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Novell to Ship NetWare 5.1 Beta

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01 Dec 1999

NetWare 5 has taken NetWare sales to an all-time high, and the NetWare marketing team is ready to do it again.

NetWare 5.1, the next version of NetWare, is scheduled to be shipped for open beta testing soon. And as NetWare 5 continues to get accolades from the press, industry analysts, and customers 21 awards to date the new version of NetWare is entering the market with a lot of opportunities and precedents momentum.

What Does the New Product Offer?

NetWare offers customers three value propositions:

  1. NetWare combined with NDS saves time and resources associated with managing your network.

  2. NetWare provides the most dependable and efficient access to your business' networking resources.

  3. NetWare is the best platform for deploying the mission-critical Web applications.

In addition to NetWare 5's already-in-place supporting features, NetWare 5.1 is enhanced with a number of additions the most notable being the product's ability to support Web applications. This is accomplished through the inclusion of new web server components, Oracle8i the latest Web-integrated version of Oracle's leading database, and IBM's WebSphere Application Server.

The new product includes:

  • NDS 8

  • NetWare Management Portal, which provides server management from the browser.

  • PKI v2 for increased security

  • IBM WebSphere Standard Edition 3

  • Oracle8i

  • Oracle WebDB

  • Support for Microsoft Office 2000, including Web folders and Web DAV

  • NetWare Enterprise Server 3.6, which will lay the foundation to provide a truly scalable web server platform by integrating SMP enablement to the embedded platform services.

  • NetWare FTP Server, to facilitate the downloading of files that are linked to Web-based URLs.

  • NetWare News Server, which will address the needs within the collaboration market place in the open standards community. This server utilizes threaded discussion groups and provides access to external news groups.

  • NetWare Web Search Server, which lets enterprises organize distributed information spanning multiple servers, and file types into a mission-critical knowledge base.

  • NetWare Multimedia Server

  • WebSphere Studio Development toolset

  • Native support for LDAP 3

  • Halcyon InstantASP

  • Nombas JavaScript

What About the Competition?

NetWare Marketing Manager, Sean Sanders, says many of NetWare 5.1's value propositions and new supporting features are lacking in Windows 2000.

"The value that NetWare 5.1 delivers does a great job of delivering customer needs and will help us thwart off competitive pressures from Windows 2000," he says.

ZD Net reports, "Despite the new name, Windows 2000 carries over an old NT problem: It is too much for consumers. And too little for mission-critical business environments. By trying to be strong in both places, Windows 2000 is strong in neither."

For more up-to-date information on competitive information regarding Windows 2000, visit Novell's NetWare 5 Advantage site at

Extensive Testing: The Key to Success

With over 200,000 copies of NetWare 5 distributed to customers during open beta, Sean said this testing process was a major factor in the product's success. He said the same process will be repeated for NetWare 5.1 ensuring the best possible final product for NetWare customers.

The open beta version of NetWare 5.1 will be available for general customer at

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