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Recommended update for Xen


(Last modified: 16MAR2007)

solutions Recommended update for Xen SuSE Linux Maintenance Web (28b9da4eeb293fa1e9eaeea4887b8548)

Applies to

Package: xen
Product(s): SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 SP1 Upgrade for x86
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 SP1 Upgrade for AMD64 and Intel EM64T
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP1 Upgrade for x86
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP1 Upgrade for AMD64 and Intel EM64T
Zypp-Patch-Number: 2812
Release: 20070316
Obsoletes: none


These packages are the updates for Service Pack 1 of SUSE Linux Enterprise
10. Install them to have your system at SP1 level.



Problem description

  • Make vm-install support NFS for SUSE (#241251).
  • Fixed bug #250522
    • Upstream c/s 13557 stores model attribute of vif in xenstore.
  • Update vm-install:
    • Better description on "Virtual Disk" drop-down (not "xvda")
    • Proper separation of recording options versus calculating defaults; fixes corner cases
    • #247849, #253013, 253009: Multiple fixes related to how disks are defined, centered around bug #247849 (handle partitioned PV installation disk)
    • #252437: Allow virtual CDROM to be added (via ISO) even if physical CDROM doesn't exist
  • Fixed bug #252396
    • Added upstream c/s 14021. Applies to Xen API c-bindings - low risk.
    • Added local patch to correctly set Xen API Console.protocol property
  • Added upstream patch that fixes save/restore on 32pae guests. Upstream c/s 14150. Bug #237859
  • Remove a debug message which is spamming the logs during live migration.
  • Fixed handling of vbd type in Xen API <-> sexpr integration. Bug #250351
    • Updated an existing patch (xend_disk_decorate_rm.patch) and then renamed patch to xend_vbd_type.patch to better reflect purpose of patch.
  • Default apic=0 for SLES 8 and 9, for performance. (#228133)
  • Xen kernel crashes at domain creation time. Bug #248183. Fix mouse for win2k hvm guest.
  • Incorrect values returned for actions_after_* in Xen API. Added patch xend-actions-after.patch for fix. Patch submitted upstream as well. Bug #250870.
  • Update vm-install:
    • Fixed possible "tree path exception" when editing disk
    • Fixed failure to properly refresh fields when editing disk
    • #248356: allow specifying bridge
  • Add check for HVM domain in domain_save. The check is performed in domain_suspend and should be included here as well.
  • Update vm-install:
    • #250201: for linux PVFB, pass xencons=tty if graphics=none
    • #250016: honor non-sparse flag
  • Fix exception caused by incorrect method name in xen-messages.diff. This is one of perhaps several problems with save/restore, bug #237859
  • Add xen-ioemu-hvm-pv-support.diff This patch allows for shutting down the IDE drive.
  • Fix bug #243667
    • Updated domUloader to accept '--args' parameter. The args provided as an option to --args are simply added to the sexpr returned by domUloader. pygrub has similar behavior.
  • Update vm-install:
    • #249013, #228113: default to realtek instead of pcnet
    • #249124: write os-type to config files
    • Updated translations
    • Setting os_type should implicitly set full_virt; fixes NIC model exceptions
    • Add "Add" button to Operating System Installation page, based on usability feedback
    Added changeset 13786 and 14022 from xen-unstable. These changesets affect the Xen API C bindings only and are low risk. This is a continuation of support for FATE feature 110320. ECO has been approved for late arrival of this feature.
  • Update vm-install:
    • #244772: display error message in GUI if xen isn't running
    • #246049: better error message when OS==SUSE but ISO looks wrong
    • Fix printing of jobid when run with --background
  • Don't allow "xm create" of running VM. (#245253)
  • Update vm-install:
    • Fix inability to use already-extracted SUSE kernel/initrds
    • Fix accumulation of 0-byte tmp files
    • #237063: close fds before running vncviewer
    • default apic=0 for Windows, due to performance
  • Domain0 reboots after 2-6 hours of running guests. (#246160)
  • Fix typo in xendomains. (#246107)
  • Fix order in which vm-install processes command-line arguments.
  • Added changeset 13775 from xen-unstable. This patch fixes the last known issue with the Xen API patchset backported from xen-unstable.
  • Added c/s 13226 from xen-unstable. It affects Xen API only.
  • Added patch to remove ':disk' and 'tap:qcow' from stored domain config. Fixes bug #237414 and helps with bug #242953.
  • Backported Xen API functionality from xen-unstable to support hosting CIM providers. This functionality is required for
    FATE feature 110320. ECO has been approved.
    • Includes 19 changesets from xen-unstable. Most are specific to Xen API.
    • Includes 1 patch that relaxes parsing of xml response in Xen API c-bindings.
  • Added x86-nmi-inject.patch for NW debuging. (#245942)
  • kernel panic in DomU while installing 32bit DomU on 64bit Dom0. (#244055) Patches 13630-domctl.patch, 13903-domctl.patch and 13908-domctl.patch
  • Updated patch pae-guest-linear-pgtable.patch
  • Load xenblk at dom0 start to support bootstrapping from non-loopback devices. (#242963, #186696)
  • Update vm-install:
    • Update translations
    • Clean up exception error codes and sync man pages
    • Honor ordering of arguments (as claimed in man page)
    • #240984: properly detach vncviewer
    • #240387: default to absolute coordinate mouse for Windows
  • Drop logging patch. (#245150)
  • remove -fstack-protector from RPM_OPT_FLAGS for now
  • Update vm-install:
    • Allow specifing disk (and disk size) vs. cdrom from CLI
    • Add missing -M/--max-memory parameter to CLI to match GUI
    • #241528: Display error if user selects FV OS but hw lacks VT
    • Move all consistency checks out of Options class, since CLI options may be processed in a "bad" order
    • Fix infinite loops when info is missing from background jobs
    • --background implies --no-auto-console
    • Don't let user close progress window
    • Fix bug in qemu slowness work-around, reported by Jan Albrecht
    • Do disk.validate() when clicking "OK" on disks page
    • #238959: Probe for removable media via /sys/block
    • Output VNC info for backgrounded job
    • Fix method of waiting for VM to exit when --no-autoconsole
    • #239582: Use extracted kernel-xen/initrd-xen if present
  • disable commented out buildreq for kernel for the moment to workaround endless rebuild
  • xm-test should clean up xenstore better (#180138)
  • Implement better job support for CIM (#241197)
  • Temporary fix to allow PV VMs to reboot (#237414)
  • Delete PYTHONOPTIMIZE for good; callers don't set it.
  • Update xen-3.0.4 (changeset 13138); includes migration bugfix.
  • Enable building KMP.
  • Fix xendomains to work with managed domains. (#238781)
  • Various bug fixes of 32on64, from Jan and Keir.
  • Gerd's fix for domain builder with > 4 GB RAM (#233761)
  • Update xen-vm-install:
    • [#234331], #239007: CD/DVDs should always be marked read-only
    • [#238458]: Work-around qemu slowness bug
    • [#239196]: Support SLED
    • [#239275]: Fix .desktop file
    • [#240064]: Clean up VMs better after failed install
  • Update xen-vm-install:
    • [#237370]: Can now install 32pae SLES 10 on x86_64 hypervisor
    • [#237396]: Be able to use an existing disk, bypass OS installation
    • Fix handling of user's extra_args
  • Patch from Jan to enable building PV drivers KMP for FV SUSE. Currently conditionalized.
  • Drop unused patches xen-io-register-context.diff and xen-console.diff
  • Fix handling of localtime config file parameter for PV guests (#234376)
  • Update xen-vm-install (NIC UI work; do not require tcp port bz [#236517]; integrate with virt-manager)
  • Update xen-vm-install (more disk UI work; support NetWare response files and licenses)
  • Major fixes to xen-vm-install (adding disks in the UI now works, and fixed several CLI exceptions)
  • Microcode does not need to be exactly 2048 bytes (changeset 13079; Kurt)
  • Include script to clone SLES 10 domU, from coolsolutions (fate [#301742])
  • Updated patches from Gerd and Jan, including PAE > 4 gig fix, updated VGA console patch.
  • Updated xen-vm-install with finalized strings and desktop file.
  • Include xen-unstable patches for HVM save/restore and 32-on-64 HVM.
  • Update to xen-3.0.4-1 (changeset 13132).
  • Update xen-vm-install and domUloader to support NetWare.
  • Include AMD's nested page table patches.
  • Update to xen-3.0.4 (changeset 13129).
  • Fix from upstream for mis-emulation of x86-64 pop.
  • Many patches from Jan Beulich and Gerd Hoffmann in support of 32 on 64 pv guests. These patches apply to both the hypervisor and the tools.
  • Do not require authentication on XenAPI socket, since CIMOM does not support authentication. Socket is only accessible to root.
  • Update to xen-3.0.4 (changeset 13100).
  • Update xen-vm-install tools.
  • Include Jim's 2 xen-tools patches for CIM provider issues.
  • Update to xen-3.0.4-rc3 (changeset 13087).
  • Fix line terminators in block-iscsi (#228864)
  • Make domUloader work with blktap support in xend.
  • Update to xen-3.0.4-rc2 (changeset 13067).
  • Update to xen-3.0.4-rc1 (changeset 12901).
  • Patch for loading bimodal PAE kernel to suuport NetWare
  • Update to xen-unstable (changeset 12757).
  • Enable unix domain socket for xend; needed by tools.
  • Update to xen-unstable (changeset 12734; feature freeze for 3.0.4)
  • Make /etc/xen mode 0700 to protect vnc passwords.
  • Fix how bootloader is called by the xend during restarts. (#223850)
  • Series of patches from Jan to address selectors with non-zero- bases and other related issues in HVM. (#214568)
  • Default pae=1, otherwise 64 bit HVM does not work at all. (#217160)
  • Backport several HVM fixes. (#176171?)
  • Fix some problems in the xen-hvm-default-bridge patch. (#219092)
  • xmlrpc isn't 64-bit clean, causing xend to get exceptions when PFN is > 2 GB. (#220418)
  • Backport changesets 11847, 11888, 1189[6-9], 119[00-18], 11974, 1203[0-2], and 12205 from xen-unstable so that the PV drivers can compile on older kernels such as sles9 and rhel4
  • Fix netfront.c to fail the probe if it is called for an ioemu type device. This allows both PV and FV drivers to exist at same time in the FV guest.
  • Add xen-vm-install.
  • Default bridge correctly for HVM guests. (#219092)
  • Set correct permissions on man files.
  • Update name of blktap.ko in xend init script. (#215384)
  • Remove some extraneous bad chars in xm manpage. (#218440)
  • Update logrotate.conf.
  • Update spec file.
  • Backport xen-unstable changesets 12040 to address spurious interrupts with PV drivers in HVM guests.
  • Backport xen-unstable changesets 1184[1-3] to address SVM interrupt injection issues. Replaces earlier (broken) patches.
  • /var/lib/xen/images should not be world readable. (#214638)
  • Update to xen-3.0.3-0 (changeset 11774; no code changes).
  • Update to xen-3.0.3-testing changeset 11772 (rc5).
  • Fix several possible type errors when running domUloader.
  • Remove pygrub. Was broken on reiserfs and never had ext2 support, so it is useless. (#173384)
  • First attempt at moving domUloader to blktap. Still disabled due to block-detach failing.
  • Update to xen-3.0.3-testing changeset 11760 (rc4).
  • Update to xen-3.0.3-testing changeset 11740 (rc3).
  • Fix crash on PAE when specifying dom0_mem=4096M. (#211399)
  • Make xend.balloon aware of kernel's memory floor, to fix "Privileged domain did not balloon" errors. (#184727)
  • Include AMD's interrupt injection fix.
  • Imported keymap patch. (#203758)
  • Account for minimum memory required by dom0 kernel. (#184727)
  • Package /usr/include/xen/hvm/*.h
  • Update to xen-3.0.3-testing changeset 11686.
  • Updated README.SuSE to reflect the current method of handling Xen network-bridging when using SuSEfirewall2. (#205092)
  • Cleanup BuildRequires.
  • Only "eval" disks once in domUloader, to match current Xen.
  • Switch to xen-3.0.3-testing tree; changeset 11633.
  • Update (but disable) paravirtualized framebuffer patches.
  • Update to xen-unstable changeset 11623.
  • Fix domUloader typo introduced in last update.
  • Build debug version of xen-pae.
  • Update to xen-unstable changeset 11616.
  • Update check_python script to identify Python 2.5 RCs as valid.
  • Update to xen-unstable changeset 11440.
  • xen-tools conflicts with qemu. Do not package qemu.1 manpage. (#204758)
  • Include Jan's updated patch for #192150 (to preserve register context when doing IO).
  • Update block-nbd and xmexample.nbd, and add block-iscsi and xmexample.iscsi (from Kurt).
  • Automatically create/destroy virtual frame buffer viewer. Add "sdl=1" to config file of a paravirtualized VM to get the viewer.
  • Log files have moved to /var/log/xen.
  • xendomains does not actually save domains. (#201349)
  • Update to xen-unstable changeset 11299.
  • Fix incorrect path on x86_64 for vncfb and sdlfb.
  • Improve xendomains init script, to handle unset sysconfig vars.
  • Import virtual framebuffer patches.
  • Drop reboot patch; resync patches.
  • Update to xen-unstable changeset 11134.
  • Drop xen-reverse-10064.diff now that kernel is updated.
  • Re-enabled patch for #184175.
  • Update to xen-unstable changeset 10986.
  • Include Jan's patch to preserve register context when doing IO. (#192150)
  • Add support to domUloader for "xm create --dry-run". Based on patch from HP.
  • Add link for qemu-dm that is invariant across architectures, so that VM config files can be simple key/value pairs parsable by yast, and still be movable to another arch. (#193854)
  • Add loop.ko to rescue image created by mk-xen-rescue-img, and remove usbfs from image's /etc/fstab since USB isn't yet supported, to avoid errors during boot. (#191627)
  • Update to xen-unstable changeset 10712.
  • Update domUloader and rcxend to work with blktap.
  • When waiting for domains to shut down, must also wait for loopback devices to be torn down, otherwise higher-level tools may migrate a VM before the disk image is flushed. (#185557)
  • More updates to the README.
  • Added for loop to retry the losetup -d in /etc/xen/scripts/block. It is possible for the losetup -d to fail if another process is examining the loopback devices e.g. losetup -a. (#151105)
  • Corrected and updated README.
  • Add Jeff Mahoney's block-sync.diff, to give control of "losetup -y" to the user (and potentially yast). Defaults to old async behavior. (#190869)
  • Update to xen-unstable tree. Revert changeset 10064, to maintain backwards compatibility with SLES 10.


Please install the updates provided at the location noted below.

Installation notes

This update is provided as an RPM package that can easily be installed onto a running system by using this command:
rpm -Fvh xen.rpm xen-libs.rpm xen-tools.rpm xen-tools-ioemu.rpm xen-devel.rpm xen-doc-html.rpm xen-doc-pdf.rpm xen-doc-ps.rpm

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