when receiving EINTR
Updated postgresql (security/bugfix)
  • Use test-and-set locks for x86_64 instead of slow semaphores. (postgresql-x86_64.patch, Bug #27308)
  • Applied the bug and security fixes, that went into version 7.2.3, and 7.2.4. (Bug #25784, postgresql-7.2.4.patch).
  • Backported the ppc and ppc64 test-and-set inline assembler code from the 7.3.1 packages (postgresql-ppc.patch). Disabled obsolete postgresql-ppc-largemem.patch, and postgresql-ppc64.patch.
Updated ppp (security/bugfix/feature) GM
  • prevent buffer overflow in MPPE (#27062)
  • enable IPv6 and add a small patch to fix compilation.
Updated pptpd (security)
  • fix pptp daemon buffer overflow with controlpacket length(#26508)
Updated qpopper (security)
  • fixed buffer overflow after authentication
Updated samba (security/bugfix)
  • fix pointer cast on 64bit big endian architecture in winbind_nss.c, #27220
  • cleanup %post script part which takes care of old configuration location
  • remove tdbtorture from package on request of the Samba team
  • remove %ghost from sym linked files
  • add security patch - buffer overrun, CAN-2003-0201, #26086
  • add missing client part of security fix SuSE-SA:2003:016, CAN-2003-0085, CAN-2003-0086, #25689
  • readd map to guest = Bad User to smb.conf
  • add mkntpwd
  • add security patch from SuSE Security Team
  • cleanup init scripts try-restart part
  • remove rc_reset from status part of nmb init script
  • ensure SuSEconfig -module samba is called after the package installation is not done with YaST
  • remove check for existence of sysconfig and smb.conf from smbfs init script
  • warn also in SuSEconfig.samba if SAMBA_SAM is not or wrong set; use classic as default if so
  • move tdbtools to the client package
  • add /usr/lib/samba/{classic,ldap}/ to the client package file list
  • add product suffix to README and smb.conf files of documentation
  • mark sym links from /var/lib/samba/bin/ as %ghost
  • use rc_exit, not exit at the end of the smbfs init script, #21641
  • add ACL mapping fixes from Andreas Gruenbacher <>
  • intergrate ACL fixes from Andreas Gruenbacher <>
Updated scsi (bugfix)
  • fix problem with scsidev in link mode: links have pointed to whole disk device instead of partitions.
Added scsirastools (feature)
  • Fix devfs detection in sgraidmon as well.
  • Fix devfs detection.
  • Include errno.h in getmd
  • Update to 1.3.9 which comes without the firmwares (whose license is unclear).
  • Fix init script.
  • Split package into scsirastools and scsirastools-firmware
  • Initial creation of scsirastools-1.3.8
  • Disabled build of mdadm (it's provided by an own package)
  • Fixed paths to be LSB compliant
  • Fixed init script to be UL compliant
Updated sendmail (security)
  • sendmail-8.12.6-prescan.8.12.patch fixes another heap overflow (security)
  • sendmail-8.12.6-heapoverflow.dif fixes heap overflow (security)
Updated shadow (bugfix)
  • Allow A-Z and . as characters for login names. [Bug #24891]
Updated snort (security)
  • fix overflow in rpc_decode (bugzilla#27287)
  • fix overflow in stream4 preprocessor
Updated star (bugfix)
  • Update to 1.4.2, which includes the fix from Oct 29.
  • names-with-spaces.diff fixes a bug with spaces in user/group names of ACL entries.
  • Update the Source tag in the spec file to the new FTP server (was:{name}-%{version}.tar.bz2)
Updated syslogd (bugfix)
  • added patch to prevent resolver failures from stalling syslogd and all log clients (#27046)
  • fixed syslog-ng hook in init-script - Bugzilla #22910 / #23032 new patch file: syslog-ng-hook.dif
Updated tcpdump (security)
  • fixed security bugs in parsing ISAKMP, BGP, NFS and AFS
Updated textutils (bugfix)
  • Fix bugs in fold when running in multibyte locale.
Updated ucdsnmp (bugfix)
  • Fixed bug in snmptable that caused a segfault when using BULK requests [#25003]
Updated w3m (security)
  • fix a security bug where w3m will miss to escape html tag in 1) frame contents and 2) img alt attribute, so malicious frame html will deceive you to access your local files, cookies and so on (CAN-2002-1335, CAN-2002-1348)
  • fix segmentation fault caused by large complex table
  • add fix for segfault that can occur when editing a textarea field with vi, and returning to w3m (it seems to happen if the terminal is not writable, as when using w3m after 'su - some_user') [#17597]
Updated wget (security)
  • Add security fix that makes wget check for '..' and '/' in file names.
Added xshared (security/bugfix)
  • p_xlclocale.diff: A buffer overflow vulnerability was fixed
  • p_fixes.diff: removed bogus brackets behind #undef
Updated yast2-bootloader (bugfix/feature)
  • fixed installation on RAID1 md (#26319)
  • fixed workflow on IA64 (#27607)
  • not touching gfxmenu line in GRUB's menu.lst during update (#26640)
  • 2.6.72
  • not rewritining zipl configuration filess during service pack installation on S390 any more
  • 2.6.71
  • updated doaboot script (
  • fixed detection of installed bootloader during update of 8.1, UL1, SLES8 and on them based products (#26421)
  • 2.6.70
Updated yast2-online-update (bugfix)
  • Destruct PatchManager at exit of YaST. This is needed to unmount the installation media.
  • Don't preselect patch of kind "YaST2", if it only has new versions for non-installed packages.
Updated yast2-users (bugfix)
  • fixed running groups administration from ncurses CC
  • SLOS text added in inst_root
  • saving root password in RAM ( SLOS )
  • fix: /etc/gshadow wrongly written if group has empty disposer (#27096)
  • 2.6.35
  • Added slos product cd workflow
  • Allow A-Z and . as characters for login names (#24891).
  • 2.6.33
Updated zebra (bugfix)
  • Removed install_info macros for CGL again.
  • Use %install_info macro [#23478]
  • added kame-fix patch of
  • bzipped source and rc.* moved to rc.tar.bz2 (init/SuSE/*)
  • Upgrade to zebra-0.93b
  • Added pam script

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