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Optional update for CASA_auth_token_client


(Last modified: 20MAR2007)

solutions Optional update for CASA_auth_token_client SuSE Linux Maintenance Web (00f3174baef0b16df8fc9f4c404089df)

Applies to

Package: CASA_auth_token_client
Product(s): SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 SP1 Upgrade for x86
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 SP1 Upgrade for AMD64 and Intel EM64T
Zypp-Patch-Number: 2867
Release: 20070320
Obsoletes: none


This package is the update for Service Pack 1 of SUSE Linux Enterprise 10.
Install it to have your system at SP1 level.



Problem description

  • Fixed BUG225485.
  • Added code to indicate that Authentication/Session tokens should not be persisted in miCASA.
  • Resolved Bugs 242890, 242893, 242894, 242895, 242896, 242898, 242899, 242900, 242901, 242902, 242903, 242906, 242908, 242909, 242911, 242913, 242914, 242915, 242916, 242919.
  • Resolved BUG233226 (CASA Authtoken Client library needs to un-initialize itself when unloaded).
  • Changed the files included in the client RPM to allow applications to more easily dynamically link our libraries without neededing to deal with library version changes.
  • Resolved BUG234411. The issue involved the client crashing when receiving a response from an ATS with a successful status but no payload.
  • Resolved BUG232243. The issue involved clearing memory used by the client library to hold tokens since the tokens contain security sensitive data.
  • Resolved BUG225118.
  • Made changes to issues found during self-code review.
  • FateID 301736 : Submit CASA_auth_token_client to sled10-sp1
  • Separated the non-java project into client and server projects in order to better support distributions that target desktops. From now on, this changes file will only contain information that applies to the client project.
  • Finished the changes to enable client/ATS communications over SSL.
  • Made changes to enable client/ats communication over SSL. (Not quite done with this yet).
  • Updated the make system to allow Windows builds to be made from the command line using Cygwin.
  • Created client-devel RPM.
  • Made changes to conform to updates made to the Java components with regard to the layout of files.
  • Brought up to date the README and TODO files.
  • Cleaned up compiler warnings that were present in some of the components.
  • Add the CASA build check as dependency in spec file
  • Ported the client to Linux and created the CASA_auth_token_client package.
  • Made spec file modifications suggested by SuSE. The changes entailed leveraging RPM macros instead of using my own scripts to make the RPM more solid.
  • Added rc script for Validate AuthToken Service.
  • Created the Validate AuthToken Service and made all of the necessary changes to allow it to be consumed by the AuthTokenValidate library.
  • Also made necessary spec file changes to support our configuration.
  • Created client/server IPC libraries that will be utilized by libcasa_s_authtoken to communicate with the Java Validate AuthToken Service (yet to be created) over DOMAIN sockets. The service will utilize the libraries via JNI to be able to process requests sent using DOMAIN sockets.
  • Fixed CASA_auth_token_devel build requirement for CASA_auth_token_svc
  • This file has been created for CASA_auth_token_native project for the first time


Please install the updates provided at the location noted below.

Installation notes

This update is provided as an RPM package that can easily be installed onto a running system by using this command:
rpm -Uvh CASA_auth_token_client.rpm

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