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UnitedLinux 1.0 x86 Service Pack 2a (SP2+hotfix)


(Last modified: 23MAY2003)

solutions UnitedLinux 1.0 x86 Service Pack 2a (SP2+hotfix) SuSE Linux Maintenance Web (18d6106fdb6edbf7808f094d23311c58)

Applies to

Product(s): SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 8 for x86
SuSE Linux Openexchange Server 4

Package: aaa_base
Release: 20030523
Obsoletes: none


Update system to Service Pack 2a level (SP2 + hotfix kernel).
An alternative way besides downloading the patches or doing an online update via YOU is to download the ISO images for the Service Pack 2 CD:
Release Notes for UnitedLinux 1.0 x86 Service Pack 2a (SP2+hotfix)
[ This is a convienience recut of SP2 ISO/patch, named SP2a. The only change ] [ compared to SP2 ISO/patch is that it contains the hotfix kernel, release ] [ number 304, which fixes a memory corruption and two security bugs. ]
1. Enhancements
1.1 Carrier Grade Linux Features 1.2 Other enhancements
2. Maintenance fixes
2.1 Bugfixes 2.2 Security fixes
3. Packages released with SP2
1. Enhancements
1.1 Carrier Grade Linux Features
Section 1.1 describes all features which are part of the Carrier Grade Linux Requirements Definition V1.1 and which have been newly implemented in or enhanced with Service Pack 2. The numbers in brackets are taken from the Carrier Grade Linux Requirements Definition V1.1 numbering scheme.
The detailed Carrier Grade Linux specification can be found under
1.1.1 Standards Event Logging POSIX IEEE 1003.25 [1.3]
Provide event logging support that fully complies with the draft POSIX 1003.25 standard. This will allow structuring of kernel messages and thus easier detect and react on fault events. IPv6 RFCs [1.4.1]
Provide support for IPv6 for delivering next generation networks support. Advantages of IPv6 over the currently used IPv4 protocol are wider address space, better autodetection and autoconfiguration of networks, hosts and services and more efficient routing and broadcasting. IPSECv6 RFCs [1.4.2]
Provide support for IPSECv6 for delivering encryption and authentication of low-level packets and thus secure communication across the next generation networks. Made implementation also work with IPSECv4 userspace (FreeSWAN). MIPv6 RFCs [1.4.3]
Provide support for mobile IPv6, which specifies the operation of mobile computers and devics using IPv6. This allows each mobile node to be identified by its home address regardless of its current point of attachement. POSIX Threads Standards Compliance [1.6]
Used NGPT to ease port applications using POSIX threads.
1.1.2 Platform Remote Boot Support [2.2]
Support remote booting across common LAN and WAN communication media. This is very usefull for diskless systems and/or rack mounted servers. Boot Cycle Detection [2.3]
The system will detect a frequent reboot cycle due to recurring failure and will go offline instead of causing any further trouble e.g. by creating a lot of network traffic or faulty data. Diskless Systems [2.5]
Provide support for diskless systems loading their application or the whole system over the network.
1.1.3 Availability Watchdog Timer Interface Requirements [3.2.1]
Support watchdog timers. These timers allow to perform a certain operation like a reboot in case a timeout occurs. A working system will reset these timers regularly where a hanging system could get rebooted by a watchdog timer action. This also includes support for watchdog hardware used in Telco systems. Application Heartbeat Monitor [3.3]
Allows to monitor applications for availability and proper functionality. A heartbeat signal generated periodically from the application shows that it is still alive. In case no further signal arrives a failover setup/script can be triggered. Ethernet Link Aggregation [3.4.1]
Support bonding of multiple ethernet cards for bandwidth aggregation. RAID 1 Support [3.5.1]
Provide mirroring support to maintain duplicate sets of all data on separate disk drives.
1.1.4 Servicability Kernel Dump Targets [4.2.1]
Support for producing and storing kernel dumps to local disk, the network or memory. Kernel dumps are very usefull for offline debugging of a problem. Kernel Summary Dump [4.2.2]
Support for producing summary kernel dumps containing only specified data structures. Dynamic Debug / Probe Insertion [4.4]
Provide support to dynamically insert software instrumentation into a running system in the kernel or applications. Platform Signal Handler [4.5]
Provide infrastructure to allow interrupts generated by "hardware errors" to be logged using the event logging mechanism. Remote Access to Event Log [4.6]
Allow to access the event log information from remote.
1.1.5 Tools User-Level (gdb) Debug Support for Threads [5.1]
Support debugging of multi-threaded programs via gdb.
1.1.6 Performance Soft Real-Time Performance [6.1.1]
Provide capability to configure scheduler to provide soft real time support with a low latency. Low latency support [6.1.2]
Reduce the latency of the kernel reaction to realtime or interactive events for low-priority processes even if the kernel works under heavy load. RAID 0 Support [6.2]
Provide RAID 0 (striping) support to enhance performance for request-rate-intensitive or transfer-rate-intensitive environments. Application Pre-Loading [6.3]
Support fully loading and pinning the pages of an application before execution. This will make sure no slowdown can happen as with demand paged execution. This is very usefull in diskless environments to reduce network traffic and burst execution speed. Concurrent Timers Scaling Behaviour and Report [6.4.1]
Support large number and better scalability of many concurrent timers.
1.2 Other enhancements
1.2.1 Kernel driver updates/fixes for new hardware support
The following driver updates/changes were made:
  • updated bcm5700 driver to 6.2.2. Solves problem with MAC address being all zero
  • fix drivers/net/ bcm5700 is gigabit, not FDDI
  • Recognise ALI K8 NIC in Tulip dmfe.
  • Use old SCSI EH handler for MPT fusion driver.
  • add support for 3com 9201 network card to 3c59x driver
  • update qla2x00 driver to v6.05.60-fo-dist. Fixes performance problem with bounce buffers. EMC certified version of the qlogic driver can be found in the /images directory on the SP2 CD.
  • update Syskonnect driver sk98lin to v6.05
  • Fix aic7xxx EISA ioport registration.
  • update aic7xxx driver to 6.2.29
  • update aic79xx driver to 1.3.2
  • update 3ware driver to
  • fix SMP deadlock in eepro100 driver
  • bonding driver: fixed SMP deadlock in set_multicast_list
  • add IPMI driver
  • fix memory leak in e100 driver
  • add new PCI IDs to e100 network driver
  • update IBM ServeRAID driver ips.c to version 6.00.26
  • keep old IBM ServeRAID driver as ips_old in version 5.11.05
  • update megaraid driver to 1.19.6
  • add new driver megaraid-v2.00.3 (old one still there)
  • update cciss driver to 2.4.44
  • enable XMM on more Athlons
  • add correct support for IBM x445 ("RUTHLESS")
  • add patches.i386/unisys-ide: Find IRQs for IDE driver on Unisys ES7000 machines
  • Better sort SCSI scan blacklist and remove double entries.
    • Add | LARGELUN to HP A6188A, A6189A, A6189B, OPEN- and to COMPAW MSA1000 (as requested by HP)
    • Remove FORCELUN from EMC SYMMETRIX (does not make sense)
    • Add DELL PV-136T-FC, IBM 3542 and WINSYS FLASHDISK G6 with FORCELUN flag (requested by EMC, should probably be SPARSELUN or SPARSELUN | LARGELUN)
  • add two new entries to the scsi_scan blacklist for sparselun
1.2.2 Kernel performance and scalability improvements Include sys_epoll system call
A new very usefull system call epoll() was added. This is usefull for application which have to listen on many things at once and where the select() call is way too inefficient.
Important note: The kernel implementation currently only supports edge-triggered and not level-triggered behaviour. Efficient support for raw vector IO
Defines readv/writev methods for raw IO which coalesce the iovecs into a single IO operation. Without this patch the kernel uses repeated invocations of the device's read/write functions. Improves TPC-H/DB2 benchmark by 50%. Raw IO optimization patch
Increases the blocksize used for raw IO. Improves CPU utilization by reducing the number of buffer heads needed for such operations. Improves TPC-H by 16%. Raised limit of bigpages
Allows now to use up to 32 GB in bigpages on i386. Dynamic configuration/tuning of scheduler
Added sysctl_sched_yield_scale feature that allows choosing between optimization for scalability and interactiveness. By default it is switched off, so the behaviour is completely unchanged. For certain benchmarks, one wants to "echo 1 > /proc/sys/sched_yield_scale"
1.2.3 Other new kernel features and optimizations
The following smaller kernel features/optimizations were added:
  • export symbol brw_kvec_async, needed by ocfs
  • add hidden network device functionality
  • make sigaction SA_NOCLDWAIT posix compliant
  • increase maximum number of kernel command line args
  • bootsplash code update can hide boot messages behind splashscreen
  • add config variable CONFIG_UNITEDLINUX_KERNEL to allow distinguish a UnitedLinux kernel from the vanilla kernel
  • decrease time spent on get_unmapped_area function
  • better wakeup algorithm for kinoded feature
  • define readv/writev methods for raw IO which coalesce the iovecs into a single IO operation. Backport from 2.4.21-pre5aa1
  • merge elevator-merge-fast-path feature from CVS head
  • fixed unecessary splitting of last segments in merged scsi requests
1.2.4 Updated RAS tools
The following RAS tools were updated to the latest versions:
  • Updated dprobes to version 3.6.4
  • Updated evlog to version 1.5.1
  • Updated heartbeat to version 1.0.2
  • Updated lkcd to version 4.1_1
1.2.5 New packages
  • Added CGL packages
The following packages were added or updated to implement all the Carrier Grade Features of 1.1:
  • aaa_base
  • bootcycle (NEW)
  • dhcp6 (NEW)
  • dprobes
  • evlog
  • freeswan
  • gdb
  • glibc
  • grub
  • heartbeat
  • iproute2
  • KERNEL (k_athlon, k_debug, k_deflt, k_psmp, k_smp, kernel-source)
  • libinet6 (NEW)
  • lkcdutils
  • miplv6 (NEW)
  • net-tools
  • ngpt
  • ppp
  • scsirastools (NEW)
  • Added dhcp-client package
Additional dhcp client package which has some nice features needed in more sophisticated DHCP setups.
2. Maintenance fixes
2.1 Bugfixes
Service Pack 2 contains all bugfixes released via the maintenance Web. Since Service Pack 1 bugfixes were released for the following packages:
  • aaa_base
    • fix problem with depmod running for wrong kernel
    • take shell & insmod from target system if not working in "/" (#21958)
    • etc/init.d/boot.klog: if no klogconsole, use dmesg to set loglevel
  • bootsplash
    • add 640x480 config file for UnitedLinux theme
  • dprobes
    • update to version 3.6.4
    • include tailprint utility
  • drbd
    • update to version 0.6.3
    • Lockup of primary if secondary fails during resync fixed
    • Probabely SMP only deadlock in the drop-conection code path fixed
    • Fixed a bug that could cause lockup of the primary node on SMP systems using a SCSI device for DRBD, it always happened during resynchronisation. (!)
    • SMP fix in drbd_dio_end_sec()
    • init script fixes
    • 'Bitmap too small' bug fixed (bug #25384)
    • Moved drbdsetup to /sbin to support /usr on nfs
    • added /etc/ha.d/resource.d/datadisk to filelist so it is possible to install heartbeat after drbd
    • removed unneeded /etc/ha.d/resource.d/drbd-control
  • ethtool
    • updated to current CVS version
    • fixed ethtool to work with Goliad Gigabit (e1000) adapters
  • evlog
    • updated to version 1.5.1
    • enabled remote logging stuff
    • prevent hanging ssh and yast2 sessions
    • minor fixes to init script
    • fix for multithreaded apps
    • fixed order in which evlog daemons are shut down
    • added /sbin/rcevlog
  • freeswan
    • sshd and $netdaemons are not Required-Start
  • gcc
    • update to bugfix release 3.2.2
    • this bugfix release fixes a couple of compile problems for e.g. Java or the GLOBUS grid tool.
    • fixed reload bug with match_dup.
    • fixed loop optimizer bug.
    • fixed RTX_UNCHANGING bug.
  • gdb
    • Add NGPT patch.
    • Enable TUI.
    • Several Dwarf2 and x86-64 specific changes
      • Added ability to do backtrace from some functions without debug info (patch gdb-asmbtrace.diff)
      • Fixed crash on re-run of a debugged program.
      • Added some more verbosity to dwarf2cfi engine.
    • Update to gdb 5.3.
      • GNU/Linux shared library multi-threaded performance improved.
      • ``gdbserver'' now supports multi-threaded applications on some targets
      • GDB now supports C/C++ preprocessor macros.
    • Handle gcc code generated by gcc -f-elimante-dwarf2-dups -g.
    • Avoid installing libbfd, libopcodes, libiberty and libmmalloc
  • glibc
    • Add one version with and one without floating stack on i686.
    • Add fix for xdr integer overflow
    • Add --mlock option for
    • libnss_dns is now full IPv6 capable.
    • Added some ipv6 atm stuff to the linux kernelheaders.
    • Applied USAGI patches: usagi-include.diff: add NI_NUMERICSCOPE usagi-getnameinfo.diff: handle numeric scopes usagi-getaddrinfo.diff: handle v4mapped addresses, and handle some ipv6/ipv4 interaction issues.
    • Added usagi linux kernel header additions for /usr/include/linux.
  • grub
    • no graphics menu if 'hiddenmenu' or 'savedefault --once' are used
    • imported totally rewritten memory layout handling from CVS. This should work around the broken nforce chipsets.
    • made more robust:
      • use /boot/grub/ by default if it exists
      • erroneous lines are now skipped, and don't lead to no at all any more.
  • heartbeat
    • Fixes to heartbeat's mlockall() strategy to reduce the chance of being hit by a page fault under load in timing critical sections.
    • Fix for IPC socket code which did not deal correctly with messages still to be read from a socket which has already indicated disconnect, the final message would not be read.
    • Fixed apphbd restart failure.
    • man page update for apphbd
    • Incorporated fix from Ram Pai of IBM EVMS group for message loss under high load.
    • Includes bugfix for send_arp and others.
    • Incorporated fix for apphbd realtime freeze
    • Fixes bug in apcmastersnmp module for copying outlet names
    • Fixes for CCM (STONITH will now tell if no device was configured)
    • wti_nps / apcmaster modules: fixes for telnet timing on fast machines.
    • Fix for local status updates getting delayed / lost.
    • Fix in IPaddr if used with LVS & hidden interfaces on loopback.
    • Corrected placement of apphbd pid file
    • Supports millisecond timeouts, includes startstop script
    • Fixed memory leak in heartbeat-ldirectord due to Perl socket() bug
    • ipfail socket now created correctly
    • Fix for ucast comm plugin (again)
  • inetd
    • prevent segfault on internal services when there are interfaces with no assigned address
  • kdebase3
    • fix shutdown/reboot behaviour of kdm
    • fix klipper URL handling
    • fix KIOSK mode
  • kdelibs3
    • fix start of KDE with LANG=de_DE
    • fix kimgio eps reading
  • kdenetwork3
    • fix shell quoting in kmail
    • fix possible buffer overflow in kppp, ksirc, ktalkd, kio_lan
  • kdeutils3
    • fix buffer overflow in ark and klaptopdaemon
  • KERNEL The SP2 kernel has been extensively tested on high workloads and during stress and benchmark tests. The following bugfixes were applied:
    • data corruption and race condition fixes
      • add missing pprev init in tcp_minisocks
      • fix random memory corruption on high network load
      • add barrier feature to ensure data consistency after power loss
      • correctly initialize inode->i_rdev in clean_inode
      • fix race in IDE driver that results in stack corruption
      • fix IDE IRQ masking problem that can cause general block corruption
      • fix ide-scsi for non highmem kernels
      • fix SMP races in floppy driver
      • fix for blk-atomic
      • fix off-by-one error in ioremap
      • fix broken fsync
      • fix race in end_kio_request
      • fix a bug when failing a spare device and another one in hot removal of a spare device
    • deadlock/hang fixes
      • prevent deadlocks during show_task()
      • fix hangup during XSession logout on i810 systems if 3D is enabled
      • fix SMP deadlock in bonding driver
      • fix SMP scheduler deadlock
      • fix JFS deadlocks
      • fix Reiserfs deadlocks
      • fix ext2/ext3 deadlocks
    • Reiserfs filesystem fixes
      • avoid unneeded metadata commits during direct io in reiserfs
      • prevent transaction overflow on heavily fragmented files
      • data-logging-update patch to solve io stalls in data-ordered mode
      • fix o_direct oops when writing to the end of the hole, when a file has a tail followed by the hole
      • fix NFS mounts of reiserfs exports: symlink(2) failed with EIO
      • fix reiserfs j_wcount = 0 BUG
    • Ext2/Ext3 filesystem fixes
      • fix ext3 scheduling storm and lockup
      • fix deadlock with nfs + ext3
      • fix "Ext2/3: noatime ignored for newly created inodes" problem
    • JFS filesystem fixes
      • Fix inode deadlock with jfs_commit_inode
      • Fix failures to honor ACLs with huge amounts of ACLs
      • Fix the "can't hold LCACHE_LOCK while doing I/O" deadlock
    • smbfs filesystem fixes
      • fix smbfs unicode problem
      • fix LFS on smbfs
    • NFS filesystem fixes
      • fix highmem crashes with NFS and memory corruption problem
      • better support for NFS over TCP to avoid file corruption
      • ipid_wraparound patch and drop-inetpeer-cache patch
      • merge some sunrpc SMP fixes from 2.4.20
    • multipathing fixes
      • fix failover for md multipathing
      • fix LVM snapshot for multipathing
      • enable write balancing for multipath (was still disabled by accident)
    • cosmetic/misc fixes
      • fix virtual ethernet interfaces for ipsec
      • fix output of /proc/ram for ecc driver
      • fix race in /proc file access
      • fix kernel compilation when ACPI is disabled
      • Fix gcc 33 compilation issues.
      • improve KDB & LKCD define/ifdef handling
      • preserve argv[0] in binfmt_misc
      • make sure to pass the filename to other binfmt handlers
      • replace "threads" with "siblings" in /proc/cpuinfo
    • libaio
      • fix header to be includable with glibc
      • add missing "const" to libaio.h
    • lkcdutils
      • add rudimentary utility to configure network based crash dumps
      • add sysconfig metadata
      • update to 4.1_1
    • mod_php4
      • add php3 to AddType and php3, php4 to DirectoryIndex
    • nagios
      • add logrotate definitions for logfiles
      • fix embedded perl
      • running pre-flight configuration check always when starting nagios
      • fix nagios segfault when called without arguments
    • ngpt
      • fix so that debugged programs exit normally
      • export some symbols needed by i686 glibc
      • include libphread_db.*
      • add init script
      • update to ngpt 2.2.1
    • openssl
      • fix command line parsing of the "rand" command
    • orarun
      • set LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.2.5 if /lib/i686 exists
    • perl
      • fix memory leak in socket creation
      • restart stdio read/write when receiving EINTR
    • samba
      • readd map to guest = Bad User to smb.conf
      • add mkntpwd
      • cleanup init scripts try-restart part
      • remove rc_reset from status part of nmb init script
      • ensure SuSEconfig -module samba is called after the package installation is not done with YaST
      • remove check for existence of sysconfig and smb.conf from smbfs init script
      • warn also in SuSEconfig.samba if SAMBA_SAM is not or wrong set; use classic as default if so
      • move tdbtools to the client package
      • add /usr/lib/samba/{classic,ldap}/ to the client package file list
      • add product suffix to README and smb.conf files of documentation
      • mark sym links from /var/lib/samba/bin/ as %ghost
      • use rc_exit, not exit at the end of the smbfs init script
      • remove check and Required-Start for nmb in smbfs init script, move nmb from Required-Start to X-UnitedLinux-Should-Start add section about smbfs and nmb service to README.SuSE
      • add ACL mapping fixes
      • intergrate ACL fixes
    • scsi
      • fix problem with scsidev in link mode: links have pointed to whole disk device instead of partitions.
    • shadow
      • allow A-Z and . as characters for login names.
      • Fix seg.fault introduced through sanity check patch
    • star
      • update to 1.4.2, which includes the fix from Oct 29.
      • names-with-spaces.diff fixes a bug with spaces in user/group names of ACL entries.
    • ucdsnmp
      • fix bug in snmptable that causes a segfault when using BULK requests
    • yast2-online-update
      • A patch of kind "YaST2" was preselected, even if it only had new versions for non-installed packages.
      • CD and NFS sources weren't unmounted after installation of updates.
    • yast2-users
      • allow A-Z and . as characters for login names
      • fixed strange characters in table uid field (curses install)
    • zebra
      • added kame-fix patch
      • upgrade to zebra-0.93b
      • added pam script
    • SuSEfirewall2
      • Change from Dec 30 was too restrictive.
      • fix log messages instead.
2.2 Security fixes
Service Pack 2 contains all security fixes released via the maintenance Web. Since Service Pack 1 security fixes were released for the following packages:
  • ethereal
  • evlog
  • file
  • glibc
  • grub
  • inetd
  • kdebase3
  • kdelibs3
  • kdenetwork3
  • kdeutils3
  • libmcrypt
  • mod_php4
  • mutt
  • openldap2
  • openssl
  • postgresql
  • qpopper
  • samba
  • sendmail
  • tcpdump
  • w3m
  • wget
3. Packages released with SP2
The following packages are new since SP1 and were released with SP2:
aaa_base-2003.3.27-3.i586.rpm bootcycle-0.2-6.i586.rpm bootsplash-1.0-124.i586.rpm dhcp-client-3.0.1rc9-73.i586.rpm dhcp6-0.3-11.i586.rpm dprobes-3.6.4-3.i586.rpm drbd-0.6.3-24.i586.rpm epoll-1.0-8.i586.rpm ethereal-0.9.6-152.i586.rpm ethtool-1.7cvs-26.i586.rpm evlog-1.5.1-9.i586.rpm file-3.37-206.i586.rpm freeswan-1.98_0.9.14-179.i586.rpm cpp-3.2.2-5.i586.rpm gcc-3.2.2-5.i586.rpm gcc-c++-3.2.2-5.i586.rpm gcc-g77-3.2.2-5.i586.rpm gcc-info-3.2.2-5.i586.rpm gcc-java-3.2.2-5.i586.rpm gcc-objc-3.2.2-5.i586.rpm gnat-3.2.2-5.i586.rpm gnat-runtime-3.2.2-5.i586.rpm libgcc-3.2.2-5.i586.rpm libgcj-3.2.2-5.i586.rpm libgcj-devel-3.2.2-5.i586.rpm libobjc-3.2.2-5.i586.rpm libstdc++-3.2.2-5.i586.rpm libstdc++-devel-3.2.2-5.i586.rpm gdb-5.3-57.i586.rpm glibc-2.2.5-179.i586.rpm glibc-2.2.5-179.i686.rpm glibc-devel-2.2.5-179.i586.rpm glibc-i18ndata-2.2.5-179.i586.rpm glibc-info-2.2.5-179.i586.rpm glibc-locale-2.2.5-179.i586.rpm timezone-2.2.5-179.i586.rpm grub-0.92-169.i586.rpm heartbeat-1.0.2-27.i586.rpm heartbeat-ldirectord-1.0.2-27.i586.rpm heartbeat-pils-1.0.2-27.i586.rpm heartbeat-stonith-1.0.2-27.i586.rpm inetd-2.0-93.i586.rpm iproute2-2.4.7-495.i586.rpm kdebase3-3.0.3-172.i586.rpm kdebase3-kdm-3.0.3-172.i586.rpm kdebase3-konqueror-3.0.3-172.i586.rpm kdebase3-ksysguardd-3.0.3-172.i586.rpm kdelibs3-3.0.3-137.i586.rpm kdelibs3-cups-3.0.3-137.i586.rpm kdelibs3-devel-3.0.3-137.i586.rpm kdenetwork3-3.0.3-152.i586.rpm kdenetwork3-mail-3.0.3-152.i586.rpm kdeutils3-3.0.3-159.i586.rpm k_athlon-2.4.19-304.i586.rpm k_debug-2.4.19-304.i586.rpm k_deflt-2.4.19-304.i586.rpm k_psmp-2.4.19-304.i586.rpm k_smp-2.4.19-304.i586.rpm kernel-source-2.4.19.SuSE-304.i586.rpm libaio-0.3.15-90.i586.rpm libaio-devel-0.3.15-90.i586.rpm libinet6-20030106-18.i586.rpm libmcrypt-2.5.2-48.i586.rpm libmcrypt-devel-2.5.2-48.i586.rpm lkcdutils-4.1_1-203.i586.rpm miplv6- mod_php4-4.2.2-165.i586.rpm mod_php4-core-4.2.2-165.i586.rpm mod_php4-servlet-4.2.2-165.i586.rpm mutt-1.4i-217.i586.rpm nagios-1.0b4-110.i586.rpm net-tools-1.60-348.i586.rpm ngpt-2.2.1-6.i586.rpm ngpt-devel-2.2.1-6.i586.rpm openldap2-2.1.4-70.i586.rpm openldap2-client-2.1.4-70.i586.rpm openldap2-devel-2.1.4-70.i586.rpm openssl-0.9.6g-69.i586.rpm openssl-devel-0.9.6g-69.i586.rpm orarun-1.8-18.i586.rpm perl-5.8.0-115.i586.rpm postgresql-7.2.2-90.i586.rpm ppp-2.4.1-328.i586.rpm qpopper-4.0.4-132.i586.rpm samba-2.2.5-178.i586.rpm samba-client-2.2.5-178.i586.rpm scsi-1.7_2.28_1.00-54.i586.rpm xscsi-1.7_2.28_1.00-54.i586.rpm scsirastools-1.3.9-7.i586.rpm sendmail-8.12.6-109.i586.rpm sendmail-devel-8.12.6-109.i586.rpm shadow-4.0.2-300.i586.rpm star-1.4.2-2.i586.rpm tcpdump-3.7.1-196.i586.rpm ucdsnmp-4.2.5-100.i586.rpm w3m-0.3.1-105.i586.rpm wget-1.8.2-146.i586.rpm yast2-ncurses-2.6.24-19.i586.rpm yast2-online-update-2.6.15-25.i586.rpm yast2-users-2.6.34-10.noarch.rpm zebra-0.93b-74.i586.rpm SuSEfirewall2-3.1-90.noarch.rpm
If you are using the lilo bootloader, you need to make sure that the
bootloader is properly written to disk after this update. Execute lilo
as root to do this. An uninitialized bootloader can cause your system
to be in an unbootable state. As this service pack includes a new
kernel you have to reboot your system after this update is finished.

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