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Novell Developer Workshop Tour '99

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DeveloperNet University

01 Oct 1999

Written by the Dean of DeveloperNet University. Provides information on the topics that will be covered in the Novell Developer Workshop Tour '99, such as NDS development with LDAP, extending the NDS schema, NDS data migration, NetWare programming in C, WebSphere, and Oracle. These workshops are designed to help you get code written faster and better and get a better product out the door.


NDS, LDAP, NetWare 5, and Java are rich environments for developers, consultants, and integrators. The Novell Developer Workshop Tour '99 is designed to help you get code written faster and better and get a better product out the door.

This is a great opportunity to interact with Novell personnel and receive intensive entry- to intermediate-level training on products from Novell and key partners. You'll learn how to make the most of the Novell Developer Kit, and you'll receive training on new developer technologies such as NDS 8, LDAP, NetWare 5, IBM WebSphere Application Server for NetWare, Oracle for NetWare, and Pervasive SQL.

The following topics are planned for coverage during the Workshops. Please refer to the Workshop Web site at for the latest details of schedule and content.

Track 1

NDS Development with LDAP

As Novell moves to open standards based access to the Directory, LDAP will play a more important role in development. This session will provide you with the basics of using LDAP and how LDAP can be used to access NDS.

Possible topics:

  • History of LDAP and NDAP

  • How LDAP and NDAP come together

  • Setup and configure the LDAP server

  • Using the LDAP APIs

For more information:


NDS downloads


NDS Task Examples in C with LDAP

Actual task-based coding examples of some of the more important tasks performed when creating NDS-aware applications. These tasks examples can be used as a basis for and or part of your own applications.

Possible topics:

  • Creating Authenticated connection

  • Reading Attribute values

  • Searching Attribute values

  • Reading/Writing Stream Attribute values

  • Creating NDS Objects

  • Writing Attribute values from NDS Objects

For more information:

"DeveloperNet University's NDS 102: Using C and LDAP," Novell Developer Notes, March, 1999, p. 12.

NDS Development Extending the Schema

An often confusing area of NDS development, Schema extensions will be clarified by this session. Not only will you learn how to extend the schema, but more importantly you will learn why and even why not to extend the schema. Overviews of the various tools available and how their use fits into development will also be covered.

Possible topics:

  • Overview of the Schema

  • Schema extension tools

  • ConsoleOne

  • Using LDAP APIs

  • Root DSE

For more information:

"Schema Enhancements for NDS 8," Novell Developer Notes, June, 1999, p. 35.

"Designing NDS Schema Enhancements," Novell Developer Notes, July, 1999, p. 4.

"Extending the NDS Schema with DSAPIs," Novell Developer Notes, July, 1999, p. 55.

"SCHMAP: NDS Schema Extension and LDAP-to-NDS Mapping Utility," Novell Developer Notes, September, 1999, p. 41.

NDS Data Migration

Now that you have decided to use NDS, what do you do with all of your existing data that fits into the Directory. This session will provide you with an overview of tools and techniques for migrating existing data to NDS. Also covered will be emerging technologies and how standards play into the Directory.

Possible topics:

  • Using LDIF files

  • DirXML

  • Tools demos

For more information:

"SCHMIG: Schema Migration Utility," Novell Developer Notes, September, 1999, p. 57.

NDS Development with ActiveX/ODBC

Learn to use the Novell Controls for ActiveX to speed your development. ActiveX controls hide the complexities of the underlying technologies and allow developers to concentrate on the usability and user interface of an application. The Novell Controls wrap up a significant number of the APIs for accessing NDS and allow for rapid application development. You will also see actual task examples of the use of the controls to solve a number of basic NDS functions. The ODBC driver for NDS allows you to read data from NDS. With this tool you can create reports and display your NDS data in whatever manner you need.

Possible topics:

  • Using the Novell ActiveX Controls

  • Using the ODBC Driver for NDS

  • NDS Task Examples with ActiveX

For More Information:

"Programming with the Novell Controls for ActiveX and Visual Basic: Getting Started," Novell Developer Notes, June, 1999, p. 4.

"The Novell Controls for ActiveX and Visual Basic: Logging In," Novell Developer Notes, July, 1999, p. 43.

"The Novell Controls for ActiveX and Visual Basic: Searching NDS Field Values" (this issue)

Track 2

NetWare Programming in C

For more information:

NDS Development with Java

Java is becoming the development environment of choice for Internet/Intranet applications. This session will provide code-level examples of the various ways to access NDS using Java as your programming language. Real-world examples of Java code can be used in your development to add NDS access.

Possible topics:

  • Using the Directory JavaBean

  • Using JNDI

  • Using JDAP

For more information:

Novell Java FAQ

Java Runtime Environment

"Configuring JavaBeans for Novell Services," Novell Developer Notes, June, 1999, p. 12.

"Using JNDI and Novell's NJCL to Access NDS" (this issue)

WebSphere and WebSphere Studio

Partnering closely with IBM, Novell is bringing WebSphere to the NetWare platform. Leverage the very robust application server functionality of WebSphere to create Internet/Intranet/E-Commerce applications. Along with WebSphere, Novell plans to provide WebSphere Studio Entry Level with the fall Cobra release. Together this powerful package allows you to build servlets and Java Server Pages.

For more information:


Developing to Novell's Single Sign-On

Oracle Track

Are you working with Oracle? The rapid growth in Oracle deployments on NetWare has contributed to the business ecosystem of customers, developers, solutions, and service providers that has evolved along with the success of the NetWare 5 platform and NDS. Learn how to plan and create multi-tier applications that leverage Oracle databases through NDS and LDAP.

The following sessions are planned:

  • Introduction to Oracle for NetWare

  • Application Development with Java and Oracle8i

  • Developing CORBA Applications with Oracle8i

  • Developing Web Applications and Web Sites with Oracle WebDB

  • Oracle and XML A Technical Overview

For more information:


Oracle and Java

Novell CORBA downloads

Oracle Internet Platform


Pervasive.SQL Lunch and Learn

Do you have a Btreive application? Pervasive Software has dramatically improved the functionality and performance of Btrieve with its Pervasive.SQL product. Learn about the advantages of upgrading to the current Btrieve database technology on NetWare 5 and discover other Pervasive products designed for developers that radically simplify the development process.

For more information:

Pervasive SQL

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