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Optional update for libvirt-devel


(Last modified: 20MAR2007)

solutions Optional update for libvirt-devel SuSE Linux Maintenance Web (0b9e93cfde0ad055134b28c72d707bfd)

Applies to

Package: libvirt-devel
Product(s): SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP1 Upgrade for x86
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP1 Upgrade for AMD64 and Intel EM64T
Zypp-Patch-Number: 2860
Release: 20070320
Obsoletes: none


This package is the update for Service Pack 1 of SUSE Linux Enterprise 10.
Install it to have your system at SP1 level.



Problem description

  • Added upstream patch that prevents libvirt from assuming vnc port is 5900 + domid when it cannot determine port from xend. Bug #247417.
  • Removed usr/lib/libvirt_proxy setuid binary from package. Fixes bug #246610.
  • Updated to latest release. Many of the issues seen in virt-manager have been caused by bugs / missing functionality in libvirt. This upate provides a better basis for virt-manager.
  • Updated to latest release, version 0.1.10. Submitting to SLES10 SP1 to provide base functionality for FATE feature 301181.
    • more localizations
    • bug fixes:
      • VCPU info breakages on xen 3.0.3
      • xenDaemonListDomains buffer overflow (Daniel Berrange)
      • reference count bug when creating Xen domains (Daniel Berrange)
    • improvements:
      • support graphic framebuffer for Xen paravirt (Daniel Berrange)
      • VNC listen IP range support (Daniel Berrange)
      • support for default Xen config files and inactive domains of 3.0.4 (Daniel Berrange)
    • Updated to latest release, version 0.1.9.
      • python bindings: release interpeter lock when calling C (Daniel Berrange)
      • don't raise HTTP error when looking informations for a domain
      • some refactoring to use the driver for all entry points
      • better error reporting (Daniel Berrange)
      • fix OS reporting when running as non-root
      • provide XML parsing errors
      • extension of the test framework (Daniel Berrange)
      • fix the reconnect regression test
      • python bindings: Domain instances now link to the Connect to avoid garbage collection and disconnect
      • separate the notion of maximum memory and current use at the XML level
      • Fix a memory leak (Daniel Berrange)
      • add support for shareable drives
      • add support for non-bridge style networking configs for guests(Daniel Berrange)
      • python bindings: fix unsigned long marshalling (Daniel Berrange)
      • new config APIs virConfNew() and virConfSetValue() to build configs from scratch
      • hot plug device support based on Michel Ponceau patch
      • added support for inactive domains, new APIs, various associated cleanup (Daniel Berrange)
      • special device model for HVM guests (Daniel Berrange)
      • add API to dump core of domains (but requires a patched xend)
      • pygrub bootloader informations take over <os> informations
      • updated the localization strings
  • Updated to latest release, version 0.1.8.
    • Bug for system with page size != 4k
    • vcpu number initialization (Philippe Berthault)
    • don't label crashed domains as shut off (Peter Vetere)
    • fix virsh man page (Noriko Mizumoto)
    • blktapdd support for alternate drivers like blktap (Daniel Berrange)
    • memory leak fixes (xend interface and XML parsing) (Daniel Berrange)
    • compile fix
    • mlock/munlock size fixes (Daniel Berrange)
    • improve error reporting
  • Updated to latest release, version 0.1.7.
    • fix a memory bug on getting vcpu informations from xend (Daniel Berrange)
    • fix another problem in the hypercalls change in Xen changeset 86d26e6ec89b when getting domain informations (Daniel Berrange)
  • Updated to latest release, version 0.1.6. This release includes fix in hypercall driver so local patch has been removed.
  • Fixed bug in hypercall driver introduced in version 0.1.5. Patch sumbmitted upstream and included locally until next release.
  • Updated to latest release, version 0.1.5
    • Support for new hypercalls change in Xen changeset 86d26e6ec89b
    • bug fixes: virParseUUID() was wrong, netwoking for paravirt guestsi (Daniel Berrange), virsh on non-existent domains (Daniel Berrange), string cast bug when handling error in python (Pete Vetere), HTTP 500 xend error code handling (Pete Vetere and Daniel Berrange)
    • improvements: test suite for SEXPR <-> XML format conversions (Daniel Berrange), virsh output regression suite (Daniel Berrange), new environ variable VIRSH_DEFAULT_CONNECT_URI for the default URI when connecting (Daniel Berrange), graphical console support for paravirt guests (Jeremy Katz), parsing of simple Xen config files (with Daniel Berrange), early work on defined (not running) domains (Daniel Berrange), virsh output improvement (Daniel Berrange)
  • Updated to latest release, version 0.1.4
    • bug fixes: spec file fix (Mark McLoughlin), error report problem (with Hugh Brock), long integer in Python bindings (with Daniel Berrange), XML generation bug for CDRom (Daniel Berrange), bug whem using number() XPath function (Mark McLoughlin), fix python detection code, remove duplicate initialization errors (Daniel Berrange)
    • improvements: UUID in XML description (Peter Vetere), proxy code cleanup, virtual CPU and affinity support + virsh support (Michel Ponceau, Philippe Berthault, Daniel Berrange), port and tty informations for console in XML (Daniel Berrange), added XML dump to driver and proxy support (Daniel Berrange), extention of boot options with support for floppy and cdrom (Daniel Berrange), features block in XML to report/ask PAE, ACPI, APIC for HVM domains (Daniel Berrange), fail saide-effect operations when using read-only connection, large improvements to test driver (Daniel Berrange)
    • documentation: spelling (Daniel Berrange), test driver examples.
  • Added ExclusiveArch tag so as to only build on x86 and x86_64
  • initial submission of libvirt package, version 0.1.3


Please install the updates provided at the location noted below.

Installation notes

This update is provided as an RPM package that can easily be installed onto a running system by using this command:
rpm -Uvh libvirt-devel.rpm

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