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01 Feb 2006

In today's environment, businesses and governments must make their systems more open and accessible while maintaining security and control at the same time. Novell Identity Manager 3 can help.

Novell Identity Manager 3 provides simplified, seamless Web access for all customers, partners and employees based on open standards for a secure and agile enterprise.

Attend a Novell training course and discover how Novell Identity Manager can help maximize your business.

Novell offers training for your area of focus and level of expertise. Check the diagram below to see what type of training is best for you.

Diagram 1: Secure Logging Server

Novell Identity Manager 3 Fundamentals (Course 3065)

This instructor-led course covers the basic concepts of Novell Identity Manager 3 by installing and using the product with few configuration changes. Students work with Open Enterprise Server on three server operating systems: NetWare, Linux and Windows 2004 server, to synchronize data and passwords between eDirectory and Active Directory. As an introductory course for Identity Manager, students taking this course should be familiar with eDirectory and related tools, such as iManager. Identity Manager experience is not required.

Advanced Technical Training: Novell Identity Manager (2/3)

In this course, participants learn to use Novell Identity Manager 3 to accelerate the flow of information throughout an organization; enhance efficiency by removing the barriers between applications, data stores and network platforms; and (leveraging Novell eDirectory) create Novell Identity Manager policies that automatically distribute new and updated identity information within an environment.

ATT Online: Novell Identity Manager 2 to Novell Identity Manager 3 Update

This four-hour, interactive online course taught by a live instructor helps you understand what's new in Novell Identity Manger 3 and what the important changes are from Novell Identity Manager 2 by leveraging your preexisting knowledge and advanced experience with Novell Identity Manager 2.

Advanced Technical Training: Provisioning Module for Novell Identity Manager 3

The new add-on Provisioning Module for Novell Identity Manager 3 makes it easier for users to request resources, delegate approvals and administration, and use proxies to manage their own access needs. This course dives right into the advanced technical heart of the Provisioning Module so you can get your enterprise using this valuable solution immediately.

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