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Novell Ships Backup Service for NetWare

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01 Jun 2000

Novell has announced the availability of Novell Backup Service for NetWare. With the increased importance of server uptime and data integrity on the Net, Novell Backup Service makes it possible for organizations to back up their data without the need for bringing down servers or adding network traffic to complete the backup process. Organizations can now secure their valuable data and accelerate the process for backing up files at any time.

Traditionally, backup solutions have caused network traffic to increase during the backup process or have even required a server to go down while backing up data. These complexities have required data to be backed up after business hours or when servers were less utilized during the typical workday. Novell Backup Service for NetWare helps organizations take control of when and how often they back up their data and simplifies the process for securing critical data.

"The need to accelerate, secure and simplify the backup of data has never been more important," said Dave Shirk, senior vice president of product management at Novell. "Companies are conducting more business on the Net than ever before and Novell Backup Service will ensure greater server uptime and data integrity without sacrificing network performance and security."

"NetWare has always been an extremely reliable platform, but a reliable backup solution is critical for any organization that relies on the safety of their data" said Dan Posner, founder of Tech Management Solutions. "As an ISP that relies on NetWare for serving up Net services to my customers, it is critical for me to backup my data on my customers, their accounts, interests and Internet usage. Novell Backup Service allows me to have access to my critical data all the time. As an ISP, no amount of risk to my customer data is acceptable. Novell solves this problem for me. "

Customers may immediately purchase Novell Backup Service for NetWare 4.x and 5.x licenses for $1,499 per server that is backed up. For more information, customers may contact Novell at 1-888-321-4272 or visit Novell's Web site at

Q&A about Backup Service for NetWare

Q. How is Novell Backup Service for NetWare different from other high availability solutions that Novell offers like NetWare Cluster Services?

A. Novell Backup Service is a software solution, that facilitates the back up process, by making available for backup to an offline backup device, data which resides on a server. It removes backup traffic from the LAN and enables the backing up of open files. NetWare Cluster Services and other high availability products from Novell are designed to maximize network uptime and simplify the management of resources such as networking hardware and applications, by allowing for planned downtime and protecting against unplanned downtime.

Q. What versions of NetWare does Novell Backup Service support?

A. NetWare 4.x and NetWare 5.x

Q. What type of customer is a good candidate for this type of solution?

A. Any NetWare 4.x or NetWare 5.x customer who wants to be able to backup data from an individual server at anytime, without impacting the performance of their primary network.

Q. Does it back up and restore the NDS information on a server?

A. Yes. Novell Backup Service will back up everything on a NetWare server. Restoring what has been backed up is handled by the backup application. Novell Backup Service works with all of the certified backup applicationsthat run on NetWare today.

Q. Is Novell Backup Service NDS enabled?

A. Novell Backup Service supports NDS enabled environments and work is underway to integrate NDS functionality into the product where appropriate.

Q. How much demand does Novell expect to receive for Novell Backup Service for NetWare?

A. Because of the importance of backing up data, and because this solution does not require that customers replace their backup application, but rather complements it, we expect there to be a healthy demand for this product.

Q. How does the Novell Backup Service for NetWare work?

A. Novell Backup Service for NetWare, is a software solution, which is installed on a primary server and a separate server that is designated as the "backup server." The backup server is where data to be backed up is stored. Novell Backup Service enables the capturing of data to the backup server across a dedicated link so backup traffic does impede performance on the network. With Novell Backup Service data, including open files, can be backed up at any time, by taking administrator defined "snapshots" of data and making those snapshots available for backup to a tape or other device connected to the backup server. Backing up the data to a backup device, is handled through the use of any of the backup applications certified for NetWare today, such as Legato's Networker, CA's ARCServeIT and BackupExec from Veritas.

Q. How is the Novell Backup Service for NetWare different from other backup solutions? What differentiates this solution from other competitive offerings?

A. Novell Backup Service is not meant to be a replacement for backup applications such as Legato's Networker, CA's ARCServeIT, Veritas' BackupExec, or other backup applications available for NetWare today, but rather works with these applications to simplify the management of backing up data while reducing backup traffic on the network. Novell Backup Service facilitates the backing up of data by making that data available for backup from a backup server instead of requiring it to be backed up from the primary server. This means data can be backed up from the backup server at anytime, without impacting the performance of the primary server.

Q. Does Novell Backup Service backup clients and laptops as well as server data?

A. No. Novell Backup Service will only back up or more accurately, make available for backup to an offline backup device, data that resides on a server.

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